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sexy financer aunt

I usually sit on my bunglow always on top 5th floor. Opposite to the there was another building of finance lady sudha i would have a good rapport and joking with her so freely as her close friend but iam younger than her she is about 40+ and i of 30 but i was so fond of her sexy looks whenever she visits in balcony if iam there just i would watch her dress and coment saying ohh aunt how are you? she would reply me well as her hubby was a drinker and i was fan of her great curvy sexy body as she know very well about this but she stay quiet once as it was raining and alomost 10pm at night her husband came as he was in a taxi d***ked so i was there out wearing black track and tshirt as i saw sudha aunty wearing a white cotton nighty trying to take her husband up to her flat on fifth floor but she tried she was almost wet fully i soon reach out to help her and helped her to take her hubby to her home as moving to lift as i catch her huband under his arms my fingers were close to her sexy saucy boops which were straight 90degree all the time i convinced my self first its a golden chance to win these sausy hotty as we get in to lift i began to touch my fingers of right hand on to her left side boop as she is wet she looked me straight i rubbed it more her throat get jerked with out a word she turned towards me now i kept my full palm over her melon and move it firmly on it as i grabe it around to press the lift opened up in fifth floor she stood straight again guided me to hall so we put her husband on sofa she said i need your help help me to turn out the cushion on bed i followed her as i go on i ask her where are the children she said they went to grandma as i reach she began to clean the room she bend down to lift some cloths my eyes fell on her wet cleavage tightly packed in a black bra she looked at me saying rohan will you help to ease the work if you are free i said yah and meanwhile seeing her hot curves my tent rised up and she tried to lift weight and going slip i simply catched her hard on waist and pulled she get touched with my pole under a tent.

with a thanks she amazingly looked at my raised tent you are too much i just grab my confindence and said aunty i cant say how long i like your sexy body i love you and catched her from back she was try to move as i gave a chance and pulled her hugging now its too hard to get rid of your madness please i request you to accept me and she smiled saying are you marrying me i got stunned and just place a kiss on her lips and neck saying i wish to be your slave for long she just put her lips in me without any word and sucked them well as my palms went on her sexy ass i began to lift her nighty up with a senxe she mught get her mind changed.

and was fondling her buttocks wildly with a juicy wet kisses. as i got her nighty till her waist she let me pull it off by moving back iwasamaze to see sudha stood in a black lingerie,

then she grabe my hand took me in to a open top lawn with a couch as we can see rain falling in the dark we are at top on 5th floor in night she whispered in ear in telugu inni rojula avesha pade rathri vachindi i grab her waist kissing and rubbing i pull of her bra sucking wild to her big brown titties with light pink aerolas as her boobs are perfect round juicy tanks.

i pressed them hard and hard so she moaned ayyo ramuda eniki na mogudu cheyalekpoyavu then she pull of my tshirt i pushed her down the couch and began to kiss her sexy thighs and legs then to deep inside the thighs making her so wild i just pulled her panty down to floor and saw the bushy black pubic hairs around her clit i put a kiss directly on soft big thick pussy lips rub my lips over her hard pubic hairs and then rubbed tongue tip on it slowly she catch hard the couch edges and screamed e mogudu chala manchiga dorakadu and push my head down to pussy i began to snack slight then fast then i began to eat her pussy she moaned a lot saying oooohhhhhh emiti eedi i cant stop you anymore.

i pulled of my dick fater and just gave in her hand she stunned saying emiti edi inta padaga vundi na puku vuntada. i said mundu notla teesko upper lips la fit ayithe lower lo easy vuntadi she hesitated i said have it its the real fun of you women need and make her to suck my dick and then i fucked her wild in missionary position wildly until she reach orgasm and i flush my cum on her pubic hairs and gave a mouth kiss saying thanks aunty i love you she caught my hand you are welcome forever in my private life……

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