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“Strip,” I said.
“What?” she replied angrily. “You think I’m carrying or I’m wired? You don’t fuckin’ trust me?”
“I don’t fuckin’ trust anybody,” I replied, motioning with my forty-five. “That’s why I’m still alive. It pays not to trust anybody in this line of business. Especially the broads. “
“Fuck you, Micky,” she hissed, anger flaring in her eyes.
“Strip,” I said.
She did. Slowly and sensuously she unbuttoned her jacket.

She placed it on the back of the chair. She turned and stood before me and she was quite simply stunning. She wore a white blouse. The material sheer and close fitting to the perfect twin peaks of her breasts. Her nipples prominent, pushing against the softly yielding fabric.
“Lose the blouse,” I ordered. “Lose it, Megan. “
She licked her lips, unbuttoned the blouse and placed it alongside the jacket. Her breasts were beautiful scoops of flesh held in a black lace bra.

Her cleavage- deep and enticing.
My cock hardened and she saw it. She smiled and licked her lips again. She leant forwards never taking those hazel eyes from mine. Her hair fell around her face like a halo. Those breasts hung like ripe fruit. She wriggled out of the pencil skirt, slipped it down her legs and stepped out from it. She wore no underwear. Stood before me on that crappy motel carpet in just heels, stockings and garter.

“Turn around,” I said. She put hands on her slender hips and glared at me. Her face painted perfectly with make-up. “Turn around and put your hands up,” I said.
“Fuck you, Micky,” she said, lipstick coated lips pouting. Anger and desire flashed across her face and hunger was momentarily visible as a contraction of her pupils.
“Turn around, face the wall,” I said. “Raise your arms. “
She did as I said.

“Spread your legs,” I said.
She did. Opening those long legs.
Every cell of my body was electric. I wanted her so badly. I stepped closer to her. Put my hands gently on that perfect body. She tensed. Every muscle on her trim back clearly defined as she took a deep breath. I reached around and cupped those heavy breasts in my hands, savouring them for a moment under my touch.

I slipped my hands from them and ran my fingers over her hips. The touch of my fingers on her black garter and the nylon stockings was like electricity. My cock hardening even more- to the point where it was uncomfortable.
I unzipped my trousers- freeing my erect cock as I dropped the trousers and my underwear past my knees. She went to turn, stealing a glance at my erection. She let out a little gasp and a sharp intake of breath.

“I want it,” she whispered. “Do me. “
I stepped out of my clothing. I placed one hand on the small of her back and one on the nape of her neck. I bent her forward and she leant on the wall with her outstretched hands. I moved my pelvis forwards and touched her ever so slightly- my cock up against the firmness of her buttocks.
“Fuck me,” she rasped, her voice edged with lust.

“Fuck me, Micky. “
She leant further forwards and reached between her legs for my cock. She took it in hand and placed me against her already swollen outer lips. I felt the wetness between her legs. My cock trembled against her warm flesh. I could smell the sweet musk of her desire and arousal. She put those red lacquered nails back onto the wall and pushed against me.
“Ahhhhhhhh,” she gasped as I slipped into her heat.

“Yes. Fuck me hard. “
I did.
I pierced her hard. I drove myself into her. This was no love making- this was hard fucking. Each of us using the other’s body. My balls slapping against her as she took all of me inside. She arced her back and pushed against my every thrust. I wanted to look everywhere at once. I wanted to touch everything at once. Those red talon like nails.

Those stunning breasts. I ran my fingers through that hair. I stroked her shaven mound.
“Yes. Yes. Yes,” she repeated as we pounded each other. “Hurt me, Micky. Fuckin’ hurt me. “
I did.
I slammed myself into her.
“Cum for me, baby,” she gasped. “Cum in me. “
I did.

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