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Sex Clinic #3 – Both Banged

I have hot holiday with two tasty lovely ladies – the brunette wants a baby, the blonde only me

I am at a hot holiday with two tasty great girlfriends in complicated relations between us three
I just secretly agreed to try to impregnate the shy sweet submissive brunette beauty as my slave

I know she is virtually a slave to her slim blonde beauty best friend who always dominates her
I promise my shy doctor to try to make her a baby in return for being completely my submissive

I get back to our apartment with my dear doctor for our first fuck in private as we both hope
I am as surprised as her to find the skinny blonde busy with an enema – hotly rubbing herself

I grab my bride to be under her short skirt – cover her mouth with my other hand while we watch
I get her off in silence very fast, her cunny’s contractions milk my member and I shoot my load

I already have the brunette as my submissive as long as it takes, but the blonde butt also falls

I carry her to bed, close her love lips by two cloth pins so my sperm will not leak from her twat
I walk back to the shower to see the blonde beauty getting hot whose tight tiny butt is facing me

I hear her moan ever louder and enjoy my sight of her nearing an orgasm till she almost collapses
I grab her hips from behind and immetiately enter her warm wet hot hole to bring her over the edge

She screams from that unexpected pleasure and keeps coming as I keep a slight touch around her clit
She screams NO! a she realises my mighty member starts to poke at the holiest of all her holes

She relaxes as I whisper sweet words in her ear Just push a bit back at me baby, it’s so easy
She mutters in protest a bit I only play there privately, no man has been in me anally before!

I have soon two tasty dedicated dear sexy slaves – one for a forthnight only, second for longer

She sighs deep when the top of my big brown banana slowly slides beyond her virgin sphinxter’s grip
She soon feels the foxy fun of a fuck in her backdoor as I keep playing with her firm tits, big clit

She is too high and horny to back down from this unusual bodily heavenly pleasure which fell upon her
She comes two more times before I empty whatever is left in my balls deep down inside her anal canal

I whisper in her ear, after I regain my breath You are my sweet sexy slave for this hot holiday!
I want you to obey me, as your dear friend will, in return for the pleasure I will provide to you

I will be both honoured and happy to serve you as a sexy submissive for this tasty foxy forthnight
I have two tasty lovely looking ladies, one for the hot holiday, the other as long as it will take

I make so much love that hot holiday that I need my best skills to satisfy both my sexy slaves!

I make a lot of love in this hot holiday although I need all my best tantric skills in the beginning
I save my sperm for my dear docter – at least as long as she is ovulating – next I go wild with them

We soon develop a daily rythm: before breakfast we make love and I make sure both can come awesomely
We next go to the beach for a swim and a bit of sun bathing – we leave the blonde when it’s too hot

I have a sexy session in private with my bride to be in our cool hotel room where she loses her rose
I have a preference for knocking on their backdoors, which is both much more tight as very intimate!

We go back to the beach late afternoon to join the blonde beauty baking herself as brown as she can
We go to shower together which always leads to more making love, go for dinner and some dirty dance

I look forward to my future monthly visits to my dear doctor’s private clinic in her hospital!

I discuss the possibilities with my dear dirty doctor during our private siësta erotic encounters
I offer to continue to visit her at the days of her ovulation as long as she likes submissiveness

We giggle when we wonder about our possibilities with her long days in the hospital, hardly any time
We give time to my teasing thought I can visit her at her work – as her patient ‘patient for love’!

I ask her about the details of her job’s situation As chef de clinique you can arrange a lot!?
I still remember her broad smile as she realises the possibility of meeting my meat in her hospital

We agree to meet for those two days every month in her cabinet, only her sexy secretary will be there
We both look forward to those tasty future foxy erotic encounters in my tries to impregnate my docter.

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