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Sexy Sallly Spanked & Spunked

Sexy Sally meets me in the net – she gets intrigued by this elder elegant gentleman lovely lover
Sexy Sally soon agrees on conditions for my visit to her from the far other side of the North Sea
Sexy Sally shall be clead scarcely – ready for immediate intimate inspection by her future lover
Sexy Sally shall be slave of my love for as long as it will last to satisfy us both very properly
Sexy Sally promises to try her best to be obedient to my weirdest wishes and open for correction

Sexy Sally comes first, as I am a gentleman – she forgets to ask for permission at Master Peter

Sexy Sally wears only her black garter belt, long stockings, high heels – and her sweet shy smile!
She opens the door to me and invites me in, I sit down on her sofa to start my intimate inspection
She is very pretty indeed, from her few photos I was familiar with her fine figure but not her face
She sees in my eyes that I like what I see for real now and her firm round B-boobies, her long legs
She can feel my eyes on them longing for her awesome inviting bare bums, while I follow her inside

She slowly walks up close to me with her legs wide to present me a good view of her shaved snatch
She is proud of her pretty puffy pussy so she pulls her love lips open to let me look inside long
Sally you are already a bit wet in your twat, turn around and bend over for a proper presentation
Sally loves to be submissive to a man who knows what he wants from her for his sexual satisfaction
She trusts this strange gentleman will look well after her gratification for what is on offer for him!

She feels his breath between her legs, bends a bit deeper to watch his face so close at her mound
She sees his nostrils widen so she is sure he can smell how hot she got from her sexy introduction
She feels his hands on her hips, he pulls her closer, holds her firmly by her bums, opens them up
She shivers as the tip of his tongue touches her hill as he slowly licks his way up all along her slit
She is delighted by his long tongue making her twat very wet, she longs to come right in his face!

Sally sighs deep and moans as I munch at her lovely looking love lips all the way up to Mount Venus
She feels my nose fucking her pussy as my tongue circles her clit while I bite her love lips a bit
She feels her waves overtaking her and can not help coming hard wetting my face with her hot squirt
She clearly forgets she is His Slave and can not come simply as she likes without any my permission
She clearly longs unconciously for her first fine fierce punishment correction at her hot bottom!

Sexy Sally sollicites spanking and anal abuse as proper punishment – all captured on camera

Sally submits as I blindfold and handcuff her before I tie her up at the sofa with her legs wide
She is at her knees – her hot wet swollen slit welcomes me with all those three hot holes of her
She still doesn’t know probably as a decent dame she has a third hot hole there indeed for me only
She shivers a bit in waiting from expectations and fears for what is to happen to her now with me
She still is very wet, only her tight sphinxter is still very dry in this proper pretty position!

Sally can’t see I set up my tripods at two angles with my cameras, she only hears me walk around
She is curious where which way I will spank her: by hand, paddle or cane, her bums, slit or both?
She is in to get a bit of all that in fact, I ponder on the order I will administer it all to her
She hears me sit down at another sofa close to hers fumbling into something and light a cigarette
She suddenly feels the warm top of that match probe at her pee-hole also swollen from her coming!

Sally squeals in surprise and first pain sends shivers through her limbs while I lick the match-end
She feels this tiny intriguing thing indeed slowly penetrate her virgin pisser for first time ever!
She slowly gives in till it is an inch inside her and I switch to the next part of my sexy scenario
She feels my bent big brown banana knocking at her back-door without any lubrication and a wet slit
She contracts her tight tasty pink rose as she is still also an anal virgin, she finds it too dirty

Sally feels my hot hands hit her tasty tight bums till they burn in firstly pink and soon fully red
She gladly gives in with her tight sphinxter to my slow pokes without actually realising she does!
She suddenly feels how the head passes her sphinxter and the pleasure it provides her ‘down there’
She sweetly tries to bounce back with her bottom in the right rythm, milks my member in the process
She feels how I withdraw from her red rose to ride her tiny tight tasty pink pulsating pretty pussy

Sally shouts Please my Mighty Master Peter make us a beautiful blond baby as pretty as me!
She works with her muscles, milks my mighty member in her sexy extasy and abandon from normal norms
She feels me squirt semen deep down inside her washing white her cervix in cramps inviting my sperm
She seems as sexually satisfied as me, gasps to get back her breath a bit while gather my equipment
She shows very erotic emotions at her face these last few minutes as I noticed later at my cameras!.

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