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Sex Studio Secrets #5: Regina-1

Regina is my Queen and guest for a tasty talk on camera where she shows her hot tiny tulip love lips

Regina pops up at my studio shortly after landing in Amsterdam for her first ever intimate interview
Regina is a bit shy, but trusts me after our long talks in the net, so she agrees to appear in view

Gina and I have shared some very special erotic experiences which were sexy subject of my stories
Gina and I have a very special bond since she came so hard one time while reading my many messages

Regina is my Queen of America and one of my longest time and most dear friends for many years here
Regina is very special to me as she shares her secrets with me, she trusts me as if I was her dad

Gina has a very pretty face and next I see her firm tasty tiny titties which I love to turn on
Gina has another big beauty, hidden between mighty thighs: the tiny tulip love lips she sports

Regina slowly relaxes with a some sweet talks with me on camera and a good glass of red wine

Regina arrives dressed very classy in a ‘pétit noire à la Coco Chanel’ and she wears nothing below!
Regina arrives with blushes at her cheeks in my private quarters, shy to apppear for real on camera

Gina relaxes when my pretty Petra pays her attention takes her wintercoat – walks her upstairs to me
Gina relaxes with a hot cup of strong tea to warm up, greedily accepts next a glass of red fine wine

Regina is your official name my Gina? – Yes indeed Professor Peter, Regina Anne Black is my name!
Regina you do look lovely dressed so stylish and sexy in black suiting you long black hair my baby

Gina blushes a bit more still nervous by the idea she is probably on camera although she can’t see any
Gina loves the red velvet everywhere in my boudoir with many mirrors one-way – hiding my many cameras

Regina slowly strips for me to show us all her great goodies: tasty titties and firm big bottom

Regina can not see me but clearly hears my wishes for her behaviour in my beautiful sweet sex studio
Eegina can you slowly strip for us my dear darling cute beauty please show us all your goodies

Gina gladly obeys happy she now knows what to do in this sex studio which makes her bl00d flow and hot
Gina galantly turns around to let the little black dress drop down her shoulders hesitates at her hips

Regina please do show us your awesome bottom beautiful baby, let your dress drop down your ankles
Regina you look lovely and very feminine with that tasty ass of you, please bend over a bit for us

Gina gladly obeys bends over a bit – even voluntary spreads her cheeks to offer me a view of her slit
Gina gladly accepts my praise for her pretty pussy and finaly she lifts the top of her dress all over

Regina gives us an intimate interview with an overview of her love life upsets and sexy successes

Regina tells her story which I already had heard in private how she found her fiancée fuck her friend
Regina tells us the rest of her lovelife: how she became a lesbian, disgusted by men and found a love

Gina lives for a few years together with her boss, who gets pregnant from her former fuck friend
Gina helps her to look after the baby after it’s born but gets enough of her love who sneaks out

Regina you live on your own again isn’t it and to forget all the fuzz back at work you left?
Regina turns around to face the direction my voice comes from to answer my question, showing herself

Gina I do love the look of your firm lovely little tasty titties – I see your nipples are erect!
Gina I beg you to sit down please, show us all of your goodies, will you spread your legs for me?

Regina plays her pink pretty tiny tulip love lips till they grow and and blow over blossoming!

Regina will you do us a favour and play a bit with that tiny tulip? – So sexy pretty pink it is!
Regina will you make your love lips shine in the light of my camera and let them grow larger love?

Gina starts to tease her tasty titties first for me – soon her hands slide down her belly to below
Gina starts to play with her tiny tulip to make it grow in the country of pride for tulips so tasty

Regina looks as in trance into the mirror where she sees her love lips swell get wet hot and large
Regina looks at her image longing to make that cute blackhaired beauty come hard on camera for me

Gina moans, she whispers my name, she seems to dream with wide open eyes gazing at her hot pussy
Gina screams my name as she orgasms, closes her eyes and wets my mirror with a firm sexy squirt!.

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