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sex in the barn

Sex in the barn:

I walk into the barn and I saw Maggie bending over picking up a bale of hay , I walked behind her and grabbed her tits she dropped the bale of hay straight away ,I started to kiss her at the back of the neck and around to her ear ,my hand went under her shirt to find her large tits hugging them very tightly ,I could feel her nipples get hard ,I already had a hard on watching her bending over ,I could see the outline of her pussy in the tight leggings she had on ,I took her top off and undid her bra, her big tits bounced ,I turned her around and started to suck hard on her nipples while my hand was looking for her pussy she responded the same way she soon found my hard cock ,I started to rub her clit and fingered her pussy with no time she was we ,I went on my knees and pulled her tights down to her angles I started to lick her pussy until it was so wet I took her top and lay it over the bale of hay.

i took her bra and tied her wrist and bent her over the bale of hay ,her ass was top in the air show her nice wet pussy I could not help myself given it a good lick it was nice and wet and my cock was ready to hammer it home ,I rested on knee on the bale and I pushed my cock deep inside her she leaved her head with a yelp after a few strokes she was nice and wet I turned and put my other knee on the other side of her I was in a doggie position but just very height up as my cock went down it was rubbing her asshole and this was stretching her pussy I could feel every inch of her pussy inside she was so tight ,it looks like she never had sex this way as I pulled my cock out it was so wet from her juice.

i put it back in but just the head pulled it out and head back in I did this a few time until she started to ggggrrrrrrr at me ,I knew this was to say stopped teasing me ,as soon as I pushed deep inside her she came ,and she let me know it with a deep moan and I could also feel her pussy tighten up ,Maggie was a very sexual person she loved cuming and never held back it was not long until she came again and again but that every time she came her moans and yelps got loader and loader.

I was pumping her with all my might deeper and deeper with long strokes ooo my god my cock so so hard I was ready to cum myself but I held back because I was going to fuck her good and hard ,I started to really fuck her hard her feet started to left off the floor and the bale of hay started to move forward, I pumped her like I never did before you could hear her ass been slapped with my hips harder and harder faster and faster she was almost in a scream now I could not hold out any more my cock explode inside her ,my hot cum just kept pumping inside her I feel backwards landing on my bum I could watch all my hot cum running out of her red swollen pussy I sat there for a few minutes while I got my breath back , Maggie was still bent over the bale I untried her hands but she could not move she said she had no feeling in her legs and need a bit more time.

i sat in front of her not only did it notice her red butt and pussy ,but her face was red too ,she looked at me and said did you enjoy that? Yes I said she replied well just you wait I will get you back for this.


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