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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5a

We are three: me age 26, with my girlfriend Stella Maris and her best friend Marina, both only 20.
As I write our story, I’m the ‘opposite’: 62. The story happens in times, when kinky was still rare.
We agreed to take turns in three roles each: Master, Servant, Slave; every set-up for full 24 hours.
As Marina was our guest in Spain, we offered her to be Mistress first day, Stella servant, me slave.

Marina was still a ‘virgin’ in the rich realm of sexy spanking, which we also just had discovered.
Like my Stella Maris until so very recently, three-some Ffm loving was also completely new to her.
In intercourse with her steady boyfriends so far, she usually just had pretended to come as well.
She soon discovered with our help many new ways to orgasm, in her three different roles each day.

Halfway our six days of role play we were exhausted. We took a break to rest, shop and store up food.
We relaxed and filled the rest of the day and evening discussing our sexy events in first three days.
Marina got ever more confident in fighting for my sexual attention with my freshly submissive friend. Marina looked forward to her next full of day of rule over me, with Stella Maris again as the slave.

Eve of 5th day of role play, under the rule of Marina over me as servant and Stella as her slave
With sparkling white wine under a star-lit sky and a fresh smoke she’d brought along from Amsterdam
Marina gets really into the mood for exploring new sexual pleasure, purely to her hot wanton wishes.
She seems to think aloud. “Being tied up at the end of third evening was hot.

How will I tie you up?”
Stella smiles seductively at her. “Soon I will be your slave and you can do with me as you like!”

I like this turn of events and try to provoke Marina to reveal her hot intentions to us a bit more.
“Less than an hour till midnight, Marina. Do you already know how you want to start as our Mistress?”
“Wait and see so soon. I know well what I want.

Punishing curious guys is part of my plan, Peter!”
It seems to yield a very ‘funny’ expression at my face, as both girlfriends burst out in laughter.

We roll another one and fill our glasses. Each of us lost in private dreams, it seems for a while.
Coolly I reflect. Close to midnight now, time for some more provocation of almost Mistress Marina.
“I noticed how eagerly you compete for my sexual attention with my sweet Stella Maris, Marina.

I imagine you have some secret sexy strategy to win with her, using your day of absolute rule?”

Marina’s cheeks shows blushes, as she ponders for a witty sharp answer, in trying to read our minds.
“What you think Marina will do, my sweet S. M. ? Have me tie you up for all night? What does she want?
Maybe she wants me to make love for you so long that I will get enough of you and long for her twat?”
Stella Maris almost falls from her chair from laughing hard.

“Yes, Marina is hot for you, I noticed!”

Midnight: Marina is our Mistress for first full twenty-four hours
We silence, when we hear the church bell of the nearest village. And Marina regains her hot smile.
Marina looks at us, triumph in her eyes. “Yes indeed, my dear friend Stella, I do love your Peter.
I can conquer his cock for a full night and day, but I want his heart to want Me as much as You.

I want to keep you as best friend, now also as lover. I do want to share all the love of you both!”

Real emotions take over rule, Stella and I jump up to hug Marina and welcome her in our love-bond.
Stella forgets that she shouldn’t speak up as a slave and begs Marina: “Have me tie up all night!”
Marina has tears in her eyes as she holds us strongly in her arms.

“Oh, I love you two so much.
I completely forgot my plans for my last day of rule. I just want all your love, my new loves!”

I whisper in her ear: “We will take care of you, our Mistress Marina”. With S. M. I carry her to bed.
“We will pretend we will tie you up, writs and ankles to yhe bed posts for all night, our Mistress.
We will worship you and make to together love to you till day-break to welcome you in our new bond.

We will make you feel your body is the temple of our love. You are the Goddess of our love, love!”

In fact, to please also slave Stella, I do tie her up in real and Marina is spread-eagled on top.
Marina forgets her virtual ties soon and hugs hotly her sweet slave Stella, friend for ever now.
I take turns, paying tribute equally to both beauties in my bed and their hot holes on offer to me.

My young yummy lovely looking loves come often, a few times every time the bells tolls the next hour.

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