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Seema invited me to her house, when her hubby and

Hi friends, it’s been quite some time since I (Paul from Mumbai) could really get some time to sit and write my sexperience which I had after I last shared

with you dear readers here about my episode “Threesome With Sameer And Seema. ”

Just let me give a brief intro about ourselves. I got to know Sameer who is around 37 years and Seema who is 35, through one of the different lifestyle websites.

To make a long story short, it’s been now 4 years we are going steady in our relationship. We have met for fun on number of occasions and they have also introduced me to two other couples also. But for now it’s all about Sameer, Seema and myself.

Sameer is dark, 5. 7, slightly heavy with a pouch. Whereas Seema is fair, 5. 5, 36-30-36, and neither too slim nor too fat.

Now, let me dive straight to our story.

On Tuesday, November 12, 2014 – morning around 8am, I get a call from Sameer, saying Seema will call and don’t tell her that “I had informed you that

Seema will call you around 10 am”, and he disconnected the phone. Around 10:00 am sharp I get a call saying, “by 12 noon, all the 3 children will be gone to school and college, so please come home I have a surprise for you”.

At 11:45 am I get a SMS “all have gone come”.

Well, I told my staff that I have to go for a meeting and should be back soon. On reaching Seema’s house, I rang the door bell, and she opened the door hiding behind it without showing herself, as she was sure it’s me, because she saw me through their intercom/main door camera.

And as I slowly walked through the opened door, trying to look why Seema is hiding behind the door.

Once I was in, she closed door quickly and hugged me and asked me, “how do I look?” She was in her just below the butt semi-transparent nightie which revealed her boobs covered with pink coloured bra and panty, the latter just covered her pussy and revealed her entire sexy butt.

I had no words to express what I saw! It was really a treat to see Seema in that attire, I was honoured to receive this type of welcome.

I hugged tight and I said, “Wow! You really look very sexy and tempting”. I couldn’t resist, I kissed her lips, pressed her boobs, and was alternating press her butt too!

She told me, yesterday night I was really getting horny as I was thinking about you, so I asked Sameer, “Can I call Paul tomorrow when no one is at home and spend some time having fun with him all by myself?” Sameer just nodded his head and said sure you can invite him, it would be a surprise for Paul and he will never say no to you.

You know he always want to satisfy your deepest craving for sex, and he is too good at giving you the best and once he is sure that you had enough, he ejaculates his cum into you and relieves himselves. You don’t have to take my permission, Paul and we are now best friends for almost 4 years.

I always was waiting for this opportunity, but didn’t suggest or hinted it to them because I didn’t want Sameer to think that I am too selfish.

She took me straight to their bed room, the view from the 20th floor was so beautiful, it was open green field and marshy area with bright blue sky with nice white clouds, with no other building in the vicinity of Sameer and Seema’s bedroom. So it was like having fun in the open private garden and no other human to disturb us.

I remove her mini nightie, and kissing her forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck and started to kiss her lips, and I was holding her with my left arms on her back and my right hand busy pressing her left boobs.

She was trying to get hold off my penis over the pant I was wearing. We were next to the cot and she lifted her left leg and placed it on the edge of the cot and I understood that she wanted me to play with hand on her pussy. I slowly, went down pulled her panty down and she kept her left leg back again on the edge of the cot, and thrust her pussy into my mouth.

I teased her by busy rubbing and kissing her inner thighs, and her pussy was totally wet and dripping down and sliding along her right thigh. I kept on licking and kissing her thighs but didn’t suck or kiss her pussy because I wanted her to beg for it. Between the wide open legs, from below I put both my palms on her butt and pulled her close to my mouth, she said, “Paul suck me and fuck me, I desperately need a good fuck from you, today Sameer is not there to interfere and distraction us.

I always wanted only you and me together, so today it’s our day, we don’t have to share our fun. That’s why I called you today. Fuck me any which way you want. I want you to fuck me hard with your six inches penis, I want a deeeepp fuuccck…… She just held my head tightly and turned herself around and just dropped on to the soft bed and lifted her legs and spread it wide open for me to literally suck her pussy.

All this while, I was on my knees.

She pulled my hands up to her boobs and with her legs going over my shoulder, with her legs hanging over on to my back and her both the thighs resting on my shoulders, she pulled me closer to her pussy in order to bring it close to my mouth as I was on my knees on the floor at the edge of the cot.

The position was so good, I kept on sucking and licking and tongue fucking her for almost 20 minutes or more, and all the while she really moaning and saying, “oh Paully it really good, it’s only you and me today, wow! Its too good, thank you my dear for coming.

After about 5 minutes suddenly, Seema with both her hands on my head, pulled it very hard towards her and made sure that my mouth was on her pussy and she was literally screaming loudly and vigorously shaking as she climaxed and she literally let the fountains of her pussy juice which was all over my face.

I couldn’t move my head away, as she had caught me tight with her legs and thighs. I was in that position for a while until Seema calmed down and was relaxed, she let loose her grip on my head. I slowly spread her thighs and licked all the juice. I stood straight up on my knees and looked into her eyes and I saw a smile of satisfaction and gratitude on her face.

I got up from the floor, climbed on to her sucked her boobs and putting my arms under her and lifting her head with my palms I kissed her and she kissed me too and said, thank for coming. I said, Seemoo, I love you baby, I am glad you called me and you trust me and for giving all your goodies to enjoy.

We both were in that position for some time, then she pushed me gently so that she can get up.

She hugged me. Then she removed my shirt and top undergarment. Sat on the edge of the cot, unbelt my pants and pulled it down, she teased me by playing over my dent in my underwear and then slowly took my cock out and playing with her hand moving it to and fro over it and started to suck it. Every time she knew that my cock was hard and will cum, she pressed it hard to stop it from Cumming.

Then she again started the whole process and she did it for about five times.

Then she undressed me totally and made me lie on my back. She climbed up on to the cot and rubbed her pussy which was moist over my mouth, she got up and lay on me and kissed me and moved down to my cock and she positioned herself with her legs on either side of me.

Took my cock and slowly pushed it into her wet pussy and started to ride slowly over my cock up and down for about 5 minutes. Then she moved forward and kissed me and her boobs were on my chest and she was moving her pelvis to and fro so that my cock was sliding inside her pussy and her clitoris was getting rubbed and pressed on to my pubic bone.

She got up and lay besides me and said now you fuck me.

I got up and positioned myself with my legs on both side of her. I took my cock and placed on her lips; she caught hold of it and started to suck. I moved down took my cock and kept between her boobs and started to press her boobs. Then I moved my cock and positioned it near her pussy and laid myself on her and was pressing and sucking her boobs.

It was fun to suck and press at the same time I was slowly moving my cock forward and backward on her vagina opening without penetrating into the vagina. She good aroused and her pussy was wet and her juice was oozing out and making my cock head move smoothly at the pussy opening.

I moved up, positioned on her with my lips on to her lips and my penis head slightly in her pussy and was moving my pelvis to and from in the process my cock head was just moving slowly in and out.

I was just teasing her by not inserting my cock in her pussy fully. In her excitement she started to move her hip against my hip in rhythm with my hip movement so that my cock can go deep into her pussy, but I did not allow it go beyond my cock head. Finally, she could not hold the excited she gave a sudden jerk, my cock moved almost half its length into her vagina, and then I started to pump my cock slowly into her vagina, till it was fully in.

I stopped for a few seconds and then pulled it out completely and pushed it into her pussy and started to stroke faster and thrust it deep in.

Once, I realized she is nearing her climax, I started to stroke faster and faster and we both reached our climax at the same time and she squid at the same time I cummed into her pussy fully my load of juice and kept on pressing hard against her pussy so that my cock is fully in her and her clitoris is crushed against my pubic bond.

I held her tight and she gripped me hard around my waist with both her legs we both were exhausted and we lay in that position for some time, she relaxed her grip around my waist and her legs slid down on both the sides and I lifted my head and kissed her and she gave a very passionate kiss and I was slowly moving my cock inside her pussy without taking it out.

She said, “Paul all these come so naturally to you, I think you should fuck all the women in the presence of their hubbies, to show them how to fuck their own wives and satisfy their sexual cravings”. Oh no, I won’t allow you to do that, you are mine, and only my proud possession.

Her Samsung smart phone started to ring it was lying on the cot, I stretched my hand and picked it up and saw it was Sameers call at 2:18 pm, and gave it to her.

She put it on speaker phone mode, answered the call and I was still laying on top of her with a slow rhythmic movement of my cock in her wet pussy. Sameer asked her, “how is it going, Seema?. ” She said, “thank you dear for allowing Paul to come over. It was a wonderful time I enjoyed, I am talking to you and he is still laying on me and stroking slowly in my wet pussy, he is so natural, he knows what a woman needs and when, and how to give it, I am grateful to you dear – you brought Paul into our life, thank you dear, well you speak to him.

” Sameer asked me, “how was it Paul?” I said, “Sameer you are lucky to have a wife like Seema, she is too good, I must say we are in sync with each other’s movements on bed and she also know how to fuck a man. ”

Sameer said, “Paul I know, tonight I will get a treat on bed, every time you come and she enjoy what you do, she get charged up and we have a wonderful night that evening and almost for the next two days Seema is on high charge.

Thanks pal. ” I too said, “thanks for giving Seema and me the time to spend together, thanks pal.

Sameer said, “you are always welcomed, you made our married life a meaningful one, you enjoy until she say enough for the day. ”. Sameer hung up.

Both Seema and I said, “hey we started at 12 noon and we were enjoying it, we didn’t realize who time flew, OMG. ”

Seema said, “I am so thrilled how we spend our time together, it was awesome.

Paully, you are still laying on me and stroking in and out, in my pussy.

Now I am also wet again, I had 4 orgasms at one go, now why don’t to start again I want, you are also to be satisfied and now don’t think of my satisfying me, you fuck me and cum into me again, enjoy fucking this Seema, I want to see you enjoy fucking me. ” OK let go and we wound up after this last fuck, so that the house is back to normal when the children returns from school for the day.

We had lunch together and as we were enjoying, Seema said, “Paul I don’t know how to put it across to you?”

I said, “go on Seemoo”.

Do you remember last month I introduce you to a couple, Priya and Mohan? I said, “yes what happened? Priya’s hubby is not good on bed and he knows his own limitations. So, he has said to her, see if any of your friends can help you out.

Since her hubby said that, Priya approached me.

The main reason for asking you to come today was because I want to spend time with you. But I thought – If you don’t mind can we both help her. I asked Seema, “how can we both help her. ” Can I ask her to join us for fun? I asked Seema, “What about her other members of the family. ”

Seema said, “She has no children, because of her hubby’s problem, and he is always on the move and he is OK if she can help herself find a solution.

We can meet at their house for fun. No one visits her. What do you say?” Well, are you comfortable, if it’s OK with both of you, I would be too happy to be a part of it. The door bell range, the youngest son of Seema has come from school so we didn’t discuss any more on the topic. But it was mutually accepted. May be I have another nice sexperience to share in the near future.


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