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Sex Clinic #0 – Synopsis

From a fucking hot horny holiday to intimate impregnation visits every fortnight to the Sex Clinic

In the Sex Clinic I fathered quite a few babies at beautiful warm women who work there in the top jobs
Intimate impregations in that sex Clinic were a natural follow-up of a foxy hot sexy holiday for three

In the first episode I will tell how the sexy situation on a holiday with two good girlfriends got hot
In that hot holiday I found out about the secret sexy desire of the shyest of the two tasty great gals

I introduced the idea to solve any holiday disputes by democratic voting – even before the start of it
I used it to seduce that shy girl into my side so we would win together any voting in case of our need

I tried my best to impregnate Her Shyness during her fertile days halfway the second week of our stay
I wasn’t successful yet so we made plans to meet in the hospital where she heads the Internal Section

From a promise to try to make a baby at Her Shyness I got access to all hot holes of both of them!

In return for the favour to fuck her for impregnation in the second week I wanted her to serve me sex
In return for that favour I convinced her to vote for my side in all sexy decisions of the three of us

I wanted her virgin sphinxter for a start and next on a daily basis except her few fertile days there
I wanted her hot bossy blonde foxy friend also to became a sex slave to me, she liked to turn tables!

In return for promising to try my best to fertilise her I got virtual domination over the two tasties
In return I got indeed access to all warm wet horny holes of the boyishly built beautiful blonde baby

I hardly had time left to keep my diary of all the foxy fun we had and how often I had them seperately
I hardly had time left to think about my strategy for next nights & days being busy keeping them happy

Her Highness soon turns into Her Horniness to enhance her chance for most wanted sexy success!

Her Highness provided me with a special pass to set up our sexy encounters at times of her convenience
Her Highness and her sexy secretary were the only two to know the real purpose of my monthly consults!

My mighty medical specialist dived back into the best books in English of the main medical libraries
My mighty medic friend concentrated on predicting her exact ovulation moment by most modern methods

Her Hotness arranged to meet me for impregnation twice a month: a day before eggspring – and next day
Her Hotness found out that the female vaginal orgasm is of great influence on the rate of sexy success

Her Horniness soon invited me also at her home to practise the most wanted type of getting an orgasm
Her Horniness had been quite inexperienced in sex with men, never women, she always was a shy student

Her Horniness easily accepted her sexy secreatary into our intimate impregnation intercourses!

Her Horniness was impressed by the omnipotence of my mighty mind and very wide range of my knowlegde
Her Horniness was secretly in love with me, she would never acknowledge it in her scientific approach

Her Highness had never noticed how hot her sexy secretary looked at me – every time she received me!
Her Highness easily accepted my argument to include her secretary more sexily to ensure her discrecy

Her sexy secretary’s eyes told me from the very start she was hot for me, got the purpose of my visits
Her sexy secretary got courage from the example of her superior – soon also wanted to become a m0ther!

Her sexy secretary is almost eight years younger and a beautiful blonde with small tits and firm hips
Her sexy secretary is open for my seduction – after I once casually asked her about offspring wishes!

Her Highness and her sexy secretary soon became passionate lovers as well and not only with me!

Her Hotness in her sexy studies and practise of reaching vaginal orgasms soon tried my hot tip to her
Her Hotness invited her sexy secretary to practise together during their common breaks being on duty

Her sexy secretary had to introduce her brunette boss into all the possibilities between two women
Her sexy secretary had tried it a few times in experiments in sex during her hot cool student times

Her Highness and her sexy secretary discovered in their practises even squirting orgasms, such a joy
Her Highness and her sexy secretary wanted to forget that, squirting is no use at all in impregation

Her Horniness and her sexy secretary wanted to get good at vaginal orgasms the semen most to suck in
Her Horniness and that sexy secretary knew that their eggs live one day, seeds several let them swim.

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