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Sex Studio Secrets #3: Pretty Princess Petra-1

Pretty Princess Petra loves my daily rituals of intimate inspection and her hot orgasms

Pretty Princess Petra is still a sexy slender tasty tender teen and daily dear doddie to me
Pretty Princess Petra is still so sweet at her daily duty to wake me up with her cup of tea

Pretty Petra serves me my morning tea and as hotly she sucks at my morning enormous erection
Pretty Petra serves me for all my nice naughty sexy ideas to have some sexy pleasure together

Princess Petra loves my daily rituals for her to present herself for my intimate inspection
Princess Petra loves my idea to bend over legs spread to present her wet twat from so close

Petra loves to look between her long legs at my face when she spreads her love lips at my wish
Petra loves to look between her long legs at my expression as she spreads her cheeks very wide

Beautiful brunette baby pretty Petra is proud of her tasty triple sexy set of lovely love lips

Brunette beauty Petra adores the part of the daily ritual with her masturbation in this position
Brunette beauty pretty Petra bates her hairy horny tasty tight teen twat fingers her hot holy hole

Brunette baby Petra comes for me every morning which makes her sexy snatch so very wet and wanton
Brunette baby Petra hopes she can land at my proud pole to properly pound me for her second come

Beautiful Petra is proud of her triple tasty sets of lips for loving as she loves to suck my member
Beautiful Petra is proud of her meaty thick love lips which love to meet my meat for some fornication

Baby beauty pretty Petra loves all walloping with me in a million different dirty dancing positions
Baby beauty pretty Petra loves all galloping with me as my merry mare ready to marry me at New Year

Petra writes with me a new introduction to the Kama Sutra about how to initiate a tasty teen

Petra enjoys a long erotic education by me Professor Peter from very early age after her folks died
Petra enjoys a long journey from first initiation to fresh feelings at her tingling twat by my kiss

Petra and I travelled through all pages of the Kama Sutra for which we wrote an new introduction
Petra and I both noticed it lacks some opening chapters about how to initiate a virgin for love!

Petra got both curious as very furious about the lack of respect for the young by the holy old book
Petra got a great idea Why do we not make some first new chapter for it on video dear granddad?

Petra got hot and offers help in focussing our cmeras behind the see-through mirrors of my studio
Petra got into proper position for her first public lesson of a gentle defloration by a gentleman

Petra loves her sacred sexy initiation and deforation of both her virgin holy hot horny holes

Petra loves how I lick her love lips with my long tongue to offer her a first orgasm as she kneels
Petra loves how I take my time to initiate her so soft and slow as I spread her love lips very wide

Petra loves the feeling when she feels the tip of my long togue tickle her hymen trying to get it in
Petra loves the feeling of being licked so deep inside as never before by me – she start to fuck it

Petra loves to come in my face with my nose almost inide her tight sphincter and my tongue taking her
Petra loves to come from my licking her hot juices not realising I lick a few of her hot red drops!

Petra loves to feel suddenly my finger deeper inside her, it seems to gesture Come here my dear
Petra loves to feel suddenly how hot waves overtake all of her body while other waves flow out of her

Pretty Petra becomes my women whom I will learn a lot about love like love for other great girls

Princess Petra adores my nose up her hot sphicter so I offer her my finger to explore her hottest hole
Princess Petra adores my anal love lesson and massage, she messages me Mama Mia, Papa Pia prego

Princess Petra adores my penetration of her hot anal canal by two and soon three fingers fucking her
Princess Petra adores my penetration by my mighty member, my brown big bent banana up her virgin hole

Pretty Petra loses virginity of both her horny hot holy holes within an hour and all caught on camera
Pretty Petra loses virginity but gains sexual confidence for any further adventures with me on screen

Pretty Petra is under strict control as long as I educate her she shall be obedient and true to me
Pretty Petra is under my thumb for her own good as I will learn her love a lot more in making love.

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