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She Made Me Down And Have

This is incident happened to my close friends. They were friends from childhood and we been always share everything in our life. There was one moment that changed their lives.

The moment was:

As i was heading towards my friend house i saw her. She was gorgeous and makes a beautiful dimple. She always in my childhood and i never seen any difference until now. As i gone towards her and speak continuously without break.

I like her smile, cheeks and lips. She never hesitates to speak frankly and that made me confidence. When we reach our friend home he told me “why are starring at her” i had said “nothing at all” and kept looking and endives her beauty.

I had mixed feelings about her and i don’t know how to express it. They best way would be “tell her straight” but she always avoids talking about sex.

So i was bit confused and probably lost some confidence.

She was adorable and cute. I was in full excitement to do something and taken some steps too. I touched her palms and hold it for long time whenever possible. She never mistaken me or stepped away from me.

I try to hug her but stopped a little bit to express. She was a mystery to me in all different parts of my life with some clues to fill.

As i spoke about lecture of class she was tensed to change topic and talk about personal stuff.

I always was day dreaming about her.

Her image is placed in my dreams.

She was a curious girl.

We have a lot of chit chats and fights too. She always apologies and we started talking again. As soon as i realize i am falling for her and i wanted her badly.

Can i have her is the question raised. Will society accept us, are we going to live happily.

I never minded those things and continued my love towards her. She was gentle when we were close and more fist when we apart. So i decided to take our friendship to love. She is shy to speak about relationship.

So i made her to believe me and cared so much. As i proposed she is speechless and ran to her home.

It took 3 weeks to talk to her and she is not responded to my proposal. She holds my hands and kept silent.

As i hugged her tightly she did not reject me as i pressed my breast with her boobs she was little teased. And i proceed to kiss her on every inch of body and finally planted a french kiss on lips.

She immediately cried and said “why are doing to me” “we cannot be together” “people will hate us” and ran to her home.

I got frustrated and hate myself more. Why do i have to hurry my intentions this quick? I had been suborned to have her as my partner.

She talked to me after 3 days and things were moving slowly between us. We were always talking and she maintains distance between us. As i couldn’t control i planned another kiss on her navel. She was faced another side with shyness. She even hugged me gently.

After this incident i was confidence and hugged her more and more. Within some minutes we were in total mood and i kept proceeding. She was shy away from me as i started to undress her and myself. We were semi-nude as i taken her nipple as candy. And made a strong bite, she was in pain but i could see her liking it. As i pressed more time she was at the top of everything.

We began to have more time in it.

She was shouting during that time.

We had almost cum 2 times.

We were at the best of kiss.

As i became nude we made a good place to act and dirty. She told me “stop it” “please not there” “on! No” “i can`t control” “i am embarrassed” “it is hurting” “don`t go deeper” she was all set to romance end.

Undoubtedly i fingered her deeply and she could not bear the pain and joy. She kept her legs crossed and given me lot of space to make love. She making cute noises and vibes made me hornier. She gave a smile to me and said ok.

She played my boobs for some time and my vagina for some minutes. She licked and drank cum fully. She said as “i wanted to” “let me take it” “please don`t touch there now” “these are big” “it taste wonderful” “get it now” “take care of this” and she rested for a while.

I could not rest and been playing with her tits. She was like me more and asked me “will you take care of me like this every day” i said “i will” we both laughed and been polite to our love.

Rocking day to remember and causing a lot of new things in our life. This day onwards “we are a couple” we never hide in public and from our parents.

We are strong against one who will not accept us.

As things are in my control we began in search of more anxiety and prosper. She always leans into my shoulders and walk along with me. She kisses me constant times and cuddles me in awkward moment.

But destiny stuck, her brother took her to the “another city” and we been separated. She tried her hard as can to break them and join me but she cannot do it.

They made her to do stand still and waiting her to forget me.

That changed my life and i began to search myself in me and found nothing expect her. She was “the one” who made me now in time of jeopardize. Will i found her or i may not be in swing of my life.

This is the moment happened to my friends:

If you are a “person of love” “a human” “an emotional machine” please takes care of your loved ones even at any circumstances.

Everyone in this world “needs someone to love” take time to realize.

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