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A Secret Date with a Lady of the Escort Agency Berlin

As she enters the restaurant, she immediately feels that everyone is looking at her. She turned slightly red but still enjoys the glances. Obviously it’s because of, a young woman with her figure, with her appearance, with all her radiance, gathers admiring glances.

She wears a mini skirt and a sexy short top which stretches tightly over her breasts. Her sexy belly button piercing flashes with every stretch and appears to make the men insane in the room.

She notices every single glance that hits her and somehow it seems that she likes it slowly. She works for the agency Vogue Escorts Berlin and meets with one of her men in this chic restaurant. When passing by, she throws hot gazes at other men and makes most wives angry. But who knows: Maybe one or another man here is her next customer. The business isn’t asleep and she must remain in conversation.

She releases from the glances of the men in the restaurant and finds herself a place, her attendant adjusting a chair for her.  She doesn’t know why he wants that. Why he wants her, surrounded by strangers, by tremble men to shake because of excitement. Why he would like her to dress in such a way, so that the fantasies of the observers penetrate into new dimensions only through her. Dimensions, in which are only she is the center of all imagination.

But anyway – she lets it happen. She deliberately does not cross her legs, but leaves them slightly open. She knows how the men around her begin to sweat and just wait to catch a glimpse of what is below her waistline. She is wearing a sexy black thong that you can easily see. She plays with the man and that is what she loves so much.

The longing of one of the other observer after this treasure will rise into the immeasurable, but for most of them it will remain unattainable. Unless they book her and dig deep into their pocket. In general, the Escort Agency Berlin girls are not a cheap variety. For a girl from them you have to put 2000 to 3000 euros per night on the table. The customer base is correspondingly ambitious and prosperous. And she loves it very much, because she goes only in good restaurants and enjoys life with expensive bags, jewelry and good exquisite food.

She looks at her attendant, although he is reading the menu at the moment, as if nothing happened. But she knows that he is infinitely proud, proud to have what so many would like to have at this moment. When the waiter came to pick up the order, she leaned slightly forward as if she wanted to read from the menu the desired dish. At this moment, her nipples peeked out slightly and she feels the hot glances of all men on her plump décolleté. She loves it so much playing with the men and would like to do it all day.

Also the waiter snatches one or the other hot glance. But just a few seconds, the beautiful game offers itself to his eyes, and he has to let go again to fulfill his duty and take the order. Because her attendant slowly becoming nervous.

The two enjoy a delicious meal and drink from the best champagne. After payment the two set out. In her neck she feels every single envious gaze of the men, as well as of the women who would like to look like her.

The two get in his BMW 7 Series on the well-lit parking lot and they leave the city by the fastest route. Already in the car The Escort Agency Berlin escort lady gets rid of her tops and her plump breasts appear in a black silk bra. They swell out like hot quark turnovers and unsure by the fastest means a big lump in his pants.

He stops at the nearest parking lot and pulls her over to him. Even before she furnishes, he pushes her short skirt upwards and penetrates hard into her. She rides him as there was no tomorrow. After only a few minutes, her attendant trembles and sweats so much that he begins to groan and unloads his hot love juice into her.

She didn’t come, for this it just went too fast. But she gets unbelievably horny when men come in her. Since she takes the pill and always demands an aids test before meeting, it does not matter.

She makes the skirt in right position and looks for a nearby toilet to clean her quickly.

When she comes back to the car, she gives him a slow hot kiss. Usually, an Escort Agency Berlin girl does not do this. But with customers who are especially good and paying good money, she likes to make an exception here and there.

The two clarify the finances and he drives her back home like a gentleman, before he returns to his own four walls and lying down in his bed next to his wife.

She probably guessed where he was, but she didn’t ask, because it would probably hit her too much. As it is likely the case with any normal woman.

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