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She Said She’d Never Do Black…

Hi i’d like to relate an experience we had last night. Me and my wife are what you’d call seasoned swingers. We’ve had sex in ever kind of group you could come up with. We done couples, 3somes and even orgies. But my wife has always said she’d never do a nigger. She says there nappy hair and big lips just turns her off. I think she’d look awesome with a brother but i didn’t think id ever see it happen.

My wife is a very sexy older girl. She has the full hips and wide ass of a woman of 41 years of age. She has beautiful Dark brown doe eyes and long black hair. She also has very sexy 38c’s with just the right amount of sag to prove there real. She’s the kind of older woman that young boys dream about.

Last night we spent our usual saturday night at T.

J. ‘s. It’s a nice little swingers club hidden in the hills of harrisburg PA. We got there and had a few drinks. A couple of women that we have played with on ocsasion asked jennifer if she’d like to dance. She kissed me on the cheek and joined the other women on the dance floor. They looked very sexy shaking there asses to a disco beat and fondleing each other as they moved.

I had to take a leak so I got up to go to the rest rooms. When I returned I noticed that there was now a new dancer in my wife’s little group. A very well built black man was now dancing with the ladies. Jen was the first to leave the dance floor. She sat back down and started complaining about how forward blacks were. Little did she know things were going to get more interesting.

The black guy that was dancing with the ladies walked up to our table and introduced himself as Jermain. He looked at Jennifer and commented about how hot she looked. She just stared at him coldly and bluntly asked what can i do for you Tyrone? Jermain boldly told her that he’d like to take her to one of the private room in the back and have a little fun. She raised an eye brawl and said impress me Tyrone! Jermain proceeded to unzip his slacks and lay the biggest cock i’ve ever seen on the table in front of jen.

Jermains cock was more than huge. It was scary! It was totally limp and was still 8 inchs long and as least as fat as Jen’s wrist. It obvious that Jen was now nervous. Jermain asked if she was impressed. And she slowly shook her head yes! He asked her if she was impressed enough to join him in back and reached out his large black hand. When Jen grabbed his hand my chin hit the floor.

But I quickly followed them to the private room in back and locked the door behind me.

The rooms were very nice if not a little dull looking. The rooms were about 10 by 10 with a double bed right in the middle of the room and little else. But what do you expect from a swinger’s club. Jermain was all over Jen as soon as the door closed. They kissed very passionately and fondled each other.

It was clear that he was a real player by the way he had her out of her cloths in a matter of seconds. He stood back and admired her body. He told her to lay on the bed and watch him undress.

He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a very bulky bodybuilder’s type body. He had a huge chest and broad shoulders and a six pack of abs that any man would die for! When he took his pant’s off his semihard cock flopped against his thigh from it’s own weight.

Jen just stared at it almost hypnotized by the sight of this giant black snake. He joined her on the bed and took her bullet hard nipple in his mouth and sucked it gently as he inserted a finger into her pussy.

He then stradled her tummy and rubbed his cock against her 38c’s. I swear it was geting bigger by the second. It was now 11 inchs long and still growing.

Jen did her best to suck it but it was just to big to get in her mouth. She made up for it by licking his balls and running her toungue up and down it’s huge shaft. He was getting very turned on from her oral attention and slid down between her legs. I watched as he rubbed the plum sized head of his cock against Jen’s soaked pussy lips.

Jermain pushed and his cock slid up on her clit instead on going in her pussy.

He did this several times and i was wondering if she was to tight to take his cock. On the forth try the head of his cock slid in her and she let out a very loud moan. Her eyes rolled back in her head and he had only pushed the head in. He gently worked his cock into her. He took his time and worked very slowly with her. When he was about six inside her he asked are you impressed yet? She was to stunned to talk but i damn sure was impressed.

When he had about 8 inchs in her he started to fuck her slowly. he still had 3 more inches left to fuck her with but he was already bottoming out! Jen was crazed with passion and rapped her legs around his lower back and locked her ankles just above her ass. They must have fucked like this for 20 minutes and I lost track of how many times Jen came. He started to increase his tempo and i could tell he was working up a nut.

It was at that moment i remembered that Jen wasn’t on the pill and he wasn’t wearing a rubber.

I was torn. The sight of her taking this giant cock was such a turn on I didn’t want to stop them but i didn’t want a nappy headed son either! It didnt matter because as i was about to say something Jermain thrusted his cock deep into my wife’s belly and spilled his seed.

He must have cum a gallon because it bubbled around his cock and ran down her thighs and her ass. He kissed her got dressed and he was gone. Im sure he had more white women to fuck before the night was over.

Jen was still in a daze. She laid there on the bed with her legs still spread and his cum running down her ass crack. She had a very content look on her face.

I decided to fuck her and took my place between her legs. Her pussy felt very loose and warm from Jermains cum. I was so turned on from watching her in action it took me about 15 seconds to cum. The next morning she mentioned that i wouldn’t be getting any loving for a few days. i asked why and she said her pussy hurt , but it was a good kind hurt! I just hope she get’s her period soon!.

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