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Slumdogs and Aliens.
I am Lucky(real name) sharing my story of encounter with aliens in my college days.
It was May 2012, a hot day of summers I got a technical project work on that day the technical project work was issued by our class teacher ‘Hakka’(fictional). Hakka was a beautiful merried lady and as our lecturer in college. She was very polite and good communication skills. and she also belong to rich family and always wears designers cuts.

Actually she was working in the college for just the easy go period.
All the students were fan of that lady and enjoy each and every lecture of the teacher. I don’t know why all the students were so mad about that lady , because it’okay she is gentle and good looking , but according to my point of view she was a fresher teacher with no teaching experience.
But there was also a dark side of that lady because many time I noticed that she shows extra attention on boys students.

And the body of the teacher was also very seductive techanically(36-32-38).
And on one day of May2012 all that hell happened She issued me a technical project work (on any topic). That lady is very interested in me as I can easily see the twinkle in her eyes ,as I can easily see she wants some of me ,but I always used to ignore her because having relations with your merried class teacher is not a good thing.

In the evening , I came back home and relaxed. And planned to complete the project in night time because in the night time there is no one to disturb and I can also work for hours. I was working on the top floor of my home and no one comes upstairs there. I was constantly working on our project work and when it was about 12o’clock the backup goes off and air conditioner stoped it was a very hot day I was also having sipps of Cola.

Finally after few time I finished my project work. And it was a full moon night and every thing was visible outside in the moonlight.
As it was already hot and I was getting bored I started drawing erotic ladies(lesbians) on an another drawing sheet It was my habbit from the begaining that I draw nude ladies and then masterbuate watching them. I was also having few sipps of cola to hyderate my body too.

But in the mid section of night a very strange thing happened outside it sounds like thunders in the sky I was scared because few minutes ago sky was clean. Atonce I was scared but later I took my cellphone and rushed at the roof top and what I saw on our neighbours rooftop At the height of 25 foots it was a flying saucer(U. F. O. ).
But the next minute the saucer moved away in a zig-zag motion.

And then I heard the little moaning sounds on our neighbours rooftop, crawling I moved forward. And what I seen hiding It was an alien. A green coloured alien was sucking pussy of our neighbours girl Mani(fictional). Mani was wearing only a yellow top as every thing was visible in the moon light.
I have never ever seen any thing like that in my life. The height of the alien was four and half and his skin was light green and a few tiny blue patches were on his body.

The Alien was having a big head big black eyes and tiny nose ang mouth. Except his head Alien’s rest of body was tiny.
It was unbelievable that an alien fucking with a human lady. Then Lucky said ,capture it. Alien was still sucking her clit and Mani was moaning. Both the guys have no idea about my appearance. Cellphone was in my hands and I put on the camera mode ,But when I captured the first frame big bullshit happened the shutter sound was ‘ON’(Always put off your shutter sound and fleshlight!).

Due to the shutter sound both guys shook for a sec. but they were not too surprised. The alien said something in a whistling voice. I stand up but don’t understand any of it. But later on he made a WOW sign and I also joined both of them my cock was also standing because few moments ago I was masterbuating.
Without wasting time I put my cock into Mani’s mouth Alien again get busy in sucking her clit.

The girl was giving a very good blow job and now my cock was as hard as steel And ‘Lucky says oh yes’. After that we both (Alien and me) changed our positions she started giving alien blowjob and I was fucking her pussy. After that I rolled the girl and start fucking her doggy style in her ass. The girl was loving each and every part of it and keep sucking
Aliens tiny cock After that we both alien and me did DP(double penetration ) of girl she also pissed in between the whole session.

During that hot hours I relaxed for a while I take out my cock but the alien’s stamina was vvery good alien was fucking her at a great speed but he was also sweating in aqua light blue color and I jumped on my roof and from my room I take out my Cola’s bottle for chilling.
I was thristy and had half of cola bottle at once then I get back to work.

When I got up there what I see Alien was fucking her in summer- sault. Mani’s pussy also started dripping. I was confused where to park. “Lucky says push it” Then I just pushed my steel hard penis into Aliens tiny-tight ass. Aliean screamed in a whistling voice and was also saying something whistiling I don’t understand any of it and start fucking fast I was also not cumming.
The Alien was fucking her pussy And I was fucking aliens ass.

After sometime she suiirted bleed all over the floor and the I placed my cock in her mouth now girl started sucking both of our cocks one by one. After few minutes Alien ejaucted his cum was bluish glitting colour he cummed all over her face and then he fall apart. now girl started giving me blowjob And I cummed all over her face and hairs.
Then I stopped and started looking at that green ‘monky ass’ he was doing something with his braslate And the very next moment a flying saucer(U.

F. O. ) appeared there thene a beam of white light flooded on Alien. the alien made a WOW sign and then disappeared. After that the sauccer gone away in a zig-zag motion.
We both were watching this whole procedure. And the next few minutes we talked about the mysterious alien and other things. Mani was also gone down stairs And I rushed in my room because next day I have to present my presentation.

Then I slept soundly.
The very next day I was in college. When I reached in Hakka’s faculty room , I seen that she was alone in her faculty I submitted my technical project. she put aside my technical project aside and then started showing her size 36 boobies ,but asusually I ignored Hakka and moved away because having relations with merried class teachers is nt a good thing!
Written BY : LUCKY, you guys can send your suggestions to- [email protected]


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