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Son and Stepfather

Things are always hard when you are a teenager, and I mean it,
literally. There are these things called hormones. You go to bed with a
bonner, you wake up with a bonner, you don’t wear underpants and your dick
slightly brushes your thigh, brace yourself a bonner is coming up. But
there is this beautiful thing called masturbating. I do it all the time, in
the shower, before bed, in the morning, even in the school stalls, there is
just no stopping.

One day I was in my bedroom, minding my own business, in other words
jerking off when I heard my stepfather’s truck pull over on the driveway,
“Well he’s awfully early. Don’t matter, I’ll just keep going. ” I thought
and kept jerking my eight inches of meat while thinking about a nice ass to
fuck, I was usually bottom but being top was just amazing.

I felt my hand slightly stroking my veiny dick while I used the other to
play with my nipples, the act just sent waves of pleasure all over my body,
but there was something I knew and that was to control my orgasm, I
calculated that I had been jerking for almost half an hour without coming,
no blue balls, no pain, just pleasure and lust as I enjoyed every single
sensation that came from playing with my uncut baby, I just loved this to
the point where sometimes I would only think about being alone to rub one
out and free my balls from stress.

I heard the front door slam and knew he was in, I just continued with my

This time is used my free hand to play with my set of low hanging balls, I
just loved the way they felt, I closed my eyes and thought about some guy
doing the work for me, squeezing them to give me a sensation I could only
get from another person, it really felt like someone else was doing it for
I was using my left hand.

My hands were getting tired after so much stroking and I decided to do
something I always liked very much, self sucking. I had always been a very
slim and flexible guy and not so long ago discovered that with some
practice and patience I could suck my own rod, right now I was in the point
where I could swallow it whole and even suck on my balls, any man who can
do this knows that I tell the truth when I say the thrill you get from
having your own cock in your mouth in beyond description.

So I stretched out on the bed and threw my legs over my head and pushed my
hips down getting support from the wall behind me. Almost instantly I had
my cock head facing me, it was dripping with precum and smelled great, a
mixture of dried piss and sweat.

I teased myself licking my piss slit with the tip of my tongue and tasting
my awesome juice, I almost came on the spot, the sensation was just too
amazing to even try to hold back but I put my tongue away and waited for
the feeling to go vanish.

Then I pulled downward even further and my dick slid whole into my mouth,
my balls fell on my face and the pubes tickled against my nose, it was
beyond anything I could get from any guy, I was in absolute control.

It felt great, my wet lips wrapped around the base, the warmth and wetness
of my mouth, and my playful tongue running against the shaft, all put
together in the same place; so good, so delicious, even beautiful.

I was
sure that no other man than myself could provide me with such a wide
arrange of intoxicating pleasures.

I started sucking strongly until I felt it come, I was about to have the
biggest cum shot of the week, I pulled out a little so that only my glans
was inside my mouth and started shooting, at the same time my room door
burst open. I didn’t even startle, I was too focused on my orgasm.

By the time I finished I had shot at least ten ropy shots of thick white
cum down my throat, and swallowed most of it.

Pulling my legs down I saw my stepfather standing on the doorway rubbing
his bulge with a hand, it was huge.

I didn’t flinch, we were both men after all and sooner or later he had to
know I was gay.

“Not getting enough pussy?” He suggested with a grin.

“None at all,” I finished swallowing my own load, it tasted like heaven,
“I like dick. “

“I see. You have something there. ” He pointed to the corner of my mouth.

“Here?” I brushed some random spot on my cheek, I knew where it was, I
just wanted to tease him.

“No, on the other side.

” He said smiling.


“Ok, let me take care of that for you. “

I was still naked and hard as rock with still some cum oozing from my

He stepped forward and his bulge met my cock, he was at least two inches
bigger than me.

What he did next knocked the air out of me, instead of using his finger to
clean what I was sure was cum from the corner of my lips he used his tongue
and licked me like if there was no tomorrow.

Then his long fat tongue made
its way inside my mouth and we started kissing.

He was being so sensual I didn’t even recognize him. Who was this guy and
what had he done with my stupid stepfather? I liked this version better of
course and although I was confused it never crossed my mind to pull away.

We just kissed, his beard rubbing against by smooth face and for some
reason this made me even harder, if that was possible.

He had my cock on his hand and was squeezing it so tightly it hurt at some

The bed was there, right behind me and my stepfather pulled me away and
turned me around, he then bent me down and I was laying with my chest on
the bed and knees on the wooden floor, my ass high up.

He started kissing on my neck and worked his way down my back, he knew
what he was doing, he was a pro, I didn’t know whether he knew this from
experience with men or women but he was doing a great job in pleasing me.

knew where he was going and I couldn’t see the moment where he reached my

He was finally there and spread my butt cheeks to expose my tight fuzzy
hole. He was teasing me, he blew a breeze with his mouth that sent goose
bumps up my spine, he then ran his wet fingers up and down my crack and
circled my hole with them but the damn bastard wouldn’t put his tongue

I was on the edge of desperation, “Oh would you eat my ass already?!”

“I thought you would never ask. “

So he was waiting for me to beg him, I wouldn’t normally say a word
because other guys would just go straight into rimming me but he wanted me
to beg for it, I was starting to like my stepfather’s modus operandi.

He buried his face between my cheeks, his beard felt yet more amazing down
there; I couldn’t believe I had never dated a guy with a beard.

He took a
deep breath and filled his nostrils with my scent; I had not taken shower
that day so I guessed they smelled pretty nice.

I moaned, “You like that, Daddy?”

He grinned, I had never called him anything else but by his name, Jack,
maybe me calling him Daddy turned him on, “Oh yeah, Daddy like his little
boy’s hole, you’re a very good boy, Son. “

Now he was getting serious.

I felt his tongue circle around and wetting my
anus with great amounts of saliva, he was having a feast down there. Then
he couldn’t resist anymore and started eating my hole like a mad man.

I moaned with pleasure and he grunted like a hungry bear.

We were both on such a turned on state that this round of ass eating went
on for minutes and minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore.

He was doing it
again. He was torturing me and he wanted to hear the words come from my

His tongue kept fucking me. In and out it went, and again and again. No
one had ever worked on my ass for so long, “Please Daddy, fuck me. I want
you inside me. “

He came out for the first time since he started. Didn’t this guy breathe?

“I must tell you, Son, as much as I like rimming you I can’t resist to
your words.

” I heard how his shirt ripped open and then he unbuttoned his
pants only bringing them half way down through his legs. No guy had ever
fucked me with clothes on, we would always be completely naked and I must
say there was something hot about this new thing.

He put his cock at the entrance of my ass and I felt it was wet like if he
had come on his pants but it didn’t smell like cum, it was precum, “Can
someone seriously precum so much?” I asked myself, at least he could.

I thought he was going to be like before this time and that he would pull
in very slowly until I begged him to just put it in at once but I couldn’t
be more wrong. He tapped my hole once and I felt it had a very wide head,
then next thing he slammed his whole shaft all in with one trust.

For a moment I could feel my end nearing, I was going to die from pain, it
hurt beyond words and I yelled like a small c***d, I was being split open
and it didn’t feel good.

“Oh God have mercy!” I gasped out of air.

“Not an option. ” He said and started to fuck me senseless.

He was a monster; it must have been at least eleven inches long with a ten
inches grip. He was ripping me apart like a piece of paper.

Soon the pain turned into pleasure and we were both moaning, “Oh yes
please Daddy give me more.

I love your cock Daddy. Give it to me. “

“Oh yeah Son, that ass is so good and hot. Daddy likes it. ” I granted him
that, if there was something I was proud of it was my ass, always two or
three degrees above average temperature.

Soon the rubbing of my fully erected dick against my bed and the sensation
I was getting from having my prostate squeezed by a monster cock had their
results and I was ready to shoot my second load of the day.

“Oh Daddy I’m gonna cum!” I anticipated him.

He took my legs not pulling out me and turned me on my back, now I was
facing him, he was sweaty and red on the face, I loved his looks, “Show
Daddy that cum shot. Go ahead, make me proud. ” He just kept rocking his
hips back and forth.

I didn’t even touch myself and soon I was shooting yet another awesome
gooey sperm fall.

This time they were seven, the first three fell on my mouth with precision
while the other four damped my chest and stomach.

“Don’t swallow. ” He ordered and bent down to kiss me and we shared my
spunk, he had most of it while I just kept sucking on his tongue.

He started to groan louder and louder, “Ugh I’m coming too!”

It seemed like he had read my mind and he didn’t pull out, he trusted his
hips harder and every time his balls smacked against me I felt his cock
swell and deposit incredible amounts of sperm in my guts.

I had no idea how
many times he shot but it was way more than what I could hope to achieve

His body collapsed on top of mine and his hairy sweaty chest rubbed
against mine, he smelled so good I felt like eating him alive.

We heaved deeply until we were both breathing normally and in unison, “You
know one thing?” He said sounding unbelievably sweet, I had misjudged this
man for too long and it was ending today.

“What?” I said pulling him closer to me with a tight hug; he had such a
wide thorax my hands didn’t meet on his back.

“You have the hottest ass I have ever fucked. I don’t want this be a
onetime thing. Could we repeat?” He sounded like a k** who wanted another
serving of apple pie.

“Anytime. ” I replied.

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