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Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-2

Wendy wants to foot-fuck my pretty Princess Petra in her hairy hot horny holy hole sexy snatch

Wendy’s spreads legs wide while my precious pretty Petra kneels between her feet looking up that twat
Wendy wants to dominate that tight tasty teen within her hot horny hairy submissive sweet sexy snatch

Pretty Petra longs to learn a new naughty lesson of love of a chapter my granddod did not learn at me
Princess Petra longs for her first foot-fuck by this tasty yummy young sexy expert I invited for her

Wendy is the director of her very first shoot ever leaving me the role of her obedient camera operator
Wendy is in full control of this sexy situation now in an unwritten spontanic sexy scenario unwinding

Pretty Petra is her willing wanton victorious victim for fresh awesome abuse to perfect perversions
Pretty Petra is listening to the clue of Wendy’s sexy story of feet-fucks in the shoe-shop she serves

Wendy invites my pretty Petra to be her submissive student for foot-fucking without any waiting

We both came at least three times that time now about two years ago – you want to know more isn’t it?
We both got hot isn’t it pretty Petra, high time you take my panties down for the rest of my interview

We want to have some hot fun together precious Petra I see in the shine in your eyes how eager you are
We want to try some foot-fucking right now, isn’t it? – You can after you’ve licked my slit, you slut!

We are open to learn you a lesson love but you have to deserve the hot honour by serving me sweetheart
We are open to learn you a lesson of love for foot-fucks which you will never forget, tasty toy of me

We all want to happy in life by our horny naughty needs sexily satisfied, isn’t it my beautiful bitch?
We all want to come, you want to be my foot-fucking sexy submissive sweet slave tasty teen right now!

Wendy wants precious Petra to lick her love lips and make her wet and hot enough to wet her feet

Wendy wants to make my Pretty Petra her slave for the tasty tease sexy session in front of my camera
Wendy wants to come and wet the fine face of my precious Princess Petra by squirting her love juices

Wet my feet with my yummy juices you sexy slut slave make them ready for your foot-fuck defloration
Wet my feet with the wet from my tasty twat you beautiful brunette bitch for your intimate initiation

Wendy you have such sexy slender feet like a beautiful ballerina – I am sure they fit into my vagina
Wendy you have fucking fine feet, please penetrate my privacy and intrude them into my tight pussy

Wendy wriggles with her toes between pretty Petra’s sexily swollen love lips to tease that teen twat
Wendy wriggles half her foot inside the wet wanton wide spread sexy snatch of my precious Princess!

Wendy wants to make Professor Poet Peter mad from longing to try this tasty trick on both of them

Wendy finds the sexy sponge inside the tight teen twat of my gorgeous granddod with her biggest toe
Wendy finds the way to trigger my beautiful baby at her G-spot to invite her to a squirting orgasm

Wendy giggles when my Princess comes hard from her hot toe treatment and orders her to change roles
Wendy gestures to the big bed with mirrors at three sides and from above with my cameras behind them

We want a sexy show for your great granddad, isn’t it my sweet sexy submisive slave pretty Petra?
We want that elder gent to get an awesome hard-on watching us foot-fuck mutually and lose his control

We want to make him mad with desire to try to foot-fuck us both a thing he never ever imagined before
We want to drive the mad man completely crazy from desire to dominate the two tasty tight teens tease

Wendy gets a sexy surprise as I suddenly appear as well with them on camera to take initiative!

Wendy you make me meet hot heavens of love and dirty devotion – I can see new stars everywhere!
Wendy you make me into a sexy submissive slut for foot-fucks for ever – I invite you for a ballet

Wendy smiles sexy satisfied with her hot conquer of my most precious pretty Petra and licks her lips
Wendy smiles at me through my see-through mirror like Bye-bye Professor Peter I take your dear!

Wendy is surprised when I suddenly pop-up from behind my mirrors to take the initiative with them
Wendy is surprised when I tie her up arms behind her head so her tasty teen tits look at their best

Wendy is in for some sexy surprise with my granddod and me which she will never forget all her life!
Wendy is in for a sexy session to fuck her brains out leaving her a memory she never wants to forget.

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