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Shweta : A Beggar Woman

A crowd of mischievous people were pelting stones at a woman, whose language was unknown for the local people. Her body and clothes were messy dirty, one can’t judge her skin or cloth colours, her hair were uncombed dirty and s**ttered. She was shouting something at the crowd and shouting something at others, which was not understood by anybody. Even elders were there, but no one cared to save her. Instead they were laughing at her and making fun of her.

Prakash was passing through the same street. Prakash a man around 45 is manager in a nationalized bank. He is well built and very kind. He is appointed since last few years at this place. He is staying alone, his f****y staying away from him due to his frequent transfers. May be they are staying at Mumbai. He never revealed it to anybody. People of this small town know him as a good and kind person, always ready to help people.

After his joining this Branch, many loans were sanctioned and all admired his good work.

He stood firmly between the stone pelting crowd and the insane woman. He first requested the crowd to spare her on the ground of humanity and also made them understand her inability to understand local language. He also convinced them to have some pity over the person who is mentally not well. Few young boys were not obeying him and continued to harass the woman.

Prakash rushed to them and manhandled one or two of them. All fled looking the situation.

Prakash signalled her to follow him. On reaching to the Bank, he gave some money to security man and asked him to manage for medical treatment to her wounds and also manage food for her. Once in the Bank, Prakash forgot the whole episode till evening.

When he came out of Bank he saw the woman sitting in the corner of Bank compound.

The security man told that, sir, she will not be able to stay here, due to problems from police. Prakash went near her and asked her, what you will do now. From where are you? Do you understand Hindi? Do you understand English? But she was speaking in some other language.

May be it was some south Indian language, Prakash guessed. He asked different questions in different language, but seemed all in vain.

He told her that I am ready to help her in anyway, but he should understand her talk. He also told her to have faith in him; he made her to understand that he will not harm her. But you should speak something. He said it pains to see a person in such a situation. God cannot be so cruel to any living person and make him wander like that. You being woman, it pains more to me, as I am feeling unable to help you.

Everything was in vain. She was speaking something but it was not understood. Prakash thought to leave her on her fate and her decision. Gave her few rupees and started walking towards home.

His house was not far off from bank; it was at a walking distance that is why he was not using his bike for going to Bank. Prakash walked towards his residence. It was a nice independent small bungalow.

It has a big porch and a big veranda.

Prakash reached his house and turned to close the gate, he was astonished to find the woman just behind him. She was following him since he left her at Bank. He opened the gate again and welcomed her in the compound. She took her place on the veranda.

Prakash called his housemaid, her name is Madhu. She is a care taker for Prakash.

She comes there two times in the day. She also cooks and does all house hold work. She leave in the evening after Prakash comes from bank takes dinner at 7 pm. Prakash told her to take care of the woman. She is insane and don’t know our language. Take all care about her and also protect her from outsiders, there were few more instructions from Prakash.

She went near the woman and asked her to come in to house, to which she refused.

Madhu asked her where you will settle. She looked around and showed her a corner. Madhu allowed her to settle where she liked. Madhu made her settle for some time of her own. Later, Madhu provided her food, water and also convinced her to shift in the outhouse, which is like car garage. It has folding gate, she arranged to open only one fourth of the gate for convenience.

The garage has one connecting door with the house, which opens in kitchen.

She arranged for a small folding bed with blanket and sheet to be used at night. After finishing her household work, Madhu sat next to her and try to talk to her in her broken Hindi. She found her name to be Shweta. Madhu went home late today. She kept the connecting door unlatched but did not tell anything to Shweta.

The other day after departure of Prakash, Madhu managed to bring her into house and let her bath and do her daily routine.

She was very happy to have such facilities by a woman and indebted to her. Within three four days, the beggar woman looked like settled to the situation and glitter was there all over her face. She used to keep her face and full body covered and never show anything to Prakash or any outsider. She used to confine herself in the outhouse only.

In fact she never got in contact with anybody.

Prakash used to check over her every night by opening the connecting door. He used to check whether she is sl**ping or not, whether she has closed the door or not etc. She had not slept whole first night, but after getting confidence she was sl**ping nice every night.

However there was still no verbal connection between Shweta and Prakash. Shweta was on one side and Madhu & Prakash on other side.

Everything was one sided, instructions and talks flow from Prakash via Madhu towards Shweta. Everything has their timing. God has fixed dates for everything, so was for this woman too.

Prakash suddenly got a transfer order. That was the fourth day of Shweta’s arrival. Because Prakash was fixed at this place since long, the employees’ union and other people wanted his transfer. To avoid undue pressure it was done in hurry and he was asked to report at new place within 24 hours.

Madhu was very sad hearing this. She was going to lose a luxury life, she was enjoying.

Madhu persuaded Prakash to take her too as house maid. Prakash told that I am new to that city, which is very far off from here. He assured her that, once he reach there, find a place to stay and then will call them. Time being he was to be offered a bank quarter which was in some apartment, where he cannot accommodate all.

Once he reaches there, he can find out possibilities. Prakash was to leave next day morning.

Madhu was convinced. The other day, Madhu came early morning, while talking to Shweta, she told her about the transfer of Prakash. While telling her about transfer, her voice had choked and her eyes full of tears. Shweta also got worried about her shelter. She caressed back of Madhu and solaced her without words. She was murmuring something, but that was in her own language.

Today, Prakash was to leave, everything was packed and now being loaded in the truck. His bike also loaded in the truck. Prakash tried to tell Shweta that, she will have to manage of her own, because he is going to new place. Second and important thing was that, it is difficult for her to communicate with people.

Prakash also asked Shweta, if she wishes he can manage her entry in to some Women Remand Home or Women Development Centre on humanitarian ground in the new city.

He also tried to convince her that the place where he is going is a big city compared to this one. He can put her in such house if it is safe for her. She was not convinced. He left the talks there and decided to leave Shweta on her own fate.

Prakash gave last gaze at his empty house. He told Madhu to take care, let Shweta stay at outhouse till she wanted.

He assured her that, he will keep sending them some money every month till she gets new job. He also advised Madhu to find new job. He may call them to new place if required, but it is good to keep an alternate ready. Madhu suffocated and with tears; she run away in the empty house.

Prakash went near Shweta and sat before her and told her to think once again if she want to stay in some Women Remand Home or some other women development centre in the city.

Shweta hide her face between her palms and tried to keep her tears away.

Prakash stood up and went near truck; the truck was having two cabins, one for driver and back seat cabin for passengers. Prakash climbed the truck and entered in the passenger cabin. He heard some pats on the cabin from outside. He looked down; he found that Shweta was standing near truck cabin with her little of baggage packed in two plastic bags.

Shweta when came near the truck cabin, raised her bags towards Prakash as if asking him to take the bags. Prakash took the bags and put inside the cabin. He looked down, Shweta was standing with her hand raised; showing him to pick her up to help her climb the truck cabin.

Prakash gave his hand; both held palms of each other firmly. He lowered himself to pull Shweta. Shweta pushed herself upward and raised her leg to put it on the step.

Prakash used both his hands, one to hold her by arm and another arm around her to hold her to prevent her from falling back.

Difficultly she did it and raised herself fully to get into the cabin. Prakash was holding her tight with both hands. She entered the cabin; Prakash has obstructed her way, because he was helping her to climb up. She has to cross Prakash by passing over from him.

She crossed Prakash by crushing him with her body face to face. Anyway, they both settled alone in that small cabin. Prakash signalled driver to start the truck, there was glass panel from where they can communicate with driver with small sliding glass.

The truck started, Prakash looked at Shweta, Shweta kept staring at his face. Prakash could see her eyes only, remaining face was covered by an extra duppatta like she did daily at home.

Prakash had many questions in his mind. While looking at her Prakash asked, so you are ready to stay at Women Welfare Hostel? Shweta looked at Prakash and said, “Can I not stay with you?” Prakash was astonished to see Shweta speaking nice English.

He kept staring at Shweta with puzzled face. Shweta gave another blow to Prakash by telling him that she can speak Hindi and English. She told him that she is poor in Hindi but good at English.

So you were pretending everything? Was the question from Prakash. She said, yes; yes to save myself from the wicked world. Why are you away from your f****y? Prakash asked softly.

She narrated her story in short. She was from a small village of Rajasthan. Basically they were from Orissa but lately settled in Rajasthan. While she was in college she had fallen in love with a Rajasthani Rajput boy. After a long wait of four to five years for each other, she married to him against the will of her parents, who were very orthodox and religious brahmins.

They never thought to give their daughter to a Rajput boy.

She fled from their native village and went to Jaipur suburb village to settle. Somehow she found that the boy was having bad intentions of selling her off. This she heard while he was talking on phone from other room. He was not pure Rajput, he had mix religious communal culture. He was already married before. This was his second unlawful marriage; this was neither registered nor solemnised in any religious manner.

He wanted to sell this girl with big amount. She found herself entrapped.

Many times he had beaten Shweta. She was tired of the man. Once, while he was attacking her with a wooden stick, she tried to find something in house and she had a kitchen vessel with handle in her hand, she hammered it in his head. The blow was heavy and he was dead. People gathered over there and the whole issue went to police.

The village was very small, and it was night, so she was kept in the police station without any lock. Her husband’s body was taken to a nearest hospital for further process.

After midnight and before early morning, she found everybody shattered and few were dozing. She grabbed the opportunity and fled from the scene. She ran and ran and ran. She found small railway station and climbed the train, which was about to start.

The train started as soon as she boarded. She went to another junction and from there she boarded another train, she got down at Mehsana.

From there she boarded a bus. She was not having any money, she didn’t buy ticket. The conductor came to know about her travelling without ticket early morning. She was asked to get down in this village. She transformed herself in dirty clothes and acted like a mad woman with shattered clothes and hair.

She applied black grease and oil with dirt all over her body before the dusk. She was living there since then. After speaking all these she was breathing heavy and had sweat on her full body. She removed the mask from her face. She had cute beautiful face. Prakash was seeing her full face like this for the first time.

Prakash took out a napkin from his hand bag and tried to wipe her sweat from her face.

Prakash gave him water from the bottle. She drank water and looked at Prakash. Prakash caressed her back. Don’t worry Shweta; now you are safe with me. Never get afraid of anything. Shweta had tears in her eyes; she could not hold it any more. She started weeping aloud.

Prakash took her in embrace to console her. The woman who never allowed to let even a finger touch her while giving or taking something, willingly gave in herself in the arms of Prakash and let her full body rest on Prakash.

Prakash caressed her lovingly, he caressed her back, caressed her face, caressed her head. Caressed her neck and caressed her shoulder.

He moved his palm all over her body with modesty and lovingly. Shweta was very soft from everywhere, she was holding his one palm with her palm with fingers interlocked, Prakash found it very soft. He could yet not guess her age. Prakash kept caressing her, after a while he found that she may be feeling sl**py.

Prakash asked to move on the seat and asked her to sl**p.

She looked up at Prakash, she settled herself spreading little on the small seat and remaining body on him. Keeping her eyes in his eyes, will you ever leave me alone? Shweta asked to Prakash. Prakash caressed her face with his palm, and put his palm over her mouth. Never say like this; never doubt me; I will do as you wish.

She let her body rest on him with another arm around his waist.

In few moments she dozed off to sl**p. Prakash was also feeling sl**py due to heat of truck and the tiring packing work. He also put his head on the shoulder of Shweta and dozed off to deep sl**p. Due to some road construction work the truck was on diversion road.

That made Prakash to wake up.

He found his left hand under head of Shweta with palm under her soft cheek. His right arm held by Shweta’s both hands and pressed on her front. He was feeling the softness of her busts. He lowered his face to look at her face, to look at her he put his chin on her shoulder and tried to look at her.

He found her face very cute. He kept staring at her face.

He also looked at her shoulder, her arm, her front, he found everything very beautiful. He had not seen at her like this before. He went on looking at her intently; he did not know when he slept.

But Shweta was aware of everything; she had not opened her eyes till he fell asl**p in the same position. Shweta opened her eyes; she found his face very near to her. She turned her head a little, her face was now near to his.

His lips just inches away from her. She kept her face like that, lips just an inch away from each other.

It was about 4 pm when they reached city. When Prakash awakened, he found his lips pressed over the lips of Shweta. Prakash raised himself from her body and asked Shweta also to awake from his lap. Shweta raised herself from the lap of Prakash.

She sat next to Prakash, looked at him, she said sorry, for giving my weight over you.

Prakash laughed out and said you are not at all heavy. She smiled and looked away. In another ten minutes they reached the place where they have to stay. They got down from the truck; labours started pulling down his house hold goods in the apartment.

It was a double bed room apartment; one big bedroom was having facility of bed. The other room was empty. As Prakash was always having bank quarter facility, he never had bed or mattresses; he had good stock of bed-sheets and blankets.

Prakash asked labours to set up one bed room.

Prakash opened his cloth bags and other minimum necessary things. Shweta was just having two pairs of cloths. Prakash thought to go for purchasing few clothes from the nearby place before they had dinner. It was little less than 5 pm. He prepared his bike for a ride in the city. Once the house temporarily settled, Prakash asked Shweta to get ready.

Shweta dressed in with a new dress, which was bought by Prakash after she came to his house.

She was hardly having good pair of lingerie. Whatever she was having was given to her by Madhu. Prakash started his bike and asked Shweta to sit on pillion seat.

Shweta scooted with each leg on both side. She sat with expertise. She had covered her face well to hide her identity for safety. Prakash had visited this city before, though not very conversant, he was able to move in the city freely.

After some inquiry at one or two places, they reached at a big mall.

First they opted to purchase quality lingerie for Shweta. Shweta was very much shying on purchase of lingerie. Prakash went near her ear and told her that, I am going little away from her, because she is shying. Prakash went little away from there for few minutes. Shweta purchased half a dozen pairs of good quality lingerie. By then they became like good friends.

They found that taste of both match very much. Then they went for purchase of nice dresses.

Prakash advised her to go more and more for western dresses to change her personality and look different than what she looked when she was in the village. They purchased dozens of dresses they tried all and she looked great in all dresses. Looking at them and looking at their behaviour no one can say that they are not a married couple.

After completing payment procedure, she went in the change room and changed her lingerie and wears a quality trouser and shirt for the day.

She looked like a company executive in her dress. They went to a beauty salon. Shweta and Prakash went inside and had a meeting with the chief beautician. Prakash told the beautician that after finishing her MBA she is joining a company as top executive. He asked the beautician what she suggests for total face lift.

He made her understand that, they wanted her to look like a real professional.

Beautician took her normal photograph and then showed them changes in her face with different hair styles and everything on computer by morphing. Her dress was fixed as trouser and a shirt and occasionally a suit. Accordingly all three agreed to one style. Prakash took full interest in deciding every detail. First they settled her hair style, than different massage and then different kind of facial and waxes.

They were done after long two hours.

It was already 7. 30 pm. Both were hungry. They settled for a nice dinner in the restaurant. They were looking at each other smiling and finished their dinner. After finishing dinner they roamed around the mall happily. Prakash purchased few bottles of energy drinks like fruit juice concentrates and other things like namkins and bakery products in small packing.

Shweta pressed Prakash to purchase nice pair of shoes and tie of her choice for him.

Prakash selected a nice pair of sandals for Shweta. They purchased two pairs of sl**pers for use in the house. She also purchased new trouser and shirts for Prakash.

They also purchased nice perfumes for both. In all they purchased goods worth 30000 rupees in a stretch plus paid 5000 rupees as beauty parlour charges. While Prakash was making payment, Shweta told Prakash in his ear that she will pay everything when she earns.

Prakash pinched her on her chick lovingly and said this is nothing before the happiness of having a friend getting new life.
Hearing this Shweta embraced him a little from side and tried to let her head fall on his shoulder. Other people may think that a wife is showing her happiness for her husband. They were having hips of bags with them. It was very difficult for them to sit with all these on the bike.

They opted to let Shweta sit in the auto-rickshaw and asked the auto driver to ride along the bike. They reached home in some time.

Once in the apartment, they took out all their new purchases and arranged in the bed room wall-drops. Prakash told that he wanted to bath. Prakash went to bath. He was back in some time. Shweta entered the bathroom, as soon as he came out. Prakash arranged two glasses of energy drinks and kept next to bed.

Prakash settled in the bed, covering himself with a blanket. Shweta took long time Prakash had drifted to a light sl**p.

He did not know when Shweta crawled next to him in blanket. He awakened due to loving caresses over his face by Shweta. He opened his eyes to see Shweta half laid in bed next to him and caressing his face and shoulder. Her head was raised with support of her hand; she was looking at his face.

He smiled at her and told her something which she never thought of.

Prakash told Shweta, you should decide what you want to do now. To hide your past history and save yourself from it how and what identity you want to create now. You have to become a new person, new name and everything new. You have face lifted yourself from the view point of looks and appearance.

What about your identity as a person? You have to decide about your name, your education, your social status, and your relations with me.

You have to decide everything. Shweta came under pressure suddenly. Instead of half laid position she sat next to Prakash and became erect.

She looked at Prakash eye to eye, she asked, so you are not going to help me in taking decisions? Shweta said, I have decided most of the things but not worked out exact details about everything. I have decided to depend upon all your decisions about detailing out.

I wanted you to be my mentor. I have seen a nice friend in you. I have seen a real man in you. I have seen a real adviser in you.

I want you to be my real companion. I will never press for a space in your life. I want to make myself capable to live my life of my own. I am educated; I have graduated from a nice college and university.

I have studied Masters also but didn’t pass it. Today, you have ignited me from inside, when you told the beautician that, I am selected as company executive. I want to make your words come true. Till I reach my goal, I want to stay with you as your room partner. If you don’t mind I want to keep “Live in Relation” with you.

Prakash, I am sure, I cannot cope up with my life without your support.

Today, I have no body in my life. You are the only source of life for me. Only you can give me a new lease of life. I am indebted to you, for whatever you did for me. I am totally dedicated to you, you have to hold me and take me where ever you wanted me to go. Prakash hold me and take me, I am totally dependent upon you.

She started filling her eyes with tears and sobs.

Sobbing she said, I have no one in this world to care for me. I have no one else to depend on. You are the only one on whom I can depend. She extended her arms towards Prakash and again asked him, Prakash tell me, whether you are ready to take my responsibility? Prakash raised himself from bed and sat before Shweta. He held her arms in his arms. He looked in her eyes.

When you have this much faith in me, how can I deny you?

Shweta, I have also decided few things for you. I wanted to give you new name. I want to register a new name for you. You can use my name as second name; you need not to disclose the relation with me. I want you to take some training and some additional course for job. You start some job. For that I will give you many alternates, you have to decide of your own.

I want you to be self dependent. I have also decided to give you full support for that. Whatever the expenses are, I will not back up. I am ready to take loans for your studies. I will support you wholeheartedly till you reach the goals. Now, about staying with me; I have held your hand to come here. Once I held your hand I will not leave it.

You can stay with me in the manner what so ever you decide.

The only thing in my life I wanted to make sure is that, I never wanted you to think in the slightest corner of your mind that, I have taken undue advantage of your difficult situation. Prakash stopped saying anything further; he looked earnestly in the eyes of Shweta.

Shweta held arms of Prakash tighter. Her voice was suffocated and still she wanted to say something. Prakash, I can never imagine in my life, that you are taking advantage of my difficulties.

I know you are not that type of man. I know whatever you do for me will be out of your humanitarian thoughts. The day you saved me from that group of people pelting stone at me, I have seen in your eyes; that you are man made of metal and not the dirt.

You have never seen at my body at the time, when many parts of my body were visible under messy and torn clothes.

I know people have eye on me due to that only. You never tried to look at me, because you knew that my clothes are torn. The very next day you arranged nice clothes for me.

I also know that every night you use to come and check over me by opening inside door of garage. I knew you wanted to check if I was ok and sl**ping. That is why I pretended to be asl**p.

I knew you also checked whether I have latched the outer door properly or not. From that day, I decided that you can make my life in some way or the other.

I was in search of proper moment to reveal the truth about me before you. God provided me the opportunity to be alone with you and show you my real face. I am accepting you as you are. Tell me whether you are ready to accept me as I am.

Prakash, I guarantee you, again and again that I will never come in your way of f****y life or anything. For your f****y, I can stay with you as a house maid. I don’t know how you will present me before others. I will accept, in whatever way you present me before others.

Shweta was tired after speaking this much. She let loose her body and fell in the lap of Prakash.

Prakash was stunned to see her position. He was panicked and looked at her face. She was in her senses. Prakash moved her face from here and there. She was responding to it. Prakash thought, she is tired and need rest, both mentally as well as physically. He made her lay properly in the bed.

He comforted himself next to her. The room fully lit. He started caressing her lovingly. He looked at her face.

She looked gorgeous and beautiful. He caressed her face. Caressed her head, caressed her chic. He caressed another chic. He caressed her shoulders one after another. He caressed her arm. He felt as if he is moving his palm on a velvet cloth.

He took her palm in his hand and raised it, brought it near his mouth and kissed her fingers. He leaves her arm and caressed her naval part covered with dress.

He let his palm stay over there for some time and caressed there. He lowered his palm and let it glide over her thigh. He caressed her thighs, one after another. He felt, she has perfect pair of thighs.

He lowered his palm he came in direct touch with her bare legs. He caressed her legs one after another. Her skin is very soft. His palm was gliding over her soft skin.

Every inch of her body was perfect, she was having everything perfect. Her skin, her curves, her structure, her figure, her eyes, her lips, her legs, her arms, her fingers and her nails everything was perfect. She was perfect from every point. The beauty parlour people had added glory to the glorious creation of God.

He took one of her leg in his palm raised it little up and lower himself little down and kissed her foot.

Caressed her fingers, kissed her fingers and let her leg rest on his lap. He went on caressing her leg. Shweta had been in her senses since long. She was looking at how lovingly Prakash was caressing her, she was inflated by the fact that, though he is fascinated by her charms, he takes care that her sl**p is not disturbed.

When she found that he is having her feet on her lap and caressing it since long.

As if in sl**p, she pulled her leg a little. Prakash looked at Shweta and went upward towards her head, settled near her waist. He caressed her face and asked, are you OK? Shweta opened her eyes little and nodded her head in affirmation.

Prakash took the glass of energy drink and patted Shweta asking her to drink it to increase her energy level. Shweta raised herself a little and drink it.

She lay again and closed eyes. Before closing her eyes she held his palm and pulled him a little. Prakash fell on her with his head resting on her busts. Prakash extended his legs to make himself lay properly next to her.

Prakash started caressing her face while keeping his face resting on her busts while looking at her face. He kissed her over there and went on caressing her at different places.

Shweta reciprocated by caressing his face and started playing with his hair in confirmation and acceptance.

Prakash raised himself and went close to her face. He caressed her face and put his lips on the lips of Shweta. He kissed her lips a little and then kissed her chic, caressed her face with one palm and let his another palm glide over her shoulder to her arm and from there let his palm glide over her waist.

He was doing it very lovingly and slowly. Shweta opened her eyes and took his face in her palms and kissed him back passionately over his lips.

They went on enjoying lip to lip kiss and altered the lips, some time kissing upper lip some time kissing lower lip. Some time sucking the lip some time kissing the lip. Shweta also actively involved in responding to kisses from Prakash. When Prakash sucked her upper lip, she kissed his lower lip.

When Prakash kissed her lower lip, Shweta sucked his upper lip. Prakash continued caressing her while kissing and sucking her lips.

Shweta started caressing his back. Shweta unbuttoned his night shirt and pulled it away. Prakash was bare above his waist. Shweta started caressing his body. His body was well built and abs visible all over his body. Shweta started caressing each and every abs of his well built body. She caressed biceps of his arm.

Prakash looked at Shweta and unbuttoned her nightie; Shweta raised herself, Prakash kept little away so she can sit. Prakash was settled between her legs, spreading his own legs alongside of Shweta and she settled with her legs along side of Prakash. This is the positions, when the genitals of each other are very near to each other’s. One can have cunnilingus in sitting position.

While Shweta was removing her nightie, Prakash took his arms around Shweta and unhooked her bra.

Shweta removed her bra. Prakash looked at her beautiful breasts. They were not heavy, no sag, they were nice round, just fixed at their place. They were very attractive like a teenager’s budding beauty.

He garlanded Shweta with his arms around her neck. Shweta also garlanded Prakash with her arms. She did not make a perfect round but just over his shoulders. Both were looking earnestly in the eyes of each other.

Prakash started going nearer and nearer to her face. Prakash let his lips touch her lips and kissed a little.

Shweta opened her lips to let him kiss them again one after another. When Shweta opened her mouth Prakash first took her upper lip in his mouth and sucked it a little. When Prakash closed his lips, Shweta took his lower lip in mouth and kissed it tenderly. Her saliva started to flow as soon as she kissed her beloved Prakash, with whom she wanted to start a new lease of life.

She wanted to go closer to him and embrace her body into him. She pushed herself closer to him, crawling on the bed. She pressed her body into his body.

Prakash wanted little tighter embrace. He let his palms glide below her butts; he raised her a little by lifting her with his palms and made her sit on his thighs. Shweta adjusted scooting over Prakash. Both were fully pressed in to each other from their chest to their genitals.

Prakash pulled her nearer. Shweta pushed herself in to him. She let her arm go across him from under his arms and hooked them on his shoulders from behind.

Prakash and Shweta were very near to each other. Bodies fully pressed with skin to skin contact up to waists. Prakash brought his palms over her face and started feel her face with his fingers. He let his fingers caress her forehead near her hair springs.

let his finger trail towards ear and from there to her chic and from chic to her chin and then let his finger glide over her lips, he was feeling with both his palms.

From face he let his palms glide over her neck and from there to her shoulders. He caressed her arms and from there let his palm glide over her waists and let his palms glide upward and started feeling her armpits, let his palms glide on her back a little and bring it back towards her front.

Shweta made room between their bodies by pulling herself little back.

Palms of Prakash started gliding over her busts. He let his palms glide around the slopes of her round shapely boobs. Her boobs were like budding beauty of a teen age girl. He loved caressing them. Let his palms glide all over her front from slopes to plains and from plains to slopes and without giving any pressure keep his palms glide as if massaging them lovingly.

Shweta loved every move of his palms.

Prakash let his palms steady over her busts and his face went nearer towards her face and put his lips over her lips. He sucked her both lips and try to push his tongue in her mouth. Shweta eagerly welcomed his tongue and fondled his tongue in her mouth. Also let her tongue touch his tongue and swirl around his tongue. They exchanged saliva with each other and sucked it lovingly.

Shweta allowed her body to fall on her back taking Prakash along because of her holding him with her hooked arms on his shoulders. They fell on the bed, Shweta flat on the bed and Prakash over him. Prakash was between Shweta’s legs. Prakash felt the softness of her body pressed under him.

Shweta started caressing his back. Prakash staring in her eyes, Shweta responding to his loving attention over her face and in eyes; she was looking directly in his eyes and over his face.

Shweta caressed his face with both her palms. She let her palms glide from forehead to his head, and from head to his nape and let both palms come back on his face.

She now let her palms glide over his shoulder and from there under his armpits. She caressed his armpits very lovingly. She pulled his shoulder near her face and kissed him on his shoulder. She caressed his collar bone and then to his chest, around his nipple.

She let her palm move all over his chest. Prakash looked at how well she was caressing, she was allowing only her central palm and only the tips of her fingers. Some time she would curl her palm and caress with back of her fingers. Prakash loved the way she was doing it.

Prakash kissed at her neck, he started kissing lower from over there. He kissed around her shoulder. He kissed her upper arm.

Shweta stopped moving her palm. Prakash kissed around her busts, first kissed all around her left boob, than all around her right boob, leaving both nipples. He caressed her right boob with the skin of his face. He let his full face, nose and eyes and lips move all around her right boob, including nipple. He then did the same with her left boob, and then kissed at the centre between both. He flicked her nipples with his dry tongue, moved his tongue all over both nipples.

Prakash lowered himself and kissed the last ribs of her chest cage, which were visible, because of her stomach being flat or little deflated. He kissed little lower and from there he started kissing her left side waist. He trailed the kisses from left to right, and again from right to left. This time he circled his kisses around her belly button. He kissed exactly on her belly button. He pushed his tongue inside as if want to clear it.

Shweta moaned and put her one palm over his head and caressed hair and massaged scalp with her finger tips.

Prakash went little lower and kissed at her skin from where her panty begins, he trailed his kisses from centre to right and from right to left, when he came again at the centre he tries to move her panty with his chin while kissing her over there. Her panty went little lower, he kissed there too.

Shweta raised herself from lying and sit against Prakash. She held him from shoulder and kissed his neck. She went lower kissing him around his shoulder. Shweta Kissed muscles of his arm. He stopped moving his hand over Shweta and held her from shoulder. Shweta caressed his chest and his muscles and kissed him over his muscles. She slowly pushed him to lie on the bed. Prakash let his body rest on the bed.

Shweta kissed his ribs and let her face caress his hairy chest. She let her face, eyes; nose and everything touch and caress his manly muscular body. She lowers her face and went on kissing his stomach. She also caressed there with her full face. When she reached at his belly button she first blow air over there and then kissed him there. Her palms were busy lower his night pants. Prakash raised his legs and removed it fully with his hands, while he was removing his pants, Shweta removed her panty.

Shweta again lowered herself over Prakash and started kissing him from where she left. She kissed his belly button again. She started moving her palms lovingly over his body. She was feeling his tight muscles at waist and abdomen. She kissed on his lower belly and also caressed her face over there lovingly. She let her palm caress all around his manhood and then started kissing over his thighs. She caressed his hairy thighs, one after another and showered kisses on his thighs.

Prakash was unable to bear all this, he raised himself and sits against Shweta; he took her in embrace and pushed both of them to lie on the bed. Shweta allowed herself to lay flat on bed with Prakash over her in tight embrace. Shweta was giggling and moving her legs in air. Prakash was again between her legs and his body pressed over her.

Prakash shower kisses over her face, lips, and chicks one after another than kissed her chin and then slowly let his face nuzzle in her neck.

He once again started kissing her from neck to her shoulders. He raised her left arm and her armpit was before him. He put his face in her armpit and caress there with his face. Shweta was feeling too much about it and let her palm come behind his head and started caressing his hair and massage his scalp with her fingertips.

Prakash again started making love to her busts. Let his face play all over her boobs.

He caressed both of them lovingly, after showering more kisses in the centre of both he started kissing her nipples one after another. He took one nipple in mouth and sucked it lovingly and leaves it. He repeated same treatment to another nipple. Prakash went lower kissing all around her body, while letting his palms caress and massage her busts.

Prakash started kissing around her naval and started caressing her waist with both palms at a time.

Shweta became quiet knowing the forthcoming events. She let her arms stay quiet and legs spread fully. Prakash went lower and started caressing her hips while letting his face move all above her lower abdomen. He now started kissing around there; he was inches away from her triangle.

Shweta started moving her palm over his head and fingers massaging his scalp. Her triangle was decorated with string of hair left at the top center like an arrow pointing downward.

He kissed the hair string and moved lower to kiss at the top of triangle. He put his full face over there. His nose, eyes, chicks and everything was caressing all over triangle, including corners of her thighs. He took full triangle in his mouth and sucked it once, than he blew air over it. This sent a shivering sensation to her. She stopped her moving palms and widened her legs. She was about to cum and a shiver passed through her body.

Prakash took her thigh in between his two palms trying to lift it; Shweta raised the legs by bringing her foot closer. He kissed her thighs and tries to feel softness of her thighs. Shweta raised herself little; held his arm and pulled him towards her. Prakash went closer to her. Shweta garlanded him with her arms around his neck and pulled him over her. Both were now in embrace of each other.

Shweta started making love to her beloved Prakash, to whom she loved a lot.

She held his face between her palms, she looked in his eyes. Prakash, you are my life, you are my love, I love you too much; I love you more than myself. Darling I want to be with you forever. Prakash take me, I am all yours. Saying so, she encircled her legs around his legs.

Shweta pushed her one hand between them and held his steel hard manhood in her palm and started caressing her love slit with the tip of it.

She widen her legs, the tip was already touching her widened lips. She held it there and raised herself a little, the same time Prakash pushed a little. Prakash was inside her partially. He raised himself a little to look directly on her face. This made her bottom move a little, he was more inside her.

Prakash caressed her face, kissed her lips, sucked her lips and looked in her eyes. Prakash said; I am the happiest man today.

Today, you look so gorgeous, you are changed completely. I am happy because I have become an instrument to change some one’s life completely. I was having pain in my heart, from the day I saw you in such a miserable condition.

During first two to three nights it was becoming difficult to sl**p, when I used to recall about your condition. From the very first day, I thought to be helpful to you and make you free from all your difficulties.

In the beginning I thought that you are mentally disturbed and you need some psychiatrist to come out from some mental blow you may have faced.

I was worried due to my assertion that if you are not treated in this beginning phase you may become mentally insane. I have seen such people who due to poor treatment spoiled their life. This was paining me a lot because I was unable to understand your language.

Saying this he started kissing and making love to her face again. He kissed her chic, than kissed her nose gently, than kissed her forehead. Caressed her head, she raised her head a little showing her neck and inviting him over there, all these made more movements in their bodies and when Prakash moved to kiss, his body also moved upward he gave a f***eful thrust to his body, he went more in her.

Shweta let out a moan of pain, a tear came out of her eyes, lips of Prakash was there to not let tear fall.

Prakash kissed where the tear was, caressed her face and kissed her chick and said; I am sorry darling. Shweta caressed his face and said; it is the most pleasuring thing for me; pleasure of loved one invading in me. Who cares for the pain when my sweet darling is there to hold my tears between his lips? Saying so, she caressed his face, kissed his lips and pushed herself little upside playfully to diminish any space between their genitals.

Prakash said, I did not know that I can bring this much difference in your life. This is why I feel to be happiest man. I never had such a pleasure of success. Not even the day, I became manager of the bank. Shweta said, darling I have seen the pain in your eyes and on your face the time when you saved me from that crowd and brought me to bank and then to your sweet home.

Your maid told me many things about you.

While talking with him, she was trying to move herself little upward, Prakash accepted it and pulled out a little and pushed in again. Shweta continued talking, I decide to open my life before you, but I was afraid that, you will try to go for the course of law. But, when you told me that you are ready to take me with you, I decided to come with you at the last moment, so that no one will know that I have gone with you.

At new place you can introduce me without hesitation. Hearing this, Prakash again pulled and pushed back again, this time he did it little harder. Shweta responded to his thrust by moving upward.

Prakash kissed her shoulder and raised her arm. He looked at her underarm. He sniffed her over there. Prakash pulled and pushed while saying that, the beauty parlour work is really nice, they have made a gem of you.

Shweta said, yes they did all treatment very nice. The small girl in the parlour suggested me to wax my bottom as surprise for you. Prakash pulled and pushed again and said; I was elated to see that surprise gift for me. That is why I caressed over there with my full face. Shweta responded to his saying by a push up and kissing his forehead.

Prakash kissed in her armpit and started licking over there.

Prakash pulled and pushed again saying, darling you taste great. Shweta accepted and responded with an upward push. Prakash brought his face before her busts, and started caressing them with his face. He started moving his face in circular motion over her busts fully. Shweta caressed his nape. Prakash started moving his palms over her busts after raising his upper body. He was moving centre of his palms over the slopes of her busts.

In between he used to kiss over the slopes.

Prakash stopped his palms for a while and started moving his tongue over her nipples. He also increased pace of his pull and push movement. This increased the pressure formed inside Shweta. She also started responding to his every push with upward push from her side.

Prakash now started sucking her boob; one full boob was in his mouth by creating vacuum.

He went on sucking her while continuing fucking movements. He raised the speed and altered the boob, with another boob he started just with sucking her nipple and areola. He was sucking it very lovingly like a small c***d, taking care not to harm with his teeth.

At the same time he was pulling and pushing rhythmically. Shweta was at the peak of arousal due to pressure formed inside her. She arched and slowly started becoming stiff.

She held Prakash tighter with her arms around him.

Prakash slowed down his pace with intermittent pose. He continued sucking her but slowed down with intermittent tongue lick. That brought her to the edge, Prakash stopped moving and started caressing her face and started kissing over her face, neck, shoulder again to her lips.

He continued caress her lovingly. She stiffened and closed her legs around his back. She was out of this world.

Prakash kept making love to his beloved Shweta with kisses, smooches and caresses all over her body. Looking his lover enjoying to the core, body of Prakash responded with positive effect, he became harder inside.

He again caressed her face took his face lovingly between his palms and put his lips over her lips kissed them and started moving tongue on her lips. Shweta’s body smoothed, she opened her eyes and looked at Prakash.

She caressed his back and said, darling that was excellent. I loved it darling.

She let loose her legs and let them lay on bed. She pulled his face near and kissed his lips, she pushed her tongue in his mouth. Prakash started sucking her tongue lovingly and also started caressing her shoulders. He also started his pull and push movement again, this time he kept slow movement with space between two pushes.

Shweta continued kissing and caressing Prakash.

When Prakash was lost in sucking her lips and twisting tongues with each other, Shweta suddenly attacked Prakash. She held him tight from neck and raised herself. Prakash could not understand what she wanted to do. Their genital separated. Prakash wide spread his legs; Shweta scooted above him with her legs also spread. Both were in sitting position now. Shweta continued caressing his chest while sucking him.

While caressing she raised her self a little and guided his rock hard manhood enter her slit.

Prakash continued caressing her from everywhere leaving her lips started kissing her at neck, shoulder from one side to another. Both were lost in love making, their palms moving from one part of the body to other. Their kisses were switched from one place to another. Some time Prakash was moving back ward due to pressure from Shweta and some time she was moving backward due to pressure from Prakash.

This was little uncomfortable from where they were joined. Prakash pushed his palms under her butt. She had very small soft butts; he lifted her holding from her butts and brought her to sit on his thighs properly. This made both closer from their union. They both started moving forward and backward in a rhythm, while massaging back of each other with their palms. They also kept gliding movement with intermittent kisses.

Prakash used to kiss her chicks alternating from right to left. He sometimes kissed her neck, some time sucked her lips alternating from upper to lower and lower to upper. Shweta used to respond him with equal enthusiasm. Both were looking in eye to eye in between glancing at the body parts of each other, which was their first time.

Prakash slowly make himself lay on bed flat making her on top.

Shweta looked in his eyes, caressed his face lovingly, lowered her face caressed nose to nose and said you naughty wanted me to take charge. OK darling take this, she started gyrating with his rod in her. She also started showering love over him with all her charms. She kept looking in his eyes while doing all this.

Whenever she use to raise herself little more to give energetic gyrating or moving up and down, Prakash enjoyed looking at her beautiful busts looming.

She had beautiful pair, they were not loose; they were stuck to their place, just changing the shape little bit towards conical. Prakash started moving his palm over there lovingly as if giving light massage to the beautiful pair. Prakash kept giving upward movement to match her push, whenever she did in between gyrations.

While feeling the shape of cones and nipples with his palms, Prakash pulled her little down signalling his desire to use his mouth.

Shweta willingly brought her cones before his mouth. She continued gyrations with delicate small pushes and making her face to show her pleasures with bit of moans. Prakash was already enjoying her work; cones offered to him added pleasure.

Prakash took her left boob in his palm; first he kissed her nipple and then took it in his mouth and started sucking it lovingly. Shweta’s pleasure increased manifold. Prakash took more and more of it in his mouth.

He concentrated more to make it wet with saliva. Prakash leave the left one and put his thumb over it and used the thumb to push the nipple deep in the cone.

Prakash felt a lump in her boob; he started moving his thumb in circular motion. Shweta felt a shudder in her body when Prakash was in touch with that lump. She was already high; this added the fuel to it.

Meanwhile Prakash took control of her right boob and started pleasing it with licks sucks and kisses. Shweta was unable to bear it and started the flow of love juices from her glands and succumb to her climax.

She lay flat over him continuing little of gyrations to reach the finish line. She started stiffening and closed her legs to pack his steel hard cock in her womanhood. Prakash was ready to cross the limit, but could not finish it due to the tight embrace over his shaft.

It was delayed and disappeared for a while. He was happy and elated to see that his lover has reached to climax third time after they started making love.

Prakash started caressing her back; her head was next to his neck, feeling her warm breath over his neck. He started to move his one hand on her head, started to caress her scalp with his fingertips. His hand moving on her back trailed from waist towards her bums.

He caressed there from right to left and let it reach little lower up to her thighs.

Shweta slowly started to smooth down; Prakash took this opportunity and pulled her down on his left. His cock popped out of her, he rode her again. He adjusted himself between her legs. Prakash took a napkin from bed side and wiped his shaft to dry. He adjusted himself over her, he held her with his palm over her waist, lowered himself to kiss her lips.

Shweta took his face between her palms and sucked his lips.

She pushed her tongue in his mouth. Prakash welcomed her tongue in his mouth and started sucking it. His shaft was touching her triangle; he adjusted himself moving his lower part and gave a push in search of opening. He found the right place and pushed in. He let his chest rest over her. Shweta was drooling sweet saliva from her mouth, Prakash eagerly sucked all by widening his mouth and taking her full mouth along with her tongue in his mouth.

Shweta took his lower lip in her mouth and started sucking it lovingly. Prakash took her upper lip in his mouth and started sucking it. He continued to give small pushes. He was gliding in and out smoothly in her slippery passage. The pressure started building up inside him. Shweta used to give upper thrust some time; that added pleasure and pressure both in him. He stopped moving, pushed his tongue in her mouth.

He started caressing Shweta all over her body.

He stopped kissing and sucking; raised his face, looking straight in her eyes, he said, darling, my love, I am Cumming. Shweta started caressing his face lovingly, her another palm caressing his head, playing with his hair, she said, welcome darling, come in me, come in me. Prakash sent first stream of his hot love juices in her. He stayed unmoved, he looked at her face, caressed her face and lovingly said, Shweta darling, I will never leave you, let us stay united forever.

Prakash sent another stream of juices in her. This was his style; he loved to send streams, while making love without moving in or out and just laying over making love. Shweta pulled him near her face and started kissing his chicks and saying, Prakash I love you so much; I cannot think my life without you. Prakash was emptying himself in her, her words added more pleasure and he held her tighter and put his face next to her face and kissed there.

He moved his lower part to make last pushes, he made several pushes and pulls and he crossed all the boundaries and started sending last streams, which were rather thick causing great pain in his loins. He tightened himself, held her tight. Shweta supported him by winding her legs around him and increasing the pressure around his body from everywhere.

Prakash felt great he was completely drained except last few drops.

He lay over her unmoved. Shweta pushed him on her right keeping their embrace intact. Prakash was still stiff and deep in her. They stayed unmoved for quite few minutes. When Prakash felt relaxed, he opened his eyes. Shweta was busy making love to him. He started showering kisses and caressing to his sweet Shweta. They pulled the blanket over them and drifted to a sound sl**p. Readers, please comment nd rate my story.


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