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Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-1

Wendy is warm wanton slender sexy and daringly dirty with her feminine foxy foot fetish for sex

Wendy has a few fetishes: for a lesbian licking love lips is the sex standard but she feeds on feet
Wendy has a few horny habits like never wearing any slip under her panties and showing it in public

She appears in my private studio for her first ever interview on camera about her sexual developments
She appears as at ease as in our earlier private talks before my invitation for intimate interrogation

Wendy wears a short sexy skirt, leather of course as she is quite kinky in many respect as you’ll see
Wendy wears shining silky panties with nothing underneath as we all now know and want to see as well!

She sits at the stool in front of my one-way mirror her heels seek support at the sides, so legs wide
She sits with her legs open for our view which is one of her kinks to tease people in public like that

Wendy will tell us all how her life got hot as yummy young yearning tasty teasing teen of th1rteen

Pretty Petra kneels between Wendys spread legs, my redhot real redhead gorgeous granddod is in her age
Pretty Petra kneels and looks longing at Wendys love lips still hidden by those shining silky panties

Please tell us about your first feelings for pretty pussy and fabulous feminine feet wonderful Wen
Please tell us how you discovered your personal preferences in solo-sex and with your love partners?

I was th1rteen like most girls when my nipples started to tickle and grow – and I got some pubic hair
I was early discovering how I can pleasure myself by playing with my pussy imagining other tight twats

I was longing to see and feel the pussy of my best girlfriend at sleepover when we showered together
I was soon succesful with my best girlfriend at a warm weekend sleepover which turned so very sexy

We shaved each others womanhoods to look like we were before and started to lick love lips long

We were comparing our bodies, her boobies a bit bigger than mine, but I wanted to play her pussy
We wanted to shave each other to get back the baby snatches we had, so she grabbed her moms razor

I shaved her first and next I licked her cute cunny which was getting wet also from the inside!
I shoved the tip of my tongue inside her, looking back I guess I tickled her hymen a bit with it

I licked along her love lips in the way I had my lips licked in my private pretty foxy fantasies
I licked her long and well enough to make her come squirting in my mouth, I drank her all juices

I eagerly spread my legs for my turn to be shaven and intimately inspected by my fine friend
I eagerly received her finger inside me as I had fingered myself before and was not a virgin!

We had hot fun in bed al night when I discovered my fetish for foot-fucks with my lusty lovers

I came as fast and as hard as her which was only the start of the fun we had that nice night
I came to her bed and started to kiss the toes of one foot which was bare under the blankets

I made it wet enough and folded it to try to tease my warm wanton sexy slit with it to turn me on
I made it enter my wet twat with all five toes and slowly started to fuck myself with her left foot

I came again and much more intensive so I’d found my foot fetish and took soon a job in a shoe-shop
I came once upon a customer of fourty who wanted to buy high heels, so I asked her size for shoes

I heard: “Look for youself” – she spread her legs and showed me her hot horny hairy very wet twat
I heard from my boss that we should always try to please all our comers so I took her to the back

Wendy foot-fucked a mom while her dod looked at that girly game with big eyes full of curiousity

I had to kiss her smelly feet before she foot-fucked me very experiently and made me come three times
I had to have my turn at her and her mighty ‘mouth’ could handle a lot of my footing for her, how hot!

I used that sexy experience often to seduce sexy women or great girls like when I was in a bar age 20
I used the occasion to show my sexy shaven tasty twat bare to a mom and her dod sitting across of me

I smiled when the dod made a remark to her mom how I show legs spread wide openly my wet wanton womb
I smiled wider when that woman disappeared shortly, to come back handling me her very wet smelly slip

I sat next to them and started to caress her feet with mine, she spreads wider to invite me up there
I sat soon foot-fucking this mom while her dod of only f1ve looked fascinated at this new girly game

Wendy invites my pretty Petra to be her submissive student for foot-fucking without any waiting

We both came at least three times that time now about two years ago – you want to know more isn’t it?
We both got hot isn’t it pretty Petra, high time you take my panties down for the rest of my interview

We want to have some hot fun together precious Petra I see in the shine in your eyes how eager you are
We want to try some foot-fucking right now, isn’t it? – You can after you’ve licked my slit, you slut!

We are open to learn you a lesson love but you hve to deserve the hot honour by serving my sweetheart
We are open to learn you a lesson of love for foot-fucks who=ich you will never forget tasty toy of me

We all want to happy in life by our horny naughty needs sexily satisfied, isn’t it my beautiful bitch?
We all want to come, you want to be my foot-fucking sexy submissive sweet slave tasty teen right now!.

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