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Soccer Dads

I was planning on going to see my son’s first College soccer
tournament. The rest of the family found out at the last minute they
couldn’t come. My wife said that our friend Jeff needed a ride and
room to stay. Jeff’s son was my son’s roommate. We had known Jeff and
his wife for a long time. I always thought Jeff was good looking and
sometimes I felt that Jeff was flirting with me.

I should know since I
was flirting with him when I could. This would be a great chance to be
alone with Jeff and maybe see him without a shirt on.

“Hey Jeff, this is Jim. I heard you need a place to stay. I have a
hotel room with two beds and you could ride up me on Friday afternoon.

“Jim, that sounds great. I owe you for this one.

I waited too long to
make a reservation and now all of the rooms are booked.

“I’ll see you on Friday around 4:00. “

I got home from work Friday and was ready to go by 4. We had to leave
early since they had an 8 o’clock game. I decided at the last minute
to put the top down on the car. I arrived at Jeff’s house to find him
waiting out front for me.

He was in shorts like me, and was wearing a
loose fitting tank top. I had never seen him in a tank and I was
impressed by what I saw. He loaded his stuff in the trunk and got in
the car. I had my eyes on him as he slid in. His tank top was loose so
I was able to see his nipples and almost his entire upper chest, which
was nice and hairy.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jeff. He smiled at
me as he buckled up and appeared to let his hand rest on his crotch.
My cock was beginning to swell, but since I wore underwear, it wasn’t

“Jim, thanks a lot for driving. I am glad you have the top down. I
can work on my tan. “

“There is sunscreen in the glove compartment. “

I watched as Jeff put lotion on his arms, shoulders, and legs.

looked sexy to see his body hair get all smeared together. Jeff kept
looking at me and our eyes kept meeting. I think he was checking me
out too.

“Jim, do want some for your legs and arms?”

“Sure, with the way the traffic is, I will need it before long. “

Jeff squirted some in my hand and I rubbed the lotion on my legs. I
noticed Jeff watching me put the lotion on my legs.

I wished I wore a
tank top so I could show off my hairy chest to Jeff. While I was
putting lotion on my arms, Jeff took off his tank top. I struggled to
keep my eyes on the road. Jeff smeared screen on his hairy chest. I
glanced over and Jeff was looking at me and said, “why don’t you take
off your shirt. We both can get a good tan while we sit in all of this

” I noticed a nice bulge forming under Jeff’s shorts.

I pulled off my shirt as soon as I was at a red light. Jeff squirted
lotion right on my shoulders. I rubbed it in and purposely missed a
spot of lotion on my right shoulder. Jeff finally said, “Jim there is
a glob of lotion on you shoulder. Do you want me to rub it in for you?”

“Thanks, Jeff.

It is hard for me to get my shoulders now that the
traffic has thinned out. “

Jeff rubbed the lotion in my shoulder and part of my back. I leaned
forward so he had easier access to my middle back. Jeff gave me a mini
massage and had to stop as we started to pass a bus. My bulge was
noticeable and I know Jeff saw it. We talked non-stop. Jeff kept
looking at me and I tried to return the stares.

It was hard since we
were going 70 mph. Jeff looked so hot in his shorts. He was as hairy
as I was. His hair was black and shiny. It looks so soft, I wanted to
reach over and rub it.

We drove up to the hotel, put on out shirts and registered. Our room
had 2 beds and a large bathroom with 2 sinks and a large shower. We
both changed and went out for a quick dinner and then to the game.

bleachers were small so we were crammed in. My leg ended up next to
Jeff’s. It felt good to feel his hairy leg occasionally rub mine. Jeff
got each of us another beer during halftime. I was feeling lightheaded
by then and horny too. When Jeff sat down, his leg ended up rubbing
against mine. I didn’t move so our legs and arms were together a lot
even after the crowd thinned out towards the end of the game.

the game, we had a quick talk with the boys and off they went to meet
with the team. We headed back to the hotel. The pool was still open so
I suggested a swim. We got back in the room and I opened my suitcase
to get my suit. I was naked when I heard Jeff cuss.

“What’s the matter Jeff?”

“I forgot my suit. “

“You can use my jogging shorts.

Here they are. “

He was by my suitcase also naked and asked me, “Are you sure it is OK
for me to wear them in the pool?”

“Yeah, help yourself”, I said thinking how hot he will look in those
when he is wet. The white shorts even with a liner turn transparent
when wet.

The pool was deserted when we got there. It was only open for 20 more
minutes so we didn’t hesitate to get in.

We both swam laps for 10
minutes then decided to get into the hot tub. I was in there first so
I was able to see Jeff walk over. His cock was visible since the white
material was stuck to his skin. He noticed this as he got in and said,
“I owe you one for this. Good thing the pool wasn’t crowded or I would
have gotten arrested for indecent exposure. Just you wait, I’ll get
you back.

Getting out of the hot tub, it was obvious Jeff and I had developed
nice hard ons while we soaked in the hot tub. His cock looked so hot
plastered against his wet shorts. On the way back to the room, I kept
wondering how Jeff was going to get me back. In the room, I was horny
from the beer, seeing Jeff naked, and then seeing Jeff in the wet

I entered the bathroom and stripped to take a shower. Jeff
came in naked, still sporting a hard on, and started brushing his
teeth. I finished the shower and stepped out to dry off. Jeff had
taken all of the towels. As I went to look for him, Jeff was waiting
for me with a bucket of ice water, which he dumped on me while I was
still in the bathroom. I tried to get his towel and he went into the

I grabbed the towel and we struggled over it. He stumbled and
fell on the bed. I went after him and ended up on him. We stopped
struggling with the towel and started exploring our naked bodies. He
planted his lips on me and we were now in a passionate embrace. I knew
it was wrong, but I didn’t want to stop.

While Jeff and I were still kissing, our hands were exploring whiles
our lips were sealed together.

We had at least 6 years to make up for.
It felt so good to rub my hands through Jeff’s hairy chest. His ass
was fun to play with. We licked and kissed each other’s neck. Jeff
went wild when I kissed his ear. He returned the favor and my response
was the same. Whatever we did to the other, the response was always
intense. I moved my lips to his hairy chest.

I sucked on his hard
nipples. I moved my tongue through the dense hair on his belly to his
cock. It was hard and there was a nice glob of precum on the tip. I
licked him off before I took the whole cock in my mouth. Jeff moved
around so he could suck me off. We both were working like mad on the
other’s cock. We both wanted to take the other’s load.

I felt Jeff’s
cock swell and by his moans, I knew he was close. I was also close and
then Jeff started to shoot his load into my mouth. I started shooting
right after Jeff. It was so hot that we were both cumming at the same
time. I was able to take all of Jeff’s hot juices. When we were done,
we resumed our kissing. I noticed Jeff had a little cum on his chin so
I licked him clean.

We settled into a long embrace. We rolled over so
we were on our back, arms entwined and we talked for awhile. We
decided to get up around 6 so we could have time together, then check
out, eat breakfast, and see the 9:00 game.

This was the first time either of us had spent the night with another
guy. We turned out the light, kissed a lot more, let our hands
explore, and then we tried to get to sleep.

I kept thinking how hot
Jeff was. We were both committed to keeping our new relationship going
when we got back home. I hope we could make it work.

I woke around 3am. It took me awhile to figure out where I was and
with whom I was with. I could see Jeff in the dim light. He looked so
hot laying naked in the bed sound asleep. I next woke at 5:45.

it was close to 6, I decided I would play with Jeff. I always wondered
how much you could play with a guy’s cock before he woke up. I moved
toward Jeff. He was on his side facing me. I took his cock in my hand
and put my lips to his cock. I started sucking him gently. I could
feel his cock respond. After a few minutes, I felt his hand on me and
heard Jeff say, “this is the best wake up call I have ever had.

long have you been at it?”

I didn’t want to stop so I held up 5 fingers. I planned on taking
Jeff to orgasm without him touching me. I had my legs on the floor so
he couldn’t suck me. He laid back and let me service him. I sucked his
cock, balls and hole. He responded to everything I did with
uncontrolled movements and moans.

“Jim, I am so fucking close to shooting my load.

I want you so bad.
Just wait until I shoot my load. There will not be any part of your
hairy body my tongue won’t touch. Fuck that feels good. Here it comes
Jim. “

With that Jeff’s body went into spasms and he unloaded his load into
me for the second time. I took all he had to give me. Once Jeff’s was
done shooting his load, I moved in order to kiss Jeff.

Jeff’s tongue
was in search of his cum. I saved a little for Jeff.

Jeff stopped kissing me and said, “now it is your turn. I want you to
lay back and let my mouth devour you like your hot mouth devoured me. ”

Jeff moved his mouth to my ear and his licking my ear caused to be
squirm and moan. His mouth moved to my nipples, around my hairy chest
to my belly button.

He tongued my button and moved to my swollen cock.
He moved his mouth to the tip and licked off the pre-cum. Jeff then
took my whole cock in his mouth. He had his hands on my balls and
played with them as he started to move his lips over the entire length
of my cock. It felt so good. He moved his tongue to my loose balls and
then to my hole.

He was jacking me off with his hands.

“Jeff, I am close to shooting my load. “

Jeff started sucking me again and finger fucked my wet hole. It felt
so good. As I started so shoot my load, he squeezed my balls really
tight with his other hand and let my cum fill his hot mouth. He didn’t
waste one drop. I was rewarded with a cum filled kiss when he was done.

We stayed on the bed in an embrace for a few minutes then jumped in
the shower. I had his cock all lathered up. It felt so good to jack
him off. He told me he was getting close. I let the water clean off
the soap and went to my knees. I took his load while the hot water hit
me in the head. It was amazing how horny he was.

Jeff wanted to suck
me off again. He waited until I was out of the shower. I sat down to
dry my feet. He pushed me back on the bed and clamped his mouth on my
hard cock. He was sucking me fast and furious. I couldn’t believe how
intense it felt. He pushed his finger up me again and I squirmed my
ass around so I could feel his finger better. I unloaded my load
without warning.

Jeff gagged at first but was able to keep my load in
his mouth. I never had an organism like that before. We got up and had
to rush. Those quick BJ’s made us late. It was hot shaving in the nude
next to Jeff and watching him get dressed.

We saw 2 more soccer games. After the last game, we met the boys and
they showed us around the school. We took them to a nice dinner and
dropped them off at their dorm around 7:30.

We headed home as it was
getting dark. We both were in shorts and loose fitting shirts. Jeff’s
hands were in action as we got on the dark highway. He took off his
shirt so I could play with him. It felt good to have my hand playing
with his hairy chest. Jeff’s hand was up my shorts after he slipped
off my shirt. He next unzipped me and pulled my shorts to my ankles.

couldn’t believe what was happening. The road was deserted so Jeff
unbuckled his seatbelt and got on his knees so he could go down on me.
I slowed the car down a little, put on the cruise control and he was
sucking me for the fourth time in 2 days. I moved the seat back a
little to give him more room. I saw an off ramp up ahead to a rest

I pulled into the rest stop and parked away from the other cars.
I laid back and felt my cock explode. It was so hot to see Jeff
sucking me dry again. After he was finished he kissed me and I was
surprised to find his mouth full of come. He didn’t swallow until he
was able to share his rewards with me. It was so hot sitting in the
car kissing Jeff and both of us playing with the other’s bare chest.

After a few minutes, I pulled up my pants and said to Jeff, “I think
it is your turn to do some driving. “

“OK Jim. Just give me a chance to get familiar with your car. “

We were back on the road. Jeff had adjusted his seat and mirrors
before we left. He got the car up to around 55 when he put the cruise
control on. I figure this was my cue.

I rubbed his hairy chest with
one hand while the other hand was massaging his cock through his
shorts. I unzipped his pants and he lifted himself up so I was able to
slip off his shorts. He was now totally naked. I bent down and was
rewarded with the best man smells I have ever smelled. He had been in
the sun all day and I was overwhelmed with the aromas. I sucked his
cock and balls.

I spread his legs apart, but there wasn’t enough room
to reach his hole. I enjoyed his balls since the aroma was strongest
between his legs.

“Jim, I am close to shooting. I want your mouth back on my cock. I
don’t want to mess up your new car. Don’t swallow. I want a taste. “

I sucked Jeff to completion. He let out a loud moan as his juices
squirted into my mouth.

I noticed he didn’t have as much. I guess
shooting 4 times in less than 24 hours finally caught up with this
stud. I saved the load and leaned over to give Jeff a kiss. It was
sort of tricky, but Jeff managed to get a taste. I held onto the wheel
while Jeff got his shorts on. For the rest of the ride, we talked
about the last 24 hours and made plans.

Jeff thought his wife would be
out of town for 3 days with the kids. I made a list of our work phone
and e-mail addresses. This would allow us to communicate without the
spouses finding out. We were both committed to keeping the fun going.
We both knew it would be hard to find a lot of time without arousing

“Hey Jeff, when did you figure I was interested in you?”

“I felt you were interested in me for around a year.

I knew for sure
after I got in the car and you kept staring at me. I couldn’t believe
you when I first got in the car. Your eyes were on my tank top and
then you stared at my crotch. I felt like attacking you right there. I
almost helped rub your lotion on your leg and up your thigh, but I
didn’t have the nerve. It took a lot of nerve to just squirt it on
your hairy shoulder.

I couldn’t believe I had the nerve to ask you if
you wanted me to rub the lotion in for you. I figured you left it
there on purpose. How about you Jim?”

“I guess when you told me to take off my shirt so we can both work on
the tan. I had wanted you for a long time before and I suspected your
stares the past year weren’t innocent. It sure felt good when you
rubbed the lotion on me.

I did leave the glob there on purpose. It was
too bad we had to pass the bus. I was wondering how long you were
going to keep massaging me and what other part of me you would work
on. It sure was worth the wait and I am glad we both had the nerve to
do something except stare. “

“Same for me, Jim. I didn’t know when I would stop massaging you.

I am
sort of glad the bus was there so we had to wait to be in the room. I
am glad we finally had the chance to get together. “

We got off of the freeway and Jeff pulled over. We both got our
shirts on and we exchanged seats. Jeff leaned over and gave me the
hardest kiss and strongest hug I have ever had. Jeff said, “I wanted
to do this now since it would be a while before we could do this again.

“Hopefully it won’t take us so long to get together the next time. It
has been great Jeff. Keep in touch and I look forward to the next time
I can get you naked. “

“Same here Jim. Talk to you soon. “

I watched Jeff walk to the house. He looked so hot, especially now
that I knew he was mine to enjoy and I knew what was under those sexy


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