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Sharing my sister part 3

This part 3 where my education really began.

As stated in part 2 the previous few days were taken up by the Easter Holidays so no opportunity offered it’s self. But on the Wednesday morning I was woken up by the front door slamming as my mother left for work, leaving the house free with just myself and my 2 sisters as my dad would have left about an hour earlier. As usual I had woken up with my cock rock hard and aching to cum, I reached down under the duvet and into my pyjama bottoms and gave my cock a few tugs before having a wank in earnest, so threw the duvet on the floor and pulled my pyjama bottoms on down past my knees, don’t wear underwear in bed.

With my pyjama bottoms bunched round my ankles I slowly started to rub my right hand up and down my cock, with my eyes closed imagining that it was Tina’s mouth and not my own hand. I had been wanking for only a few seconds when I was startled by the door opening and Sharon entered the room, she was only wearing a dressing down which was totally open revealing her gorgeous body beneath it.

She had a huge smile on her face and casually said move over time for some fun, as she shrugged her shoulders and let her dressing down fall to the floor.

She climbed on to the bed with me wrapped her hand around my hand that was rubbing my cock and said let me do that, so I released my hand from my cock only to feel her hand replacing it , I turned on my side to face her, all the time her hand going up and down my cock, a few strands of her hair had fallen across her eyes , I moved them with my left hand before cupping her cheek in my hand and leaning in to kiss her as I did she welcomed my mouth onto hers by opening her lips and pushing her tongue into my mouth this turned into a long lingering snog, with our tongues snaking alternately between each other’s mouths.

Meanwhile my left hand crept down onto her right boob, and started to knead it, she broke the kiss to tell me to be gentler, so I took her nipple between my fingers and started to flick my thumb back and forth over it.

After a few minutes of doing this she released her hand from my cock took hold of my hand and placed it between her legs opening them slightly , I could feel how warm and wet she was without opening her pussy lips.

I rubbed my hand up and down her lips a few times before parting her lips with my middle finger. But before I could insert my fingers inside her she placed my middle finger on to her clit , and told me to gently play there. I wanted a better look so shuffled on to my knees and turned my body round so I facing her feet and moved my head to above her genitals, this was the first time I had seen a pussy at such close quarters so was just looking at it in admiration, I moved my left hand underneath her left leg and from behind used my fingers to open her lips I felt Sharon move on the bed and then her mouth engulf my cock she was nervous and hesitant at first but started to bob her head up and down my cock.

Very tasty she said as she tasted the pre cum that was on the head of my cock, I whispered to her to use her tongue, this was the first instruction I had ever given a female, spurred on by Sharon I slowly lowered my head and gingerly started to lick up and down her pussy before instinctively sticking my tongue inside her and wriggling it about. As she had been winking my cock for a good few minutes by now I was very close to cuming and said so as I started to feel my cock jerk as the spunk rose in my cock before spurting into her mouth in 3 heavy bursts I let out an involuntary groan in doing so.

I expected Sharon to have released my cock but no she kept her mouth fully clamped round it before swallowing all down.

Sharon now released my shrinking cock from her mouth but kept on licking it as she did this I started to wriggle my tongue with more enthusiasm and Sharon began to make light grunting noises but the faster I went the more my tongue got tired and had to replace it with my fingers, this time she stopped me and said no not your fingers put your cock up there, I told her to make it hard for her then.

So she started fondling my balls while rubbing her hand up my cock, after a few seconds of this my cock started to rise although not fully hard yet. I got off the bed and told Sharon that the bed would be too noisy as Helen was in the house (I wasn’t aware that Helen knew everything we’d done). Sharon told me to lie on the floor in between the bed and the wardrobe as she wanted to be on top of me.

I lay down with Sharon getting on her knees and straddling me as she had done the very first time, she took hold of my semi erect cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy before impaling herself on it and started a smooth rhythm of rocking back and forth, she leaned forward so her tits hung low between both our bodies swinging to and fro getting closer and closer to my face, before moving my face up and grabbing her left nipple between my lips and sucking on it for all I was worth, this made my cock swell to its full erectness as I pounded into her for all I was worth.

her moans getting more louder I was worried about Helen hearing us especially as we suddenly heard her getting up and leaving the room she shared with Sharon just as I was Cumming but as I reached the point of no return I wasn’t going to stop pounding her pussy as I felt my cock jerk and twitch as it spurted out a couple of short bursts of spunk deep into her pussy after I finished spurting I felt her muscles contract and start to ripple as she let out a long deep moan.

As I leant back on the floor exhausted she was lying on top of me and gently hit me a couple of times on the side of the head and called me a bastard for carrying on as Helen was getting up. I just smiled at her and said sorry but she was far too sexy to stop fucking her, before asking her to get off me as she was crushing me. Sharon stood up picked her dressing down up off the floor , turned round to face me and blew me a kiss and said thanks I needed that will carry on soon, as she left the room.

Over the next 7/8 weeks it became a regular feature that Sharon would wait until our mother had left for work on at least one occasion every week before slipping into my bed.

The group sessions with the lads would become almost non existent as Phil engineered more and more one on one session with him as I tested out what I had experienced and learnt from Sharon.

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