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slave bitch boy

So, just to give you a heads up if you didn’t know I love to fuck. But who don’t? I wake us this morning and my pussy is dripping wet. It’s been a while since a real hard big dick has penitrated my tight fat pussy. It’s early I mean 6am in the moring early. So I decided to grab my phone and scroll through my phonebook. I come across a name I haven’t screamed in a while.

When I called it’s like he must have been up waiting for me. Something else you might need to know. I don’t fuck guys often. I have one in house slave bitchboy that’s been with me for some years now and he can’t even fuck me unless I **** him which is rare. I rather play with the ladies. But this guy was up and willing to please me. He answered the phone eager.

I could hear it all in his voice. Hahahahaha so pathetic… I told his 5 little words… COME AND FUCK ME NOW!!! “Yes my Queen Sheba” was his reply. 20 mins later he was knocking on my door. When I opened my door his was there out of breath rock hard lol. I could see his massive cock bulging in his slacks. Aw he dressed up for me… He stared me up and down I answered the door with nothing but my panties on.

Nipples were erect pussy still wet as he can see the moisture on my panties. I grabbed his Polo button down and yanked him in. When I shut the door and also pushed him onto my floor and straddled him. He tried to kiss me. Why is don’t know I only kiss women. So I pulled my face back and slapped the shit out of him. He was looking stupid but he was still hard.

I didn’t want he to be passionate with me I wanted him to FUCK ME. I crawled up his body that was now laying on the floor awaiting my next move. He knew what was coming next. When I turned on his face with my ass all on his wet mouth I unzipped his Polo slacks and pulled out his huge dick and tried to put as much in my mouth as possible. My pussy was getting more wet and he was begging to taste it.

It was so hilarious to hear a man like him beg for me but it was normal for me. All man beg I don’t care if he is a major lawyer then all beg for me. I pulled my now extremely soaked panties to the side and plopped my pussy right in his face. Oh my gosh he felt so fucking good. While he sucked up as much cum as possble I sucked on his hard dick licking his shaft stroking the spit with my hand while I sucked and kissed his head.

Veins were popping out I thought he was going to bust right there. But after boucing in his face for about 10 more mins and went ahead and started riding his dick. Man sliding down on his big shit like that my pussy instantly tightened up. But I just kept riding going up and down round and round till I started leaking all over those Polo slacks. He thought he done something lol sorry baby that was all me.

He pushed me to the side and started pounding in me long hard deep strokes. I was moaning loud now. He was fucking me so good once I let him get in control. Sucking on my breast biting on my nipples I was getting so hot. Harder I screamed harder… the abuse was amazing. I completely rolled over and let him knock this pussy out fucking me doggy style while chocking me… I was cumming so hard that I started shaking.

At the same time he was asking if he could cum inside of me. What the fuck? I kindly pushed him from inside of me stood up grabbed my panties that he ripped in the process of me riding him and wiped my pussy juices. He was still on his knees holding his cock as the cum was oozing into his hands. I stuffed my panties in his mouth and told him to stand.

When he did I opened my door and told him to get the fuck out. LOL He just wobbled out of the door slacks still around his ankles and slammed the door shut while saying thanks for the fuck….

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