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Sex Studio Secrets #10: Céline-2

Céline tells my granddod how I seduced her twenty years ago and acts out all the ‘dirty’ details

Céline sits down in exactly the same set-up behind the table with the Go-set with Petra in my place
Céline, so suddenly Peter pushed away the board and proposed you come and sit at the table instead?

Earliest sign something different was about to happen was when he suddenly stopped our game-analysis
Even he put a pillow right in front of him on this low wooden table and asked me sit so close to him

Last game he lost badly to me, first we tried to figure where things went wrong for him at the board
Later he confessed he couldn’t concentrate as he was staring more at my blouse than at our gameboard

In my memory he said something like that he noticed my nipples show sometimes but nothing more yet
It was his curiousity if I had a bit of breasts already so he asked me to sit close to let him look

Now even I sometimes can’t imagine I just obeyed his wish, I guess I was very impressed and ingenue
Now imagine my situation: physically I developed late and also erotically I had only vague feelings

Every girl feels great by attention for her looks it’s in our genes I guess – he was first to see me
Eleven I look, he told me that time after he had seen everything of me, despite I was almost your age

Céline remembers how eagerly her hot playing partner Peter wanted to check her virgin womanhood

Céline sits down at the pillow close to Petra and starts to unbutton her blouse to show her breasts
Céline has at age thirty plus still A-size subtle tiny titties so she does not need to wear any bra

Eagerly I notice through my one-way mirror how the sexy situation excites Céline as her nips harden
Every time I think back at it my nipples get stiff just like now, as it was my very first turn-on!

Long time he did not need in asking me if he could give each of them a little kiss as they look lovely
Later only I realised I got already turned-on by his first sweet kisses but at the time I had no idea

I remember he started to ask me questions, some which I did even not understand, so he soon adapted
I told him truthfully I knew nothing more than little bits about the birds and the bees from biology

Now as you know him that got him going – he kept caressing me while interviewing me about what I knew
Now imagine his curiousity to see more of me as a tasty tiny teen who was sexually so late developing

Even I took off my skirt and slip for him to show him I was indeed still baby-bald in between my legs
Eagerly he spread my legs to get a better view at my pussy curious as he was if I was indeed a virgin

Céline lost her flower to the tip of the long tongue of partner Peter, but she isn’t unique in it!

Céline continues her hot sexy story of seduction Peter started to give me sweet kisses down there
Céline you look so lovely, let me spread you love lips to take a good look inside your pretty pussy

Eagerly I let him without a word, I was suddenly overwhelmed by fresh feelings stronger than blushing
Eagerly I awaited his next moves at my tiny teen twat as I got enormously excited, as you can imagine

Let me lick your love lips, it looks like they are getting wet a bit, a sign you like my treat to you
Long time he just licked all along my love lips, just like you do now to me Petra, it feels so fine!

I inform you about my virginity – just like back then with him in general – but now for lesbian love
I will tell you more if you continue licking my love lips so sweetly and imitate all his moves at me

Now imagine my surprise after he had my hymen in his sight how his tongue attack inside surprised me!
Now that is the most beautiful virgin pussy I ever saw, he told me seductively before his tongue-fuck

Every time I think back at it, I’m wondering whether I’m the only woman who lost her flower like that
Every time I thought the same Céline: no pain not even a red drop – he just licked away our flowers!

PS: And again first letters of my lines
repeat thrice here her name of CELINE!.

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