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Slender Girl

First time I saw her my mind was blown, something went click in me and I knew what I want in my bed tonight. A slender girl with a nice ass that you could see through the tight fabric covering it. Oh and what a lucky thing it was that we were at a club with a pool that was open at night. I thought on many occasions how lovely it would be if she took of her cloths and just joined me at the pool , I love my luck , after my fantasy was worked out in my head I seen her looking over at me and smiling at me a few times, out of nowhere I found myself near her sexy body in a red swim suit.

She was slowly coming towards me but was stopped by some fool, how dare he even try to take away my pray. I walked over to her..
“Sorry friend , she is mine tonight. ” I said grabbing her hand and pulling her to me as I walked back to my spot in the corner. As soon as I hit the end of the pool I pulled her closer , no words were needed it was all visible in her eyes and in the way she threw her body around mine.

We started kissing and grinding, isn’t it lovely when fantasy becomes reality ?
I got instantly hard and my dick started to rub on her pussy through the thin pieces of cloths that we had on. I suggested to go to my place but she refused , she wanted it here and she wanted it now. I looked around , it was already late so only a few people were in the pool on the far other side.

I slid her panties to the side and started to play with her pussy with I kissing her neck. My other hand was on her slender back going slowly down to grab her nice ass. I loved the feel of a slender body rubbing on mine. I slid a finger in and she let a moan out right by my ear. My b**st mod was now on to the max, I pulled down my shorts and slowly slid in the tip inside of her.

She was incredibly tight, but the excitement made her wet , really wet, so wet that I was able to slide it in somehow. Half way in she started to grab my back and stick her nails in it, leaving marks on it.. I loved it , every second of her scratching my back while I pushed my dick more and more inside of her tight pussy. With a few hip movements and a few more slides up and down her pussy it was finally whole in and the fun was about to start.

We had to move slowly as not to make anyone suspicious of our actions. Every time she would slowly lower her body on mine I thought that I will fill her up. The tight pussy , the excitement of being caught woke up the b**st in me. I started to fuck her harder and harder, water started to splash as her top went a bit to the side, my lips going for hers as my dick was pounding her tight pussy.

It didn’t take long , both of us started to breath harder, she started to let out little moans , she couldn’t be silent. After a few thrust I felt it build up inside of me.
“I am going to cum soon” I said
“Cum in me, I want to feel it inside of me all the way, dont worry I took the pill” She said and bit my lip as I fucked her.

After hearing her approving words I couldnt contain myself any longer, a few more hip moves and I went full in. I started to cum filling her up, her pussy got tighter and I could fill her nails deeper in my skin. She came as I was filling her up.
After we floated for a bit in the water we started to swim and talk for a bit, I think I will see her again.

Pm me your thoughts or request stories , Ill write about your favorite fetish ;).

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