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Seduced by Stranger in Train in presence of Husban

In 2005 the incident happened, when I was travelling from Patna to New Delhi (India) in Shramjivi express. I was going with my husband on LTC to Rajasthan. We were in 1st AC compartment, and alone in the cabin. When the train reached Buxer, one gentleman boarded in the train and came in our cabin. He was a handsome man around 38 yr, 5’9” and a bit like muscular body. I was quite impressed with him.

He said hello to my husband and smiled at me and sat on seat. As we were alone, me and my husband were sitting opposite on different seats. He sat near my husband.
After the train again started, my husband and he started some chatting on general topics. We come to know that he is Pradip Sexena, an executive in software company based in Delhi. He started calling me Bhabhi, which I was enjoying.

It was around 1:00 pm, when lunch was served to him. We also open our bag and started lunch. We shared vegetable and sweet with him which he happily accepted. After lunch, my husband wanted to have a nap, so he gone to upper birth and slept. Now we two were sitting there. He came just opposite to me and smiled. I also reciprocated.
After 10-15 min of silence, he asked: Bhabhiji, kya ham kuchh bat kare, nahi to bahut boriat ho rahi he.

Mene kaha: ha, kyo nahi… He smiled and become again silent. I think he was not getting what to talk.
I asked: kuchh apne bare me batao.
He said: ab kya batao bhabhi, ye job bahut busy rekhta he. Bahut tour karne padte he. Kabhi yaha kabhi vaha.
Mene puchha: phir to bahut logo se milte honge. kyat um married ho.
He: ha, aur do bête bhi he.

Me: phir tumhari wife ko to bahut intezar karna hota hoga. With this he was surprised as he was not expecting such thing.
He: vo to he..par mujhe bhi to…uski bahut yaad aati he..par kya karu..abhi me karib 15 dino ke bad ghar pahuchunga. do din bad phir jana padega tour par.
Me: vo kya karti he..koi job..
He: ha…vo ek lecturer he..collage me..
Me: phir to busy rehati hogi..He smiled.

Then again we did not talk for 5-10 min. I felt that he was staring at my blouse which was peeping out of my pallu. I got a bit excited and thought that I should tease him a bit. Casually, I adjusted my pallu such that my sari rolled on my blouse and both the points in blouse was visible now. I was looking out the window, but looking at him with tilted sight.

He was continuously looking at my blouse. I felt he was curious for more. I looked at my husband who was sleeping on birth over him. Then I got up from the sit and pulled towel from the upper birth. In the process, my pallu was slipped and fall down. He glanced at my boobs, I smiled at him and then adjusted pallu again and sat on my sit.
He: bhabhiji..aap kaha tak ja rahi he…
Me: ham log vaise Rajasthan ja rahe ..LTC par ghumne..
He: oh..bahut achha he…kitne dino ka programme he..
Me: yahi koi 5-7 din.. Then again he become silent for 5 min.

Then I got up and moved out and went to toilet for fresh up. I returned after 10 min. By the time Mughal sarai station came. He got down to station. I sat on the seat where my husband was sitting as we had the two seat. When train was to start, he came back and sat near me (on the position same where he was sitting earlier). He looked at my husband, who was just snoring as in fast sleep.

I was sitting with both legs up and with back on window. He was staring me continuously.
He: Ek bat bolu bhabhiji, bura to nahi manogi..
Me: ha ha kaho…
He: aap bahut beautiful ho…(I think he was encouraged with my ealier gestures).
Me: accha…mujhe to pata hi nahi tha…(I smiled)
He: aap bhi na bhabhi..mera mazak bana rahi sach kah raha hu…mene aapke jaise aurat bahut kam he dekhi he.

Me: kyo eisa kya he…jo eisa kah rahe ho..
He: aapki khubsurti…aur aapka ye badan…(he just whispered)
Me: oh…(saying this I adjusted my pallu in such a way was revealing more than hiding).
He: aapke ye…(he my blouse with eyes)..
Me: Dhat…(mujhe sharm aa jati he..aur turn karke window se bahar dekhti hu). He becomes again silent for few minutes. But, I was getting a bit excited with his remarks, but as a woman I could not do anything more.

A was feeling a bit dozy, so I closed eyes and tried to spread legs a bit, but tried to keep away from him. He understood and moved a bit away so that I could spread legs. In half spread position, I rolled to one side. My pallu got displaces and my full blouse was in his view. I took it as positive response, and placed his hand on my toe. I did not respond.

Slowly he started to massage my toe and come upto ankle. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He removed his hand and looking other side. I again closed my eyes.
He again put his hand on ankle and started messaging there. After 5-10 min, I opened eyes and looked at him again and smiled. He also smiled and continued his act. I spread my legs a bit lower and now touching his thighs.

I again seen him, but did not tell anything. Then closed eyes again. Oh, god, his hands were too hot and moving on my toe and ankle in such a way, that I could not explain about what I was feeling. Suddenly, he inserted his hand in my sari and tries to reach to my knees. I opened eyes and shrink my legs. I was feeling shame as he was going in my sari.

He stopped it. Then he moved to other seat and started to sleep. I cursed myself why I did not allowed him as I was also feeling good by his act.
At around 4:00 pm, my husband got up and also woke me up. He was sitting near me. Pradip was still sleeping on other lower birth. Suddenly chai vala came…and my husband ordered for three cups. I looked at him. But he got Pradip woke up and asked for tea.

He smiled and agreed. We three had tea together. I got up and from bag, I took some snakes and offered to Pradip. He readily took some and accidently ya intentionally he touched my hand in the course. I smiled and then offered to my husband.
He: namkeen to bahut tasty he…kya aapne banaye he?
My husband: Ha ji…ye sab to enhone he banaye he…bahut achhi achhi chije banati he.
He: phir to aap bahut lucky ho…bhai sahib…jo etni achhi patni mili eisa khana banati he.

My husband: Ha vo to he…(and he look to me).
Me: aap bhi na…bas eise he tariff karne lagte he…
My husband: kya me galat kah raha hu…(me sharma jati hu aur kuchh nahi kahti).
Tabhi mere husband..uthkar bahar jane lagte he..bathroom me. As he go out of cabin, Pradip suddenly come near me and sit on same seat, and tell me: Bhabhiji..aap to kamal ki ho…har tarah se..
Me: matlab…
He: matlab kya…aap etni khubsurat ho…attractive ho…ye badan he…aur sath me etna achha khane ko…
Me: oh…(smile).

Pradip takes plate from hand and started eating..
Me: aapko bahut achha laga ye..
He: ha..aur kya…vaise ek bat kahu…
Me: kya…
He: (just in whisper)..aap bhi bahut namkeen lagti ho.
Me: Dhat..kaise bat karte ho…sharm nahi aati..
He: ek bat puchhu…
Me: Kya..
He: aapne bura to nahi mana..
Me: kis bat ka…
He: vo me kar raha samay…(and he winked).
I got ashamed and did not tell anything.

He got a bit courage with this. He suddenly come to me and whispered in my ear: kya me kuchh aur kar sakta hu…
I asked: matlab..kya ..
Bina mere jawab ke intezar kiye..usne ek hath mere blouse par rakh diya aur left boob ko sahla diya..aur sath hi ..mere galo par kis kar diya. Me hadbada gai..aur usko dur kar diya..aur naraj hote huwe boli: ye kya kar rahe ho…sharm nahi aati..aur door bhi khula he…agar vo aa gaye to.. (I think he got the singnal with this that I am also interested).

But..he smiled and told: sorry sorry…ab nahi karunga.. (aur kan pakadne laga). I started laughing on his behavior and the way he felt sorry. Then my husband returned and sat on opposite seat. He also sat near him and they started chatting on general type of issues.
We also ordered for dinner along with him. At 20:30pm or so, Lucknow station came where the train stopped longer. My husband got down to purchase something.

Pradip again got some opportunity to seduce me. He just closed the door (not bolted) and came to me. I looked at him with surprise.
He: bhabhiji, mujhe aapko kuchh kahna he…
Me: kya..
He: bhabhi..dekhiye..jab se ham mile he…tabhi se..mujhe kuchh hone laga he..
Me smiled and said: kay hone laga he..
He: me aapse pyar karne laga hu..
Me: achha..etni jaldi…par me to shadi shuda hu…
He: to kya huwa…phir bhi..kya me ek request kar sakta hu…
Me: bolo
Vo mere muh ke ekdam pas aa gaya..aur bola: me aapko kiss karna chahta hu..kya kar lu?
Me: Hey..kaise bat karte ho..aur pahle bhi kar liya tha tumne.

He: pahle to gal par kiya tha..(he placed his finger on my lips)..ab yaha…
I looked at him for some time with some anger..and then turned face towards window (as if I am looking, if somebody is seeing us there). Suddenly he turned my face and kissed very hard on my lips. And also rubbed over my left boob. No body from window can see as the light inside was dim and window glass were tinted.

I enjoyed it a lot and wanting more from him. but he stopped and got to his seat. I looked at him with anger and asked: ye kya badtamiji he….
He: bhabhiji..aapko achha nahi laga kya.. I did not tell anything but looked out in window.
Then my husband returned with some chips and cold drinks. He offered the same to Pradip also who took it. Then dinner was served. We three took the dinner and started some gossiping.

I was looking for some opportunity to further tease Pradip, as I was feeling very excited with his advances. After some time we close the lights and keep dim light.
At 11:00 pm, my husband wanted to sleep. He got up and pulled his night dress and went to bathroom to change. I also got up and took water bottle to drink, and so, my pallu again dropped..and my blouse become fully visible to him.

He did not want to loose the chance, and got up and caught me in his embrace and hugged me tightly and crushed my boobs on his chest. Then he pulled my mouth and kissed on lips. With hands he was squeezing my hips over sari. I could not do any thing…but to cooperate him. I felt his hardon..on my sari in front. and I was enjoying his act very much. As kissing was going on..i cought his hardon in hand and gave bit rub over the pant.

Then we separated as we heard the noise of bathroom door.
This part is going on very long..hence I am stopping it here. The remaining in next part…which will follow very soon.

Seduced by Stranger in Train in presence of Husband. Part – II
This is a seduction story based on a event occurred with my friend Shushila, who is married with one daughter, 34, 36-29-38, fair and very beautiful lady.

She was travelling with her husband for LTC to Rajasthan trip. In the same cabin of AC I class, they were accompanied with one handsome man Pradip 38, 5’9” to which shushila was attracted. During the course of travelling together, they get mixed up, and Pradip seduced Shushila and both got involved in foreplay. The further story is as below. The story is narrated by her which I am reproducing as such.
My husband return after changing his dress to night dress (Kurta and pyzama).

Pradip and me were sitting on lower birth opposite to each other. My husband gone to upper birth just above my birth to sleep. I looked at Pradip, who was very happy to see that, now he can do better with me as he got my liberty from my side. I also rolled the bedsheet and made arrangement for my sleep on lower birth. Pradip was smiling as I looked at him, but I blushed as I was feeling a bit ashamed of what he must be thinking for me.

After 10-15 min, my husband slept and started snoring. I looked at Pradip what he was doing. Oh, my god, what he was doing? He opened his zip of pant and pulled out his manhood which was looking dark colored in dim blue light. It must be around 7” long with reasonable good thickness. I closed my eyes as if I am sleeping and covered myself with bedsheet.

But, I could not close for more time, and again opened to see what he was doing. He was just rubbing his tool and looking at me. As he seen me looking at him, he smiled and raised his tool to show me. I just smiled and again closed eyes. All of a sudden, I felt his hand on my hips. I opened eyes and found him sitting on my birth near my feet.

His tool was still hanging in semi-erect position. I felt shivering in my body and feeling excitement between my legs. I started moving his hand on my body over the bedsheet from toe to my hips and pressing here and there. I did not respond.
After doing this for 10-15 min, and getting no movement from my side, he raised bedsheet from my legs and inserted his hand in my sari and started pressing my legs upto knee.

He was looking at my face. he continued this and tried to advance above my knees and all of sudden inserted hand upto my panty. I got up and stopped his hand and pointed to my husband. He wishpered that he is not think for him. He removed my hand and started trickling on my panty. I was enjoying his act. Then he removed his hand and caught my face and started kissing me very deep.

Oh..what the man was…so good in kissing..inserted his tongue in my mouth and playing with his tongue. His hands were on my back and just rubbing there. I was just like in haven. He moved his hands on blouse and pressed my boobs while kissing continued. I could not believe the scene..a stranger is kissing me just below the birth where my husband was sleeping.
I also wanted to enjoy it, so I caught his hanging tool which was very hot and hard by that time.

Oh god, it was very thick. I do not want to compare with my husband, but still, it was better than him. He tried to open buttons of my blouse, but I stopped him. He whispered..Bhabhi, mujhe tumhare nipples chusne he…please. Mene bhi dhire se kaha. ruko thoda.
I got up from the seat, pulled my nighty from bag which was front buttoned.

I asked him to go to his birth. But, he was reluctant. Then I got up, and went to bathroom to change. I removed my sari, paticot, blouse, and then wore the nighty. Then returned with the removed garments and sit on my birth. He already gone to his birth. Seeing me in the dress, he got very excited and come near me and started to kiss again. We were taking care for no noise to be there.

I bend slowly on my birth and got in sleeping position. He came over me and kissing me everywhere on my mouth, eyelids, ears, nose and …. I wanted to moan, but could not.
Then he lowered his face and sucked my boobs over bra and nighty. He opened button of nighty near bra and just lifted the bra. He was liking on my boobs and crushing nipples in teeths.

Oh..that was great..feeling. My husband also do that sometimes..but in that situation, the enjoyment was on its peak..but what a unfortunate..i could not enjoy it by moaning. He continued this for about half hour and reached near my naval where he also trickled for 2 min. Then he reached near my panty. and sucked over the panty itself. Actually it was already dripping. I already had on orgasm.
Suddenly, I catched his prick and pulled it.

He understood and reversed his position such that we were in 69 position. As he was playing with my pussy, I was with his lund. He removed my panty till knees and just kissing and trickling with his fingers. I was rubbing his lund, kissing, licking his head and also inserting in mouth. Also playing with his balls and hips. I was really in heaven.
Suddenly, we heard movement in upper birth.

I afraid that my husband may woke up. But, he just turned other side and again started snoring. Pradip was very good in licking pussy. I got again orgasm and started to push him away. But could not. I facefully moved his lund in my mouth and after few strokes, he ejaculated in my mouth. After this, we kept laying as such for 5 min and then he got up and kissed me again.

I wiped his cum with towel and got up, adjusted nighty and gone to toilet. He followed me. I smiled as I seen him coming behind me. Near reaching toilet (from where nobody can hear us), he told: Bhabhi, me tujhe chodna chahta hu.
Mene kaha: ha Pradip, mera bhi man to bahut kar raha he..par yaha nahi ho sakega..
He: kyo. bathroom me kar sakte he..
Me: Nahi kisi ne hame sath dekh liya to bahut musibat aa jayegi..
He: phir..kaise…ye dekho mera lund tumhari chut me ghusne ko kitna utawala he..(I see his lund was again rock hard).

I smile, but could not take any risk as my husband was with us.
Me: tum delhi me kaha rahte ho..
He: Rohini..kyo
Me: Ham log ek din delhi me rukne vale he. Dusre din subah Shatabdi se Jaipur jayenge. Paharganj ke kisi hotel me rukna he. Agar ho sake to vaha milna. Me phone kar dungi agar mauka huwa to…
He: oh, aap to bahut budhiman ho.

I love you bhabhi, me jarur aaunga. mera mobile aap note kar lo.
I smile and then he returned to cabin, while I gone in bathroom. When I returned, he was sleeping on his birth. I also slept.
We reached New delhi in the morning. Before departure, my husband and Pradip got their address and mobile exchanged.

my husband also informed him that we will stay for today here in a hotel in Paharganj and if he gets time he may visit in evening.
We boarded in a hotel and got freshen up and had breakfast. Then we had a nap together for about a hour. My husband shown to have sex and we had very wild sex for about two hours.

We were exhausted. But, still I was thinking of Pradip as it was a new experience in the train.
At around 2. 0 pm after dinner, one of our relative (who was living in Delhi) come to our hotel with his wife. We had about one hour with them. The relative asked us to come to their home for dinner and also to visit some places in Delhi with them.

My husband told: it is fine that we will have dinner with you. But I have some work in Delhi for which I will have to go and it may take few hours. If Shushi want to go, I do not have any objection.
But, I shown reluctance as we have already visited Delhi many times. Then after sometime relatives gone.

My husband told me that he is going for some business and will return in 3-4 hours. It was around 2:30 and I thought, I may call Pradip as husband will come by 5-6 pm. As my husband was preparing to leave, I gave message (SMS) to Pradip for immediate coming and gave hotel name and room number. I called me after 15 min that he is on the way and will reach within 10 min.

He came in half an hour after my husband left. He knocked on door. I opened. I was in the same gown which I wore in train. He came in and closed the door. I smiled, but he caught my hand and pulled to him and hugged me tightly.
He: on bhabhi, me kab se es pal ka intezar kar raha tha..
Me: ha bhi tumhare liye ….

ab tum mujhe pura maza do apne es auzar se..(I catch it on pant and squeeze). Par aaj tum mujhe Bhabhi mat bolo..
He: ha meri jan, me aaj tujhe khub chodunga… and he caught my hips and squeezed very hard. My boobs were crushing against his chest and he started to kiss me. I also embrassed him tightly as he is a doll.

His lund was touching my hole through a layer of gown. I lowered one hand and caught his lund and started rubbing it.
I pushed him a bit and got away, and sat on knees. Opened his zipper and pulled his lund out. Oh my god, it was brown with red head. I have seen it first time in full light.

It was almost 7” and very thick and hairy all over. I loved that lund and kissed on head after pulling skin.
“oh..pradip..tera lund to kamal ka he…bahut hi pyara he…” I told.
“tujhe achha laga kya jan, to kar le jo chahe eske sath..roka kisne he” he told.

“ha mere raja, aaj to me eska kachumar nikal dungi…kal se esne pareshan kar rakha he..” saying this, I took it mouth and started licking all over. He was playing with my hairs. I continued to do so for 10-15 min and he enjoyed, till he ejaculated his load in my mouth. The he lifted my body in his hand and put on bed.

He came over me and started kissing me on face and lips. Slowly slowly he reached to neck and then to cleavage. He unbuttoned gown from top and started playing and squeezing my boobs.
“Bhabhi, ek bat puchu” while playing with my nipples over bra, he asked..
“Bhabhi nahi…tumhari aaj ki biwi, rani, ya jo chahe kaho…aur chahe..” I replied.

“oh ha…meri rani…bade bade boobs ki malkin…ye batao..kya me tumhe shuru se achha laga tha kya..”
“ha raja, ye to tumhare he he…jor se maslo na..aur ye kyo puchh rahe ho..”
“kyoki, shuru se tune..mujhe line marna shuru kar diya tha..apne ye bade bade boobs dikha kar..”…
“ha raja, me jab shuru se hi tumse attracted thi..par kya karti..aurat hu na…”
He inserted his hand and opened the bra and then started licking on nipples.

I continues..”tum bahut handsome ho aur kisi bhi ladki ke liye kamdev jaise lagte chauda palti aur kadhi huwe muchhe..sine par ghane sab mujhe achha lagta he..”
“on jan..meri rani…tu mujhe pahle kyo nahi mili…” and he removed my nighty fully. I also removed panty.
“dear..ab mujhe chodo..tumhare lund se…me bahut der se intezar kar rahi hu”..He was also very excited to fuck me and his tool was ready and saluting.

He pulled me to corner of the bed and lifted my legs in air and inserted his lund in my chut. Slowly he was putting pressure..and I was enjoying by lifting ass. He fucked me in doggy style also.
After he emptied his load in my pussy after 10-15 min of continuous fucking, we took rest for 10 min laying together in the bed.

Then, he wore his cloths again, and I worn sari. Then he opened door. I informed my husband about his coming to our hotel. He also talked with my husband and said that he was passing through this place, so he called me and got the address. But, my husband told that he will come after one hour or so as he is busy. Then we ordered for some snack and tea and had together.

After this, he again closed the door and fucked me again just by lifting my sari and paticot without removing any cloth. I did not wear panty that time.
He expressed that whenever he come to Patna he wanted to meet me. I agreed and asked him to inform me about his coming so that he can plan his visit in the presence as well as in absence of my husband.
This was a real story told by my friend.

I am waiting for your responses. My e-mail id is [email protected] com. I will also write the story, how I got shushila seduced and fucked her.

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