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Sex with Chloe Bennet guest starring Jennifer Lawr

I am a huge Agents of shield fan and when I found out that chloe bennet was in town for the weekend visiting fans I had to ask her to have sex with me. So I waited at the end of the line of autograph signing and then it came to my turn and at the time no body guards were present so I chatted with her for a bit saying “Have you ever had sex before” and she playfully said “no but I would like to someday.

” Then I said “come on baby how about we go back to my place. ” She agreed and we headed to my apartment which was chunk full of marvel toys and every movie since iron man 1 then Chloe said “quite the collection you have here. ” And I said “yeah but none of this measures up to your beauty” and she said “good now fuck me” I took off her clothes and she took off my pants and underwear.

I began to suck on her tits which were pretty good for a girl of her size then she moved down to my lower half and started to rub my cock and started to suck on it. She had almost got my cock fully erect until she said “Not yet I want you to put that dick in my ass and I want to ride it. ” So with that she climbed on top of me and she rode my cock like she hadn’t done this before but she was a natural then while she was riding my cock she bent over and we started to make out and it was beautiful.

Then we fell asleep then the morning came and she gave me her address and her number and said “why don’t I come visit her sometime. ” A few days past and then I got on a plane and went to LA and went to her address she gave me and when I was a half mile from her place I called her and said I was in town and thought I would stop by she said ok come on by and we can continue where we left off.

So I got to her place and she definately had the biggest mansion I have ever seen. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door and to my surprise she was already naked ready to fuck. I went in and she said to take this to her bedroom and we did it all again in bed man she was majestic at having sex. Then the doorbell rang I got up and got dressed to find out Chloe Bennet texted a couple friends of hers to come over and join us which were: Jennifer Lawrence and Dove Cameron who were both twenty or so.

Then all four of us were in the bedroom and both Jennifer and Dove immediately took off all their clothes and I felt like I was in heaven because not only was I in bed with the best person on agents of shield but I was also in bed with Katniss and Liv and Maddie Rooney. Dove and Jennifer both were extremely hot and I have been dying to have sex with them too but until now they never had returned my calls.

Then Chloe said “Girls this guy is so majestic at having sex so don’t worry that you won’t do good at all on him because you might. Just because I liked all three celebrities and some of their work doesn’t mean I would have sex with them all the time like even though Dove and Jennifer both gave me their numbers and address doesn’t mean I would follow up and have sex with them because unlike them Chloe is the only one who felt the best for me.


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