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spying on my virgin s****r

Some backround info

Im 20 and my s****r is 18
My dad is in the navy so he is not home that often and my mum works for an events
Place so she is always at these work events late into the night my s****r has brown blond hair blue eyes and avage size tits
Ok lets start so i just fineshed my second year at uni and i was runing out of money so i decided to come home over the summer
And live with my perants.

for the first couple of days i was really bored just moped around the house watching tv and stuff
That all changed when my s****r came home she boreds at school so i havnt seen her for almost two years now and she walk through the hall were i was making a samwich i was amazed At how much she had developed her boobs werent big but were really firm her ass had gotten bigger and shed lost a bit of weight she looked beutiful i was to shocked to say anything but that didnt matter beacuse when she saw me she ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug ever her firm boobs pressing into my chest i got a hard instantly and had to angle my hips away from her to stop her from feeling it.

She let go of me and said its so good to see you again ill just get change and then lets go for a swim and before i could say yes she was off i was already wearing my togs beacuse i had just gone for a swim so i went down and sat by the pool for a bit i looked up at the house and relised that if i went round the house a bit i cold see into my s****r room although the blinds were making it hard to see i just caught my s****r putting on her bikini bottom and walking out the door seeing her ass gave me the biggest boner i walked back to the pool just before my s****r came out we jumped in the pool and we played for a bit splashing each other when we got out i walked back to the the side of the house i waited until she started to change and i watched in aww of my s****rs perfect body as she undid her bikini her boobs bounced a little and she bent over to pick up her sirt i got a veiw of her ass and pussy it was smooth just the way i like it she had to jiggle her butt to get her jeans on which made her tits go crazy bouncing every where when she was done i jerked of and blow my load kn the bushess.

later that day i went into her room and change the blinds so i could get a better view and i saw that one of her undies was on the floor i picked it up and spelt it but then i her foot steps coming towards the room and i jumped inside the closet hoping not to be noticed my s****r walked and striped right in front of me her pussy was in plain veiw she put on a pj top with oit a bra she walked over to the door and locked it she lay down on her bed and started to rub her boobs her nippels started to harden and i pulled out my cock and started to stoke it she moved her hands in a cirlce over her breasts she moaned and was talking dirty to herself put i couldnt quite her it she moved to her pussy wet and rubbed her clit she said oh yeah b*****r thats it fuck harder b*****r i burst from the closest and slid my hard cock start into her wet pussy she screamed with pleasure her pussy was so tight it took all of my will not cum
As i fucked her harder she said cum in my mouth i want to taste you i took my cock and shoved it in her mouth all the way she licked my head i yelled im gona cum i stuck in as far as it could go and cam her mouth was over flowing and it spilled on to her cheast she licked up all the sperm of my cock and of her boobs we lay together tryingnto chatch our breath she said next time were doing anal
and lay down on her bed.

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