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Sexy cheating ex

This is about my exgirlfriend i met on the internet. We ended up dating for 3 years. I tried to get rid of her the whole time, but somehow she managed to keep me with her strong seduction skills.
Still, i got to fuck in many places and styles. It’s rather exciting from an outer perspective.

The first time we fucked – under a bridge.
It was the night after she told me she cheated on me.

I told her it’s time to break up, so she said lets meat one more time. She cried to me saying she would do ANYTHING so i wouldn’t leave.
We never had sex up to that point. Just the thought of her fucking guy turned me on. I wasnt sad when hearing the news, just waisted that i didn’t even get to fuck a slut i talk to every night.
But when she cried on her knees giving her all to me, was something I could never keep from being turned on from.

The tears running from her big fake eyes into her gaping mouth, giving up all her energy to me, a desperate bitch telling she’ll do ANYTHING so i dont leave.
I was something like a “comfort buddy”. I picked up her phonecalls every night and we talked about her dumb daily life for hours..
But to keep the relationship secure she figured she had to do her duty as a girlfriend.
Since ANYTHING was the way to keep her the obvious next step is fuck this bad girl once and for all.

We took a train to some random stop, wondered around. Of course I had to kept her mood up, taking her to a beautiful night scene with the moon glaring over the waters. She was rather easy to please. If i had money and a car there wouldn’t of been any problem.
I took her to the bridge where she could gaze at the water with the moon and stars glaring. She was starting her love mood again and i was ready to fuck her brains out.

I know when a pussy is wet. And her’s was ready to make a whole family.
It never felt so fantastic. The second i inserted into her pussy it was melting butter. I nearly came instantly, so i slowed down. She must have been feeling a lot too, for she wanted me to come fast. Also there were a few people walking by are slightly lighted area. We were on the steps to be exact.

Stairs are a great place to be…
And so i came melting out of my testicles. Pleasant, but still unfulfilling that i failed to abandon this girl from my life…

And so the story goes repeatedly like this.
Miner friends — > I try to break up—> we fuck —<back again.

We used practically all the public bathrooms, karaoke boxes, and behind street walls.
We used sex toys (not that we needed them) just to have more experience.

She was a plain stupid slut. She was always horny if weiring a mini-skirt, so we would meat in a park and she would sit on my lap with my dick inside her pussy. It felt so good as fuck. But she was still kinda ugly, nothing i would wanna show to friends.
It was like living inside her imagination. I knew everything she was thinking, since I’m a good mind reader and was so focused on her for so long.

It was like her head was inside mine.
I was miserable as fuck but my dick kept taking my around and i had nothing else going on. I was 17 homeschooled, not many friends or activities to do.
So in that way i spent most of my teen life just fucking this pussy.

After we broke up (she pretended she was pregnant, i almost moved in an apartment with her when i came to my senses and got away)
she dated a big black dude.

She was an asian girl btw. Maybe she was dating me for my cock. She couldn’t help remark about it. That’s what i should of done, find a big black cock to distract her.
Fuck it atleast it’s over now.

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