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Sex tutoring mother and daughter

After my PG I joined a nationalised bank in Chennai. I was new to this place and people refused to give rooms to outsiders without proper introduction. I roamed around an finally got one room in a dingy locality with bathroom facility Somehow I wanted to stay and I thought I can change the room later to a convenient location.

My neighbour an elderly man working in a private firm, once asked me whether I am willing to take tuition for a college going girl for mathematics.

They are rich and are willing to give any amount of tuition fees. I asked for further details. He said subsequently that the house where the tuition is needed is about 400 meters from where I stayed.

They had only daughter in the degree class. In the last exam she scored poor marks and is afraid she may be detained if proper coaching is not given. Only daughter hence the parents are willing to give any amount as tuition fee.

Since the girl attending college, it would be preferred if tuition is given in the morning hours. He asked me to go and meet the father of the girl for further information.

I went next day. The house was a huge house with car etc. The father was a MD of a private firm and was getting ready to go. He asked his wife to talk to me and finalise since he was busy to leave for the office.

His wife called me inside the house for talks. I sat in the dining room. She sat opposite to me.

She appeared to be around 40 and still maintained her youthful appearance though her husband looked past middle age. She said her name is Malathi and her daughter, Hema,aged 20 was in the local college and mathematics was her main subject. She was a keen dancer and was with a local troupe.

They went abroad for a month and during this period she missed her classes.

She needed some help in those lessons she missed. Malathi who was very beautiful and appeared relaxed. She asked for my particulars. I said I scored top class in maths in the year I appeared for the exam. Now working in the bank and transferable job. My parents in the native place etc. Malathi appeared very much impressed by me.

In the meantime her daughter, Hema, came, dressed to go to the college. A stunning beauty, slim body, big boobs and ass, in salvar kameez. She sat for a while and we dicussed about the portions in which she needed help. Other things she said you talk to mother, and left. Malathy who is left in the house went inside and brought me a cup of coffee.

She insisted that I should take breakfast with her.

Most suitable time for tuition would be 7 to 8 in the morning. Because Hema has to finish her bath and b/f and go to college by 8. 30 along with her father in his car. I told tham I have no problem I am ready to come in the morning at 5 am also. She laughed and appeared more relaxed.

She said in the morning the drawing room will be inconvenient since they will be playing devotional music and all.

She asked me to go to the room of Hema upstairs and close the door otherwise the music may disturb your studies. I said it is ok with me, but ask Hema to get up by 6 am and be ready by 7 am so that we can start studies without waste of time.

She promised to give substantial amount as tuition fee and I should take my breakfast with them. She called me to go around the house and see the rooms.

First she took me to her bedroom in the ground floor. The moment I entered the bedroom she closed the door, which intrigued me. She was right behind me and when I turned back I hit her and she was about to fall down.

I caught her and steadied her. I asked her what is the problem. She said she suddenly felt like swooning and that is why she was about to fall.

She leaned on me, resting her head on my chest. Putting my hands around her I just took her to her bed nearby and made her to lie down. I had to loosen her dress so that bleed circulation will be alright.

I asked her whether I should telephone her husband. She said no. I just unhooked her blouse, unhooked her bra loosened it over her tits. My hands went over her tits without any reaction from her.

I loosened her saree and her pettycoat. She moved her body and helped me to loosen her dress. I put my hand beneath and touched her panty. She told me softly to remove it.

I pulled the panty down touching her clean shaven cunt. She lifted her hips and allowed me to pull it down. Leaving her I went to the kitchen and saw a maid servant cleaning the vessels. I came back to the bed room and asked Malathi whether I should call the servant to help her.

She said no. You only help me. Do you need coffee, I asked. She said no, you sit with me for a while.

I sat near her in her bed and kept my hand on her hand. On the very first day of my coming to the house to get involved with the land lady to this extent is strange. I kept my hand on her stomach and asked her how does she feel now.

She thanked me to have helped her and for loosening her clothes. She is much better but will lie down for some more time.

She patted my thigh and her hand was strangely over my cock. I just put my hand inside her loosened blouse and touched her tits. and then put my hand underneath her petty coat and touched her pussy and the lower abdomen. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

She said you are lucky that on the very first day you got a chance to touch my body.

I said that is alright, how do you feel now. She is quite ok and asked me to move so that she may get up. She got up and asked me to help her to hook her bra and blouse. She lifted her saree and pettycoat and put on her panty. I told her to wait and touched her pussy and ran my hand over it.

She did not resist, but winked and said you are a naughty boy, never lost a chance.

She hurriedly went inside the kitchen and brought my breakfast, of hot idlis and churney etc. and a glass of milk. She was all gratitude and told me that I helped her in time by making her lie down and loosening here clothes. Because of that she could recover fast. When I finished my breakfast and washed my hands, she called me inside the bedroom and hugged me and kissed me on my lips.

I thought, I am lucky that a new relationship is blooming. She showed me upstairs the room of Hema a totally secured room, with a computer and all luxury items. Hema’s bed was a huge spring mattress. With full length wall mirror, it was a luxurious room. Promising to come back on the following day I left. Next I reached the place at 6. 30 am.

The door was open and as they said some recorded music was playing in the home theatre.

I pressed the bell. The old man came, welcomed me and made me to sit in the drawing room and went inside. Malathy came rushing, looking fresh from bathing, smiling she asked me wait a minute when she will go and ask Hema to get ready for the tuition.

She ran upstairs with great agility and came back and told me that within five minutes Hema would be ready. Within five minutes Hema called me from the top of the stairs and asked me to come to her room.

As soon as I entered the room, she closed the door and bolted it. She asked me to sit for a while by the time she will finish her bath and come I said ok.

She was in a pyjama and a t shirt with a towel in her hand. I was looking at her boobs and notes. In the meantime, the bathroom door opened and I could see Hema in semi nude condition putting on her bra.

she was wrapped in a towel and she was putting on her panty also. Probably she did not realise that the bathroom door was open.

I got up and went and closed the door, she suddenly looked at me. She asked me whether I have seen anything. I told her I have seen whatever is there to see. She was shy and was drying her hair. In the meantime her bra hook gave way and it was about to fall away.

She quickly supported it and tried to hook it. She looke up at me. I asked her to come so that I may help her.

She came and I positoned the bra over her ample tits and then fixed the hook properly and again I ran my hand over her tits. She looked at me angrily at my taking more liberties. We sat for our studies. She was sitting with her bra on and she did not put on her blouse.

Her stunning cleavage was distracting me. I asked her to cover her boobs properly.

She got up and put on a blouse and went on fastening her hooks. In the meantime I took one lesson and told her to do the homework. Only when I see how you solve the problems I can understand your standard. Our tuition went on upto 8. 15 am. Her mother called her from downstairs to come so that she may finish b/f and go to college with her father.

Hema was apologetic and ran off. I came down and sat in the dining room. Hema came down after finishing her dressing and went to eat her breakfast. Hema was indeed a super model and I wish I fuck her as early as possible. Hema and her father left at 8. 30 am. and Malathy came and sat with me in a relaxed mood. I asked her how she feels today. She said she is better.

I told her we will go upstairs to Hema’s room for a while. I told her that the room required to be cleaned and organised. All scuttered books and papers to be stacked properly. I asked her why this computer is kept here. I asked her whether she knows about computers. She said she does not know anything. Here only Hema knew about it and that is why it is kept here.

I told her I will show you something. I switched on and showed a hard porno site. Malathi was aghast. With wide eyes she was watching the girls sucking the cock of the boy. And then the boy was licking and sucking the clitoris of the girl. Malathi was shouting and was very much aroused. I told her that I am not accusing that Hema is watching this.

She may not know that such things are available.

At least you should know that such things are available. Malathi with her mouth totally dry was looking at me. Here in the monitor fucking started. His big tool was going into the cunt of the girl and she was cooing in joy. I went near Malathy and pressed her boobs. She immediately lied on the bed.

She positioned herself so that she can see the monttor of the computer. I lifted her saree and pulled her panty down.

I unhooked her bra and blouse nnd took out ber boobs and went on licking and sucking her nipples. When she saw my tool she was amazed. It was a 8″ specimen with 3″ girth.

She took it in her hands and tried to put it in her mouth as the girl had done in the monitor. I made her to lie down and opened her legs wide and lifted her knees and buried my face in her cunt and my tongue searched for her clitoris.

I went on licking her cunt and clitoris and Malathi got a huge orgasm. She pulled me up and kissed me on my cheeks and lips.

She told me that nobody has given her so much of pleasure and she had never had sex for the past five years. He husband had lost interest in sex totally. She asked me to fuck her with my monster cock. She caught hold of my cock and positioned it in her cunt and asked me to insert.

I pushed it in but face lot of resistance. Poor Malathi was like a virgin.

I asked her to go to the kitchen and bring some coconut oil so that I can push my cock inside. She applied coconut oil on my cock and slowly slowly I pushed my cock into her cunt. Slowly I fucked her and she was crying of pain. But later she started to enjoy the fucking. I fucked her twice on that day.

She was immensely happy and asked what special dish I want for the next days breakfast. I laughed and told her to prepare kesari. I saw to it that the computer is switched off and the history is deleted so that nobody will know which site I watched. Malathy wanted to see the computer again on the following day. I promised a new video every day and left After conquering Malathi I was wondering how to catch Hema.

Though I am only 25 and she 20, she kept me at a distance as a teacher. On the first day I helped her to wear bra and felt her tits, which she did not like. I gave her homework which I have to see how she has done on the following day. I reached the house at 6. 30 am.

Malathi told me that Hema is awake in her room and that I may go directly and teach her.

Father was perhaps doing his morning puja. I climbed the stairs slowly and knocked at the door of Hema. She came to open the door. She was bedraggled and still sleepy in her eyes. Please come in sir, she said and asked me to take my seat and rushed to the bathroom.

From the sound of the flow of liquid, I can imagine she is urinating inside her commode and did not open the water tap to muffle the urinating sound.

I just switched on the computer and clicked to see her “history” folder. She had been watching just porno sites. I took down their details in a piece of paper and kept it in my pocket. Hema came out from the bath room after her bath.

Perhaps too swift bath. She had put on a fresh nighty. Obviously she has not worn any u/wear. I asked her for the homework. She smiled and showed me her notebook.

She had attempted it well but had not completed. I told her my appreciation about the way she had attempted the questions. But she should have had patience to complete the sums.

I asked her whether she had studied operation of computers and which are her favourite sites dealing in her subjects. She told me that she did not have any formal training in computers and she does not know which sites deal in the subjects of her study.

I asked her what else she watches. She shamefacedly told me that just browsing and not particularly any site.

How much time you spend a day browsing. She said it all depends some times one hour or two a day. I told her to complete the sums which are half done, in the meantime I will browse the computer. She said ok and got busy with her notebook. I clicked on the first of her list of sites from her history folder.

It was a hot porno. I put the sound on.

The girl finished sucking the cock of the boy and it was the turn of the boy to lick the clitoris of the girl. The girl was voicing her passion in the high pitch. The boy was just flicking his tongue on her pink clitoris. The girl with her legs wide open was enjoying the act. When I turned back I saw Hema looking at the screen in great amazement.

I reckoned her to come near and sit.

She pulled a stool and sat near me to get a better view of the screen. Her face was pink in colour after seeing the scene in the monitor. She must be sufficiently aroused. My cock was already erect and hard. I unzipped my pant and took my cock out and took the hand of Hema and placed it on my cock. She looked at my cock and at my face.

She gripped my cock and was looking at it as if it is a strange object. She held my cock with both of her hands. She wiped a drop of pre cum. The boy in the monitor, was taking a long time licking and sucking the clitoris. Hema got up from her seat. I lifted her nighty and looked at her beautiful thighs and the hairy pussy. She made a feeble attempt to resist.

I asked her to lie down in the bed. She meekly obeyed. I lifted her nighty, widened her legs and buried my face into her cunt. My tongue was searching for her clitoris. She lifted her knees up and gave a wider area for me to explore. I licked her cunt and the clitoris. Hema was pushing me out, but I held on with all my strength. She finally yielded and started to moan softly.

In the monitor, the girl was riding the boy and fucking him in an up and down movement. I could feel Hema crashing into her big orgasm. Her both knees pressed against my head tightly. Her hands were pressing my head into her cunt. She cummed and her cunt fluids flowed freely. I licked all the fluids and she released me. My face was full of her fluids only.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face.

She also came and washed her cunt. I asked her how was it. She said it was great and it was her first orgasm. I told her you are going to get it every day provided you do your homework alright. She promised that she will do her homework fully. I asked her do you want to get orgasm daily. She said yes. Time was 8 am.

I told her today we close early and gave her some fresh homework.

I moved down to the drawing room. Within 15 minutes, Hema came, with due make up and dressed up elegantly with a bundle of books. She went to the dining room. Malathy was busy in the kitchen did not see me. Hema’s father came in full suit and wishing me good morning went to the dining room for breakfast.

I was glancing through the newspaper. Father and daughter finished their breakfast and went to the porch to get into the car.

By 8. 45 am they were off. Malathy came after seeing off her husband and daughter. She sat with me in the drawing room and asked me whether I am hungry for my breakfast. I told her I am hungry for her cunt.

She opened her eyes wide and laughed loudly. You are a mischievous boy, she said. She asked me whether to fuck and then have breakfast or have breakfast and then fuck.

Ok, let us have breakfast, I said. She served me nice dosas and chutney. I ate it fast. She too ate her breakfast and washing her hands came to me and asked me to follow her into the bed room.

She bolted all the doors and windows and then came to the bedroom. I removed all her clothes and made her totally nude. Her clean shaven pussy was a beauty. I licked it and sucked it.

Malahy was fully aroused. He cunt was leaking fluids. I got up and took my cock and inserted it into her cunt. She positioned my cock into her hole and pressed my hip for quick entry.

When the cock entered her cunt she gave out a sound of joy. I fucked her with moderate speed. Each plunge by me brought out a sound from her. It took more time for me to come to an orgasm.

In the meantime she reached her first orgasm and was working on her second. We combined our orgasms together. Malathy was all happiness. She told me that it is god who has sent me to their house.

Thus my story with Malathy and Hema continued for one year. Hema scored high marks in the exam. I was fucking the daughter in the morning hour and the mother in the next hour. Both the daughter and mother sucked my cock and gave me maximum pleasure.

I thought it is time to stop this dangerous game. My bank asked for candidates to go to rural centres to work as managers.

I volunteered. They transferred me to a rural centre in far off place. I told Malathy and Hema about the sudden change of my career. Bidding them goodbye I left the place once and for all. The game I was playing was too dangerous and if any of the two comes to know the truth, all my image would have ruined.

Next day I reached the house of Hema at 6. 30 am. When I rang the bell Malathi came and opened the door and asked me to up stairs directly since she had called and awakened Hema. I went up by stairs and pushed the door of the room. It just opened up. I entered and saw Hema inside the bath room and from the sound of water I could understand that she is taking her bath.

I went the near the bathroom door and shouted Heme I am here. She replied back sir, please be seated I will be back in a minute. I sat at the chair opposite to the computer. The room appeared neat and tidy. Just as I was looking at the books, the bathroom door opened and Hema appeared clad in a nighty and a towel wrapped around her head.

I doubted whether she had put on any u/wear since the time was short.

I put on a serious face and asked her about the home work and how far she had done. Shamefacedly she told me that she could not complete the home work. I told her in that case please get busy and complete and show me, in the meantime I will browse through your computer.

Is it connected to the internet, I asked. She said yes. I straight went to click the history folder and clicked on the porno site which hema had last visited.

It was a hot porno site where, the girl was sucking the cock of the boy, I move it further and saw the boy licking the clitoris of the girl. The girl was giving out lot of noise of enjoyment.

I allowed to go through the entire episode and turned back, I saw Hema, wide eyed and staring the screen. I gestured her to come forward and sit near me. She immdtly took a stool and sat near me.

Seeing the hot scene in the monitor she was already hot and was breathing heavily. I put my hand around her shoulder and drew her closer to me. She came closer and was gazing at the monitor.

I put my inside her dress and placed it on her wet boob. Her nipples were already erect and hard. She looked up at me. I kissed her on her cheeks and then on her lips.

She responded well. I made her to get up and made her to lie down in the bed. She positioned in such a way so that she could watch the monitor. Slowly I unbuttoned her nighty and she was totally nude.

Her cunt was having very little golden hair. I undressed and showed her my cock. She was surprised since it was the first time she was seeing an adult cock. I gave it in her hands.

She took in both of hands and was examining. It was just like that of the boy in the monitor. There was a drop of precum at the tip of the cock. She touched it with the tip of her finger and found it to be sticky.

I rubbed my cock on her boobs and on her stomach. I brought down to her clitoris and rubbed it on her clit. Slowly opened the lips of her cunt, I placed my cock in her cunt adn pushed it in.

Suddenly Hema, showed pain in her face and asked me not to proceed. I pulled back and put my finger into her orifice and rotated so that it may be widened to accommodate my cock.

Later I put my cock and it went half inside. I gave a strong push and the whole thing went inside. Tears were rolling down the eyes of Hema. In the computer monitor also the similar thing was going on.

The boy was fucking the girl in the missionary position and the girl appearead to be enjoying it. That is why perhaps Hema did not prevent me from proceeding further.

I went on fucking her, nitially in slow movement and then gradually picking speed I fucked her. She was also moaning and enjoying it. Suddenly her muscles tightened and I could sense that she is reaching her orgasm. I sucked her nipples and made her to hug me.

She came in a big orgasm. But I went on fucking, she went into the second session for her.

Her tears all got dried up and she was enjoying and cooperated with me. My orgasm was building and she too came the second time and we both enjoyed the fucking immensely. Se rushed to the bath room and cleaned our parts. Hema was in a hurry to get dressed. I asked her whether she enjoyed the fucking.

She said yes, very much. do you want it everyday?

I asked. She said yes. Then complete the home work tomorrow and in that case we will fuck. She said certainly. I put on my dress and came down at about 8. 10 am. They were waiting for Hema to come to begin breakfast. I told them she is coming and went to the drawing room to read newspaper. Hema was indeed a great catch.

She was young and was lustier than her mother.

Her first fuck with me was full of surprises. She saw the porno site and did the fucking to coincide with that. Her body was very firm and vigorous. I think I will teach her some new poses in the days to come. Malathy with her bulky body was not innovative. She remained passing and thought whatever she gets is only bonus. Hema came and took her b/f and went with her father.

I was relishing her appearance although I fucked her just about half an hour back. After breakfast with Malathy I asked her to go to the room of her daughter. She bolted all the doors and came with me to the room of Hema. I switched on the computer and put on a different video show than what we saw on the previous day. Malathy was watching it open mouthed.

I slowly removed her blouse, bra and the saree.

She got up and removed her panty and lied in the bed. I removed my clothes and my cock was ready for the next session with the mother. It was still damp and sticky with the viginal fluids of the daughter. I did it conveniently and slowly with Malathy. Malathy like her daughter was watching the scene in the monitor and enjoying my fuck.

I asked her to sit on me and fuck from the top.

She obeyed. She was clumsy and did not do well. I had to show how to move up and down or to rotate her hip so that my cock touches all the interior corners of her vagina. She liked it most. She started to breath heavily and giving out sounds of joy. She climaxed fast since the action was controlled by her. I too got my orgasm well.

Since my erection did not got Malathy wanted to continue for a second session.

Having fucked her daughter twice, fucking Malathy also twice will make me very tired. But what to do she was not leaving. I did my send fuck also successfully but taking some time for my cock regaining its strength. Malathy was so much in my possession that if I ask her to such my cock she will do.

I continued like this for quite some time. Hema did all her homework and study during day time so that one hour I am closed with her will be used fully for fucking.

She was a real enjoyer of sex. I taught her how to give a blowjob and to enjoy it. She volunteered for all the poses every day. In the exams she scored very good marks and they were all happy with me.

I asked them to discontinue my tuitions since the fear regarding the studies of Hema did not exist. But they were so happy that they asked me to come everyday and continue with the tuitions.

I was wondering how to stop this dangerous game. Finally I asked for a transfer to a rural branch and I told Malathy and Hema that I am going away to a far off rural branch in Andhra.

They both cried and gave me a big party and good valuable gift. They asked me to come to their house whenever I happened to be in Chennai. I agreed. I came to know that Hema passed her exams meritoriously and got engaged to a foreign qualified boy and got married and went abroad.

Malathy somehow got my address from our bank and was writing to me asking me to come at least once and that she is wanting to see me very much. I replied her appropriately and thus the story ends.

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