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shes the boss

This story is 100% true well as true as I can remember. This year I celebrated 40 years of marriage. I am 60 and she is young 68. We met on a mini cruise from UK to Europe. I say cruise but it was just overnight boat trip to Denmark a day there and overnight trip back. I worked in a factory and it was a works trip there. There was about 40 of us going.

I was 17 and just started work there. She was 24 didn’t work in factory but her mum did. I hadn’t had much luck with girls and was very inexperienced, she on other hand had 2 children one age 8 and one aged 5. She had got pregnant when she was still at school but had never married the youngest one she had got pregnant by her boss when she started work. Her eldest child was a girl called Chloe and the boy was James.

Her name is choral.
On the way out there choral shared a cabin with her mum and step dad. It was across gangway to my cabin. Theship we were on had a disco and cinema onboard so there was plenty to do. I had a beer but not used to drinking had gone for a walk on deck by myself, I was leaning on rails looking out to see when I heard someone moaning by the lifeboat.

fearing an emergency I shouted hello is anyone there but they went quiet, so I went to see if they were alright. When I got there there was a couple hidden down side of lifeboat. It was obvious what they were doing she had her skirt up round her waist and he had his trousers round his ankles and was busy fucking her. This unexpected display gave me such a hard on I had never seen anyone have sex before.

I couldn’t make out who it was but I could see she was wearing stockings. It was very dark were they were. I was so hard I took my cock out and started wanking but I only rubbed my cock half a dozen times when I shot my load. Just as he was coming. I could hear him grunt as he pushed into her. I stood there dripping cum onto the deck when I heard someone else Wall ng towards me so I put my cock away just in time to see choir as mum and parnerwalk up they asked me f had seen her I said no then the next thing chora walked out from by the lifeboat.

It had been her having a fuck. and it looked obvious what she had been doing. Her mum looked at her then at me, scowled at me then walked off she presumed it was me that had been with her daughter. Choral looked at me smiled then went in to the bar. Next thing Malcolm my foreman came out. He was in his late fifties but it was no secret in factory he had huge cock and like to fuck anything that moved.

He was married but his wife turned a blind eye to his misdemeanors. He looked at me said don’t tell anyone or I would be in trouble. He went back to his cabin and I went back into bar. Choral was in there smiled at me and winke, she came over and asked me to buy her a drink so I did.
I was hoping that I could lose my virginity with her.

I put my arm around her as we stood next to bar and she moved closer to me. One of lads from maintenance dept on the trip ,came to the bar laughed and said she’s too hot for you to handle and I wondered what he meant by that. I bought her a couple of drinks all the time hoping my luck was in. It was getting late and bar ward closing so I decided to move in and as I reached across to kiss her she pulled away and said it was time she went to bed, she finished her drink and said see you tomorrow.

In the morning I didn’t see her at breakfast, I was hoping to continue where we had finished last night but couldn’t see her. Then just as I was finishing my food a couple of lads from the office came in and she was holding hands with one of them and laughing. I was so disappointed I could have cried.
We disembarked in Denmark and all went our seperate ways.

I didn’t see chora at all that day. I got seperated from my mates and I ended up in adult bookstore, I went in and was looking at some videos and magazines and the shop assistant said if i paid to goin back room I could watch the films, this sounded good to me so I paid and went through curtain to back room. I thought I would be on my own but it it was very dark in there and I found a seat in the middle of row and started watching film.

The film was about a transvestite I’d never heard of such a thing but he or she was very pretty and had a lovely smooth cock and it was quite small. I was deeply engrossed in film when I was aware of the guy sat next to me, he just put his hand on my thigh and rubbed my leg I was horrified and scared but didn’t know what to do. I clamped my legs together and tried to shield my cock but he just pulled my legs open.

I tried to stand up but the guy on my other side put his arm across my chest stopping me from getting up. The first guy said shh then squeezed my balls really hard it was so pain full but I got the message. So I just sat there he then unzipped my trousers and started rubbing my cock it was first time someone else had touched me there and I was soon rock hard even though I didn’t want to be.

He wrapped his fist around my cock but his hand was a lot bigger than my cock , I then felt him unzip himself and he grabbed my hand and put it on his cockit was so hot to touch and very hard. Hits cock was about 3 hands long whereas mine wasn’t even 1. I was not keen to wank him but he just squeezed my balls again and I started to rub his cock.

He slid down the seat a bit and put his arm around me and put his hand on back of my head and pushed my head down on to his cock. I thoughhe squeezeed my balls and I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in my mouth. It was horrid but at the same time I could feel myself starting to enjoy it. The next thing the guy on other side had his hands down my pants and was running his fingers up my ass crack.

I was about to pull away when the guy who’s cock I was sucking pulled my head down and shot his load deep in my mouth this made me choke and his cum came out through my nose. I was covered in it it was all down my t shirt and on my face. I was just cleaning my face when lights came on and I saw the guy who had made me suck him, he was on our trip he worked in dispatch and he was big guy, he just smiled at me and left.

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