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sex with neighbor !!!

Once my parents were out for a 2 days trip and they asked my neighbour to take care of me. She is un married and she is 28yrs old. That day she came to my house and we were watching TV. As usual she was watching TV serial and I was playing my PSP. At that time I saw her waist and I was tempted to touch it. But I was afraid. That evening she asked whether we can go out somewhere.

I suggested a place at long distance. As we were going in her scooty in a straight free road I saw her waist I was expecting a chance to touch her waist and enjoy her navel. As a car came in between and she gave a sudden brake and for my grip I catched her waist ,it was slim,flat,very smooth,soft and awesome. After that she said to hold her as we were entering a traffic zone.

First I was holding her above the saree and I got the guts and I kept my hand on her waist and started to move my hand on her bare waist and also poked her navel once and enjoyed it in the hole trip. First i thought she didn’t know this.
After we returned home she went change her clothes and came. It was 7;30pm and it started raining so she went out brought the clothes.

She was wearing a half saree. When she came she was drenched in rain and her navel and boobs was visible. That time i was in shorts. My cork grew larger. She notice it…
After that she again changed her dress and we had dinner. We were seeing TV and went to sleep. Always she wears nighty while sleeping but now she was wearing saree and slept that time I saw her bare midriff and was tempted to touch it.

She saw that and adjusted her saree so that it was 3 inches below her navel. Then she said i could enjoy it and said that she knew that i intentionally touched navel while driving.
I started to caress her waist and kissed it. It was a awesome feeling. Then i brought some honey and poured it in her navel and sucked it. She moaned sexually.
I took advantage and touched her breast and kissed her lips.

I was enjoying her for 1 hr but i was afraid to have sex. Then we slept.
Next day morning I woke and she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I went and kept my both hands in her hips and started kiss her neck,face and turned her and kissed her lips. Then i removed her pallu and i carried her to bedroom and removed clothes and now she was naked and we had sex.

The sex was awesome…. I was thinking to make her pregnant and was doing anal sex that time…she was shouting very much…. then i insert my dick in her pussy and she shouts because i entered it deeply…. i hold her mouth and shut it…. i was holding her and continuously fuck her…my cum was about to come and i shouts to…ahahhah…..she was pushing me to not to cum but i cant control and i was holding her mouth that’s why i didn’t listen also and cum in her pussy….

she slaps me after that and scold me for making her pregnant…. now we were afraid of her pregnancy…. but after two days i came to know that she is going to be married now after 2 weak…so i got and idea and tell her to get fucked by her future husband before marriage only…..and she got fucked…and now we both were safe because everyone one think that she was his baby… she takes her home near my home only and with her husband… also some times when i m alone at home she comes but with a condom of her husband and fuck her as a ex husband.

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