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slave mother

This is a fantasy story of my sexy long haired slave mother. We live in a small town in India. I was bought up in a traditional environment: dominant father,submissive mother kinda situation. I had seen my mother in various submissive roles and knew that she could be dominated, but was just afraid of my father. When i was 18, my father left my mother for some other women. Now it was only me and my mother.

Describing my mother, she was 5ft 2 inches in hieght, average built, but very sexy face and her long hair, which was the best feature of her body and lets say her worst enemy also, as it was her hair that fucked me to make her my slave.

I have a long hair fetish and am espescially fond of pulling hair, ofcourse roughly. When I was a k** i used to sleep next to her sometimes, and would pretend to be asleep and pull her hair or grab her hair and just say that I had a bad scary dream when asked.

Returning to the present situation, My mother was cooking in the kitchen and I was just watching the movie. In the movie, a beautiful long haired girl was being chased around by some rouges, with her hair all flying around. Seeing this I was already getting a hard-on.

So I just looked towards the kitchen. I was shocked to see a really long thick ponytail. My mothers hair was black,silky smooth and straight going all the way to her ass.

I instantly realized that all this beautiful hair was mine, now that my father, the owner of my mother had left her. The realization was amazing. Me the owner of that beautiful silky hair, free to do whatever I wanted with it, to pull it, to twist it in my fist, to drag my slave by it, to yank it to my hearts content.

All this thoughts gave me a massive hard-on.

So I just walked right into the kitchen, and emraced my mom. She wasnt totally surprised as I used to do that regularly just to feel her hair on my body. She had freshly shampooed her hair and it was smelling great. My embrace was really tigjht and I guess she could feel my hard-on on her ass. She tried to move away, but my embrace just got tighter and my cock also moved more into her ass.

My nose was just on the side of her ponytail,where the band was holding her massive hair. I had the greatest urge to just grab the ponytail and yank it, But hey , she was at my mercy now and I just wanted her to fully and slowly realize it.

I slowly moved my mouth to her ear, and said “now that dad’s gone, who will take care of you”. to this she very sweetly replied that I was the man of the house now and that I had to take control of the situation.

This only got me more excited and I asked her again “so mom, the situation involves you also right”.

mom :Yes ofcourse,you will have to take care of me also.

me :hmm, so how should I take control of you?

mom :by doing the right thing. you should obey me more and not give any trouble to me.

me :That would not be controlling you. that would be obeying you and that is not what u said before.

mom :u cannot control ur mother. what I meant was u should be more responsible.

me :see as I am the man of the house now, I think i dont have to obey anybody. Espescially not a worthless whore and a slut like you.

Hearing this my mom was shocked and she tried to turn around and face me. So I just grasped her ponytail near the rubber band, very close to the scalp and pulled her hair down.

This got her face up and she saw my face from behind. Her eyes had become teary from my pulling her hair.

mom :please let go off my hair you. Your hurting me.

me :ohh sorry, how badly does it hurt.

mom :ahhh, its paining bad.

me :hmm… so what would you say now. Saying this I twisted her hair around my fist once and that really streched her scalp and she began to yell at me.

me :listen to me carefully, from this day on , you are my slut, my whore, my salve. The only thing important in your life would be to please me in whatever way i want. Once u have finished your regular household chores, U will always be on your knees and hands like a dog.

You will always keep ur hair in a ponytail or in a braid. Ur hair must always be freshly washed.

My mother was totally shocked hearing this and was beginning to cry. So I just realized that I had to show her whatever i meant.

I pulled her hair really hard this time. She gasped and stopped to cry for an instant.

me :On ur hands and knees u bitch.

mom :please let go off my hair. It is hurting me very bad. I will do whatever u want me too but please let go off my hair.

me :whatever I want… hmmm… let me see what u mean.

I released her hair.

me :so slut, tell me what all can u do.

mom :look ur dad used to make me do filthy things. Please I beg you. U r not like him.. please dont make me do it. Please dont make me do anything sexually vulgar, U r my son. I will do anything else you ask me to.

I will clean the house I will be ur maid and do all those things for you, I will be ur house-hold slave but not ur sex slave.

me :you whore, u would have gotten away with this, had it not been for ur hair. u are proud of ur hair and u should be. Its the most beautiful thing in the world. And u know what, I can never get a beautiful head of hair like urs if I let u go.

So sorry my dear slut,the sooner u realise ur situation , the less painful will it be for you.

mom :please why are you doing this to me.

me :so that i can use ur hair slave.

mom :I know that you are my husbands son, and have grown to be like him. I shall do my best to please you, but please dont make me do very vulgar things.

me :well for starters… u have been a slave for my dad. let me see what u used to do for him.

my mom went down on her knees and asked me to turn around. I wasnt sure what she wanted to do. she asked me to take down my pants and my underwear. She popped her head from between my legs,her silky head touching my balls from beneath. It sent a jolt of shock through my body.

She then asked me to grab her ponytail at the end. She then took her head back slowly, so that her face was facing my ass. I could feel her breath on my ass. She then said “waiting for my master”. I did not realise what she wanted me to do. I started to turn back and my ass hit her face and I could feel her tounge in my ass crack.

Wow.. what a whore. I wanted her to go deep in my ass with her tounge. I started to move my ass towards her face, but she kept going back. I asked her what the matter was and she just smiled. It was then that i realised that I had her hair in my hands. I squatted a little so my ass was more opened and pulled her hair upwards, this made her hair tickle my balls and also got her tounge in my ass.

The more I pulled her hair,her face was going more into my ass. I got so excited that i started praising her.

me :you are one dirty little filthy whore. My father was a very lucky man to have enjoyed so much with you. Now you are just my slave. my whore,my property that I will use and abuse in ways that my father also could not think of.

I just wanted to do something really filthy.

Just to show her that I could do things that she had not thought of. That I was better than my father at this. Her tounge was really deep in my ass now. So I now pulled her hair really hard, so that her face was on my ass and she could not escape anywhere, and because of pulling her hair so hard, she opened her mouth to let out a scream. I farted at the very instance, and she could not escape it.

She began to cough and choke. I was really pleased with this, but was not fully satisfied. So i loosened my hold on her hair a bit, so that she could catch her breath. She was about to say something,when I twisted her hair and pulled hard making her face go back on my ass. But this time she would not open her mouth. I had to really yank her hair so hard that I think I ripped a hair or two from the roots before she opened her mouth with a scream.

I relaxed my ass and made her taste my shit. She was trying to get away,but had she tried,I would have ripped her hair out. Now her face was really shit covered. So in-order to clean it, I just dragged her to the bathroom by her hair. She was really shouting and cursing me. I knew that this whore would have to be trained a lot before she would accept me as her master unconditionally.

Pulling her by her hair, I just put her head in the toilet bowl. I think she was drowning. Drowning in the water full of my shit. I pulled her out by her hair and flushed out the water. I repeated this 2-3 times before her face was cleared. I put her head on the bowl with her face up and pissed on it. Her long hair was in the toilet getting completely drenched.

I knew that urine softens the hair,Atleast thats what i had heard off. Once done urinating, I took her urine covered hair in my hands and roughly pulling it, asked her

me :so whore, was this something that my dad had done to you.

mom with a really angry face)no,not even ur father could think of doing this to me.

me :good… so clean up the house, and urself.

And remember slut, This is just the beginning of ur training,and I havent done much with ur hair. The next session ,U will be sorry for having such beautiful hair because of the pain I will inflict to you through ur hair and also be grateful that it is ur hair that will provide so much pleasure to ur master.

Now clean urself.

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