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Sex In Theater And Then Car

We had classes and classes started being very boring for me. Hence I felt like seeing my bf and i called him to college. As I said I am a little short wheatish colored girl. He is tall and fit. He has a dick of 7 inches and my stat goes like 36, 28, 32. Like how everyone says, once you have sex you will again want to have it. This time it wasn’t as dirty as last time as we didn’t get a room.

We decided to go for a movie. I met him in PVR and first we exchanged a formal hug. I was a bit shy thinking of what happened last time. So he hugged me again and asked “hey what happened? Why is my Anu shy today” and just kissed me on my forehead. That was the sweetest thing. We entered the cinema theater. There were 10 minutes more for the movie to start so he said that we will buy something to eat and drink.

Normally we used to buy Pepsi and pop corn. But this time he bought just one milk shake and one dairy milk silk that he already had I guess. When I saw the chocolate I was damn sure that he would do something naughty today. We went for morning show, so not much people were there. The trailers started. My horny darling kept his hand on my waist and kissed my forehead. I looked at him and smiled.

I wore a t shirt and jeans. He wore a Bermuda and shirt. When the movie started he started massaging my waste. I felt horny and just looked at his face. I kept looking in a horny way. We had an eye contact for a while and he just came near my lips. I felt shy and moved away. So he said “baby we are one. Come and kiss me”. So I turned my head and went near his lips.

He started smooch me. We lip locked and started eating tongues of each other. He told me that he wants to put silk on my tongue and eat. So I said OK. But it wasn’t melted. So I kept it on my tongue and he started licking it. My darlings tongue was so warm that the chocolate melted right there. While smooching some saliva rolled over my chin. He started sucking it. Huffffff I started moaning.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhh ohhhh yaaaa, like that… When I started moaning his dick rose. I was sure that he didn’t wear any underwear. I tried to make it sl**p. But it did not. So I kept rubbing it in a sexy way. Then the movie became in a lower volume. I told him to stop because people might see. So he stopped and started rubbing my thighs slowly. Then he kept his hand inside my skirt and started to rub.

I started moaning slowly like hmmmmm hoo hmmm aahh like that. He applied little chocolate on my fingers and started sucking it. I didn’t like that what he did. So I started pressing his dick hardly on top of his Bermuda. He started moaning “aahhhh melle vaave. Vedhanikanu. Ahhhhh haaa oh yeah fuckkkk” which means slowly baby its hurting. Then I kept my hand inside and started rubbing. His dick was soooooo hot. Omg.

I kept rubbing and stroking. He hugged me and started massaging my boobs on top of my t-shirt.

He saw that I wore bra and he got irritated. He told me to remove it. But I couldn’t. So he started putting his hand inside my skirt and started fingering. I couldn’t control. I was biting my lips and closing my eyes. Aaaahhhhhhh. Just loved it and then he took the milk shake and threw away the straw.

He opened the cap of the glass and poured little in my mouth. It started flowing everywhere. And then he sucked it all. He was so greedy. He looked so horny and hungry. Like a hungry dog. I told him that i am feeling very uncomfortable here. So I want to go. I told him to come with me and we will take a hotel room. He said that it is dangerous. And he said we will go to his car.

We left the theatre. He still had the milkshake in his hand. We went to the car and started smooching. He has an Innova. We took the car and went to a dark side where there was no one. He took me to the back seat and made me lay down. He removed my top and bra, in hunger and poured some milkshake on my boobs. He started licking it. He drank every drop of it and din even waste a bit.

He started biting my nipples. I started crying. He said “karayalle ente kanna. ” means not to cry dear and started massaging. I became very horny. Then he sat on the seat and made me sit on his lap. Because all these while he felt uncomfortable cause of less space.

I turned towards him and sat on his lap. He asked me if I am happy. I said yeah I am happy.

But not like last time. So he said sorry and he will take me to his room. I said “no need kanna. I want you to moan. That is what is being missed”. So he laughed and smooches me again. Truly I love it when a guy moans. Just love to hear it. It makes me so horny. Aaaaahhhh. I unzipped him and removed his Bermuda. I went backward in a way that I bend and blow him.

I started sucking and biting his dick. He started moaning “ahhhh my sexy bitch ahhhhhh, oh god! Ahhhh ya ya ya honey yaaa faster ahhhhh” and started massaging my hair. Then he was about to come. I told him to cum on my boobs as I wanted to feel that heat. Uffffff. I was in heaven again. Just loved the feel and I hugged him tightly. This time I only had the skirt and panty.

I removed his t shirt. He was fully naked. Ahhhh I loved his body so much. He couldn’t lick my pussy as we were in car. However I managed to put my pussy inside his dick and started jumping. He got a nice view of my boobs bouncing. He looked at it and started moaning “aahhh ahhh ahhh I wanna finish off that melons”. Even I was moaning badly. I started grinding. Ahhhh. Then we had to stop as we saw one car coming.

He wore his t shirt. I told him not to wear the Bermuda and kept it with me.

He told me to remove my skirt and be fully nude and lie down so that he can keep seeing me while driving. I didn’t want to seduce him as he was driving. But whenever there was traffic he turned back and looked at me and passed his hand and pinched my boobs. We reached his building.

It was very old; small place. No one stayed there. He covered me with his jacket and we both went to his room. We entered fucking each other. Uffff I jus can’t express how it felt. I was in front and he was behind fucking and then massaging my boobs. We entered the bedroom and he threw me to the bed and said “thaa di ninte poor. Kore neraayi veshapp sahikanu” which means give me ur pussy.

I have been hungry since long. And he made me nude and lay down. He started blowing there. Ahhhhhhh I moaned like a bitch. It was a superb feeling. And he inserted his tongue and I started screaming on top of the world. And he inserted his fingers one by one. He tried to insert 4 fingers at a time but it pained me a lot. Then he told we want to do doggie style.

He fucked me from behind and kept pinching my nipples. Ahhhh I am getting wet even thinking about it. I had the best orgasms this time. We were too tired and slept off.

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