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Skype heaven

Me and my hubby have been trawling erotic sites for a while. We’ll him a lot longer than me. One night he persuaded me to take some sexy pics and put em on the site. I was amazed by the feedback and how much people liked them. We were texting a couple on night who asked us to skype it for them I pondered over this for a while and thought why not I will never see them.

We turned on the lap top and I instantly got aroused as there was some guy sat there holding his cock. I told him right anything you want us to do just ask tonight we will give you your fantasy. He told my fella to rub my clit over my lknickers until the swollen button became noticeable. Then he ripped them off and drove his tongue that far up my pussy as he held my lips that far apart I thought I might split.

He nibbled on my clit whilst finger fucking me with 2 fingers. He knows this is one almighty way to get me squirting. We’ll in the matter of 2 minutes the floodgates opened and my gushing squirt flew right over the bed soaking my hubby’s face. I lay with my head hanging over the edge of the bed and my man stuck his juicy cock to the back of my throat. He fucked my face that hard and fast I started gagging.

So I lay him on the bed and pushed his legs up exposing his arse balls and cock. I grabbed my trusty strawberry gel. ( nothing turns me on more than my fellas cock leathered in gel so it slides all over. Even saying that I have tingles in my clit ) I rubbed it down his shaft all over his bellend his balls and rimmed his butt with the gel occasionally inserting 1 then 2 fingers then do I t again.

Massage his balls whilst licking the end and gently sucking. Every so often I grab the end and rub so hard with gel until he can take no more then do it over and over again. The guy who was on the laptop was jerking himself so hard and pushing his cock that far back I thought it may snap. Just as we decided to change positions the guy said have you tried fisting.

Of course we have I said. I got my man on all fours pulled his butt cheeks apart and put my tongue in then licked from his bellend to his balls then up to his butt. I circled for a while with my tongue whilst stretching him gently ready for the forcoming banging he is about to get. I put on one of my larger strap ons I love watching as that cock goes in and out of him and listening to him moan skype guy was in a frenzy by this time fucking bang him.

Give it to him he shouted. With all this encouragement he we’ll and truly got fucked. The man shouted his butt should be stretched by now get that fist in him. I started inserting it whilst he was on all fours then told him to get on his back. It takes a while to get past his tight muscles but soon I was in. Once I had room I opened my hand up and swirled my fingers around inside.

He cum with an orgasm that made him feel quite dizzy. God I wish I was there and you could do that to me said the skype man. You never know I said maybe we can meet up one day at a hotel all 3 of us. My fella still horny as fuck stood me up at the wall and pushed his cock in my pussy. Again within a minute I had squirted everywhere he still had my cum all over his legs and hands so he wiped it all over my clit so it was creamy.

He rubbed my a clit fast whilst pulling back my lips to expose my swollen clit. He carried on rubbing whilst fucking my pussy Fuck that bitch hard the guy shouted bend her over I want to see you ruin her. I touched my toes whilst he pounded me then all of a sudden the floaty feeling of an orgasm coming and I screamed for him not to stop Then cream pie from me escaping from my pussy.

I put it on my finger and shown skype man. Suck it off he said and as I did my man used a dil do on me I came again just as the man did tons of white cum all over his stomach I wish you were here to lick it off he said and my fella stuck his cock in my mouth so I sucked him hard until I felt his warm cum in my mouth.

We are awaiting the next skype session hope it’s as good as this one xx.

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