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Sex Clinic #1 – Prelude

I summarize this sexy series: sex with two good girlfriends leads later to intimate impreganations

I summarize the sexy content of this issue: I make love to two tasty lovely ladies soon slaves of love
I summarize the set-up of this serious series of sexy stories of to two women wanton for sex and love

I will tell in my prelude how two girlfriends, each others best, become hot for my daily doses of love
I wlll tell You first about a hot holiday together which turns our apartment into our first Sex Clinic

I summarize the second longest part of this series when the cool hot hospital turns into a Sex Clinic
I summarize the main line: one of the two heads that hospital, wants to get pregnant as her secretary

I will first tell You all about our hot holiday for three one sexy Summer on a Greek island of love
I will first tell You all about how the hospital turns secretly into a private impregnation station

I am on a hot holiday with two great girlfriends, one wants simply sex the other to get preggy!

I am on a hot holiday for a foxy fortnight at a Greek island with two terrific tasty great girlfriends
I am taking turns to dance with them both at Lesbos during our first night out, use it to talk them up

I get them both soon in the mood to tell me their secret sexy wishes whispered during slow foxtrots
I get them both soon in the mood for closer encounters without wearing their seductive sexy outfits

I notice that the head of the hot hospital has less a head for strong booze than that bossy blonde
I notice the women’s wishes are as similar in sexy content for me as opposite in practical purposes

I learn that the boyishly built blonde beauty yearns for foxy sexy satisfaction every day and night
I learn that the head of the Sex Clinic, as I sooned christened her hospital, has a different wish!

I use the flight to set the rules straight for our common holiday – seduce both in the evening

I sit between the two during our flight from Chopin airport and use it to negociate our plans
I sit between them so I can caress both their thighs lightly in encouragement for arguments I present

I get easy agreement on my proposition to solve any possible disputes by a vote on it, as democracy
I get easy agreement for my proposition that our sunny sexy hot holiday shall offer us satisfaction!

I guess both girls assume they will win together any voting as they know each other from school years
I guess both girls slightly underestimate my shrewdness – hidden well by my behaviour as a gentleman!

I invite them to go out for dinner and an evening of dancing as soon as we unpack refresh and redress
I invite them into my arms in turns for romantic dances immediately after we order the courses we want

I call it a night as soon as the course of events makes it clear who of the two will be with me

I call it a night as soon as I notice the head of the Sex Clinic has no head at all for strong drinks
I call it a night as I know now she soon will be into Morpheus’ arms leaving us the rest of the night

I help her to undress and take her with me to the shower after giving the blond beauty my eye-wink
I hold her under the shower – whisper I will help her secret sexy wish to come true while I rub her

I have to carry her to her bed as her knees got too week after orgasming awesomely hard in my arms
I have to carry the tasty tiny blonde beauty over the threshold of the other bedroom to be my bride

I enjoy how she first sucks my half-hard brown banana into my mightly member for her hot nightly ride
I enjoy how she dances on my proud pole offering all of her beauties to my eyes and both my hot hands

I have hot fun for my eyes hands and proud pole, I smile at her horny hot sexy explosions on me

I have hot sexy access to all of her cute beauties by my hands while my eyes see her face, firm tits
I have hot eyes for her boyish bums reflected in the big folded make-up mirror behind our double bed

I smile when I notice her near her first sexy explosion and start to finger-tip her sexy slit a bit
I smile when I notice her immediate and impressive response at my first light touch next to her clit

I have to hold her hips as she shakes them so hard her legs trembling, I bring my mouth to her tits
I have to hold her hips very firmly as she keeps coming while I softly suck and bite at her hard nips

I smile when she collapses on top of me – with one arm I caress her back, the other squeezes the bums
I smile at myself when my upper arm slowly slides down to her lower back, next as well her sexy ass!

I have hot access by both hands to her boyish bums to prepare her for my plan to take her holy hole

I have one hand at each cheek and sweetly caress and squeeze them while she tries to regain her breath
I have one hand at each cheek ready to slowly slap them, start to pull them apart to prepare her there

I pull her high Hotness up and turn her over to her belly – with two pillows below it for best access
I pull her hot cheeks apart to lick her pussy juices further down into her tasty tight sexy sphinxter

I hear her moan more in her sexy expectation of what I will do to her right now and easily gives in
I hear her moan very loud now as I drive it immediately deep down inside her holiest hot horny hole

I reach with my left index around her hips to the top of her slit to orchestrate her next hot orgasm
I reach with her my sexy explosion deep inside her as her muscles in coming effectively milk my member.

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