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Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, 4

Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ At Bayside, Part 4

Saturday night the whole gang went to the movie so Zack and Kelly could only kiss and cuddle. They did manage to make out some during the movie she rubbed his cock through his jeans and he slipped a finger into her cunt when nobody was looking. After the movie Kelly asked, “Jesse, are you and Slater going to The Max?”

“No, we have other plans.

We’ll see you Monday at school. “

Slater and Jesse walked off and Kelly whispered to Zack, “Let’s follow them and see where they are going. “

They said goodnight to Lisa and Screech, who both went home, and followed far enough behind that they wouldn’t be noticed. As they walked Zack realized where they were going.

“I forgot Slater has a key to the gym at school, I bet they are going there to make out.

“I hope you’re right Zack, I’d love to watch them make out. Just the thought of it is making my pussy wet. “

“Yeah, my dick is hard as a rock too. “

Slater had his arm around Jesse’s shoulders and was rubbing her breast while they walked. He said, “It’s going to be great being alone with you Mama. I’ve been so horny since we were here last time.

“I know what you mean, my pussy has been soaked all week. I’ve been so horny this week I could swear I saw Kelly and Lisa playing with themselves in the showers. “

“That would be a sight. I’d love to see you; chicks in the showers. “

She slapped his shoulder and said, “You pig. “

They both laughed as he unlocked the door and they went inside.

They walked through the gym and into the wrestling room. The smell athletes was heavy in the air and even though she wouldn’t admit it, it was really turning Jesse on. She grabbed Slater and threw him onto the mat. She began kissing him and taking his clothes off. Slater’s hands were cupping her ass pulling her to him as he ground his crotch into hers.

“How about some music Mama?” He asked as he turned on a radio that the wrestlers listen to during some practices.

“Get your clothes off Slater; I want your cock now. “

Zack and Kelly had followed them through the gym and were watching through the door. The lights were on in the wrestling room but not the gym so they couldn’t be seen. They played with each other as they watched Slater and Jesse strip. Zack thought, ‘Jesse sure has a nice body. Her tits are much bigger than Kelly’s. ’

Kelly was admiring Slater’s body too.

She thought, ‘Look at his muscles, he looks like a Greek statue. ’

Then she saw his cock and was glad she was with Zack. It wasn’t small it was almost 6 inches long but it was thinner than Zack’s. She stroked Zack’s cock faster as she watched.

Jesse was lying on her back as Slater licked her nipples and ran his finger up and down her slit. She moaned and spread her legs giving him better access to her pussy.

He slipped a finger inside and slowly moved it in and out.

“That feels so good. I love when you do that. Come on Bubba, get down there and eat me. Lick my pussy like the bad little boy you are. “

“Oh Mama, I love when you talk to me like that. ” He said as he buried his face in her crotch.

In the gym Zack was on his knees licking Kelly’s pussy.

She had her top off and her skirt pulled up and was leaning against the wall twisting her nipples.

“Eat my pussy Zack. You’re so good, I feel like I’m going to cum already. ” Kelly said as she felt a small orgasm shake her body.

Slater was licking Jesse’s pussy from bottom to top loving the taste as she held his head tight against her crotch humping her pussy hard against his face.

“LICK MY CLIT! DON’T STOP! EAT ME YOU PIG!” She screamed as she humped his face harder. “OH SLATER I’M CUMMING!”

Her whole body shook as she came all over his face. Slater swallowed as much as he could he loved the taste and he loved making Jesse cum. He kissed his way up her body and lay beside her while she caught her breath.

“You make me cum so hard when you eat me.

“That’s my job Mama. “

They kissed while they lay there Jesse began stroking Slater’s cock and said. “There’s only one thing I like better than your tongue and that’s your cock. “

“Jesse will you suck my cock this time?”

“We’ve been through this before you know I don’t do that. “

“Poor Slater doesn’t get to feel her mouth and tongue on his cock and doesn’t get to feel his cum squirt into her mouth.

” Zack said to Kelly.

“And Jesse doesn’t know what she’s missing either. I love the way your cum tastes and feels sliding down my throat. ” Kelly said as she got on her knees and started sucking Zack’s hard cock.

She kept pushing farther down she gagged as it hit her throat but she relaxed and took more with each stroke. She felt the head slip into her throat and finally her nose was in Zack’s pubic hair and his balls were against her chin.

She had done it; she had deep throated him. Zack couldn’t believe she was swallowing his cock. The feeling was incredible he knew he would cum soon feeling Kelly’s throat squeezing his dick when she swallowed.

“Oh Kelly I’m gonna cum right down your throat. Oh shit here it comes. ” He said grabbing her head and shoving his dick down her throat. She felt the first shot go down her throat and moved her head back until just his head was in her mouth so she could taste the rest.

She held his cum in her mouth then kissed him letting him share his load.

“Do you think Zack and Kelly have done it yet?” Slater asked Jesse.

“No way! Kelly’s too goody-goody to do anything like this. “

“Yeah I guess you’re right. I’m sure glad I’m going out with you. “

Jesse straddled Slater and moaned as she slid her pussy down over his hard cock.

She loved the feel of his dick sliding into her pussy. They always fucked in this position, with her on top, because she was such a feminist she didn’t want him to be in control. That was the same reason she didn’t give head, she didn’t want to feel she was serving him.

“That feels so good Jesse. I love the way your pussy grabs my dick. “




She collapses on top of him as shot after shot of his cum fills her pussy to overflowing and she screams as her own orgasm shakes her body.

Zack looked at his watch and saw it was time to take Kelly home. They quietly got dressed and left.

“Can you believe they think I’m too goody-goody? Wouldn’t they be surprised if they had seen us last night?” Kelly said. They both laughed as they remembered their marathon of sex including Kelly getting fucked in the ass.

“That was so hot watching them fuck. It really turned me on.

My dick is still hard. ” Zack said as they walked towards Kelly’s house.

“I wish we had more time. Wouldn’t it be fun to join them?”

“Yeah it would be. It would be exciting having somebody watch and maybe watch you and Jesse. “

“Zack! You’re so nasty. But I would like to eat her and have her eat me. “

“Man, just the thought of watching you two eat each other is making me so horny I feel like I might cum in my pants.

“I’d love to feel her tongue on my pussy. Then maybe after we’ve eaten each other you and Slater could suck each other’s cocks. “

“Come on Kelly, I’m not gay. “

“I know you’re not gay, but you do like the taste of cum. Just imagine drinking it straight from the source. “

Zack thought for a moment then said. “Maybe that would be fun. But Slater would never do it.

“Don’t be too sure, if he’s horny enough he would. Just thinking about you sliding your mouth up and down his hard cock is making me crazy. ” She said reaching down and rubbing her pussy.

“I know. I’m about to explode. “

“Come on Zack fuck me. It won’t take but a minute. We can go behind these bushes. I’ve got to feel your cock in me. ” She said as she pulled him into some bushes.

She pulled her panties down and bent over. “Come on Zack stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me. “

Zack dropped his pants and walked up behind her slipping his cock into her. They both moaned as he began fucking her hard and fast. He grabbed her hips and fucked her as fast as he could.

“Oh Zack, fuck me hard. It feels so good. Tell me how you’re going to suck Slater’s cock.

“I want to slide it into my mouth licking it with my tongue and feel it slide into my throat. “

“That sounds so hot. I want to watch you suck his cock all the way down your throat. “

“I’m going to keep sucking it till he screams and shoots his hot cum into my mouth. ” He said as he felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to explode.

“Oh shit Kelly I’m going to cum. “

“Yes Zack shoot it in me. Fill me up with your hot thick cum. ” Kelly said and she felt his cum shooting into her causing her pussy to contract as she came with him. “Oh Zack I’m cumming too! Fuck me! I love when you fuck me!” Her knees started to buckle and she would have fallen if Zack hadn’t been holding her hips.

His dick softened and slid out with a pop. They hurried and dressed then ran to her house.

Luckily they were only a couple of minutes late.

* * *

Monday at school Kelly’s s!ster Nikki dropped by she caught Zack at his locker walked up to him and said. “HI Zack, Kelly told me what a good time you had this weekend. ” While she was talking she reached down and squeezed his cock.

“Hey Nikki, what are you doing? You had better be careful you might cause a problem. We wouldn’t want anybody seeing you do that and tell Kelly. “

“She wouldn’t mind if I play with your cock. After all, I did suck your cum out of her pussy Saturday night. “

Zack groaned as he fought to keep from cumming in his pants. “Even so, we still don’t want other people knowing about it.

Come with me. ” He said taking her hand and leading her to a small room in the basement that nobody used. They hadn’t seen Jesse watching them in the hall.

Nikki grabbed Zack and kissed him passionately sliding her tongue into his mouth. He returned the kiss and their tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths. He slid his hands down her sides and grabbed her ass with both hands pulling her tight against him.

He broke the kiss and said. “We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m dating your s!ster and I don’ want to cheat on her. “

“Don’t worry; it was her idea for me to come here today. “

“Are you serious? Kelly told you to come here and seduce me?”

“That’s right; I told her how much I want to get fucked and she said I should feel what it’s like to be fucked by you.

” She said as she unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and began stroking it. “Man, you have such a nice big dick. It’s longer and thicker than Johnny’s. “

“I don’t think she meant for you to come here and grab my dick. She was just telling you how good it felt when we fucked. ” She kept stroking his cock while he talked and she knew he was enjoying it.

“Nikki, you really should stop. “

It was feeling so good he was losing his will to stop. Then Nikki got on her knees and started giving him a blow job. He knew he should stop her but thought, ‘What the hell. She and Kelly eat each other why shouldn’t I have some fun. ’ She sucked his cock like a pro licking the head as she slid it out of her mouth.

He thought, ‘She must practice a lot with Johnny. ’

Jesse found Kelly and said. “I saw Zack and Nikki talking in the hall. “

“Of course they were talking. They are friends. “

“I also saw them go into the basement. “

“Well Nikki must have asked Zack to show her something. I think I’ll go see what it is. ” Kelly said as she walked toward the basement door.

She couldn’t believe Zack would cheat on her. She heard voices and followed them to the room Zack and Nikki were in. As she opened the door she was shocked to see Nikki on her knees sucking Zack’s cock. She was mad for a moment then she felt her pussy twitch as she realized how sexy looked with Zack’s dick in her mouth.

While she watched them she rubbed her crotch then she quickly stripped and walked into the room and said.

“Mind if I join you?”

Kelly got on her knees and she and Nikki began kissing each other. Nikki stripped while Kelly sucked Zack’s cock. Nikki spread a blanket she found in a box on the floor. The girls began 69ing while Zack took his clothes off. He loved watching them eat each other and his dick felt harder than ever as he saw Kelly licking Nikki’s clit.

She moaned and pulled her mouth away from Kelly’s pussy and said.

“That really feels good Kelly, but I really want Zack to fuck me. “

Kelly climbed off Nikki and said. “Zack come over here and fuck my little s!ster. Let her feel your hard cock slide into her. ” She thought for a minute then said. “It’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before. “

They all laughed as Zack began humming the Star Trek theme. He crawled in between Nikki’s wide spread legs and thought, ‘She is really pretty with her small tits and that tiny patch of light brown pubic hair.

Kelly reached down and guided his cock to Nikki’s waiting pussy and said. “This is going to hurt at first but then it will feel awesome. “

“Don’t worry Kelly I popped my cherry with your hair brush a few weeks ago. “

Kelly pulled Zack closer and rubbed his cock up and down Nikki’s slit coating the head with her juices. She lined it up and said. “Ok Zack push easy.

He began slowly sliding his cock into her wet pussy. He was half way in then pulled back and began a slow easy in and out going deeper with each stroke. Nikki was loving it. Here was Zack Morris fucking her while her gorgeous s!ster watched. Kelly watched as Zack fucked Nikki. She played with herself with one hand and rubbed Nikki’s clit with the other. Nikki moaned as she felt Zack stretching her pussy.

“Oh Zack, your cock feels so big. Fuck me hard. Let me feel you stretch me out. Oh, fuck me please. “

“Come on Zack, fuck her harder. She wanted your dick now give it to her. ” Kelly said as she felt her orgasm approaching.

He fucked her harder pounding all of his 8 and a half inches into her with every stroke. Nikki felt herself getting ready to cum.

His cock was hitting places she didn’t know she had. She was humping her hips in perfect rhythm with his meeting every stroke. Zack knew he couldn’t last much longer and moaned as he slammed into her one last time shooting his load up her tight wet cunt.

He screamed “OH SHIT, I’M CUMMUING!”

“OH GAWD, I’M CUMMING TOO!” She shouted as she felt his hot cum squirt into her over and over.

He collapsed on top of her and rolled onto his back as he felt his dick softening. They lay there breathing heavily as Kelly began sucking his dick savouring the taste of the combination of their juices.

“Kelly, I need a few minutes rest. ” He said as he pulled her head away from his dick.

She was disappointed and said. “This should get you going again. ” As she sat her pussy on Nikki’s mouth.

She began grinding her pussy into her mouth and said. “Come on Nikki eat me. I let my boyfriend fuck you now get your tongue busy on my pussy. “

Zack rolled onto his side and watched as Nikki started licking Kelly’s pussy. His dick began to grow as he heard Kelly moaning. He got up and started sucking Kelly’s nipples alternating from one to the other.

Kelly moaned and said.

“Lay down Zack I’ve got to feel your dick inside me. ” She straddled him and lowered herself onto him, moaning as she felt his hard cock slip into her soaking wet pussy. She stared into his eyes while she bounced up and down on his cock, driving it completely into her. She said, “sit on his face Nikki, let him clean his cum from your pussy. “

Nikki lowered her 13-year-old pussy onto his mouth and shivered when she felt his tongue slide deep into her and lick his cum from her pussy.

Kelly began licking Nikki’s left nipple as she humped Zack harder and faster. Nikki was moaning and grinding her pussy into his mouth. Kelly sat up and Nikki sucked her nipples. She could see Zack’s cock sliding in and out of Kelly’s pussy and it was driving her crazy. She felt Zack start licking her clit and that was all she could take.

She screamed “I’M CUMMING AGAIN! OH ZACK, LICK MY PUSSY!” Her whole body shook as she soaked his face with her juice.

Kelly saw Nikki cumming and she felt Zack’s cock swell and said. “Eat her Zack. Make her cum all over your face. “

She felt herself start to cum and she yelled. “OH SHIT, I’M CUMMING TOO! FUCK ME ZACK! SHOOT YOUR HOT LOAD! FILL ME UP!” She collapsed as she felt his cum shooting into her. They spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking trying every combination they could think of.

* * *

Jesse wondered what had happened so she told Lisa about Kelly going into the basement looking for Zack and Nikki. She and Lisa started into the basement and heard all the moaning and screaming. Jesse was shocked. She didn’t think good girl Kelly knew anything about sex and here she was having a wild threesome with Zack and her little s!ster Nikki.

“I can’t believe this is happening.

” She said to Lisa.

“Why not? Everybody gets horny. I’m just amazed they’re doing it here. “

“When did they start fooling around?”

“Last week, don’t you remember I said I thought they were and I was going to watch them? Well I did and Kelly told me all about her and Zack and her and Nikki. “

“Why did she tell you? I mean she could have told me.

Lisa told her everything that had happened between her and Kelly and how Kelly had spent the night with Zack.

“Damn, that’s the hottest story I’ve ever heard. My pussy is on fire. I had no idea you and Kelly liked girls, we’ve wasted so much time. ” She said as she leaned over and kissed Lisa. Lisa was shocked but she kissed her back sliding her tongue into Jesse’s mouth.

“Jesse, let’s go to my house and study. “

“That sounds great, but I have to finish school today. I have two tests that I can’t miss. “

“I guess that will have to do, but it’s going to be a long afternoon. ” She said rubbing Jesse’s crotch.

* * *

After school Slater asked Jesse, “hey Mama, you want to go to The Max?”

“No, I’m going to Lisa’s to study.

” She thought for a moment then whispered something to Lisa and said. “Why don’t you come with us?”

“That sounds good to me. “

Jesse and Lisa laughed as they walked to her house and poor Slater had no idea what was so funny or what lay in store for him. They went into Lisa’s room and he asked. “What subject are we going to study?”

Jesse and Lisa both started pulling their tops off and said “BIOLOGY!” He just stood there staring as they took all their clothes off.

Jesse looked at him and said. ” What’s the matter Bubba? Don’t you want to help us study?” He nodded his head and she said. “Then get your clothes off. “

She bent down and took Lisa’s right nipple in her mouth and started sucking. Slater ripped his clothes off as he watched Jesse sucking Lisa’s black tit. Lisa moaned when she felt Jesse slip her finger up her cunt, her body shook as she thought here was the class president fingering her while the star wrestler watched.

Slater wasn’t sure what to do so he sat back and watched as Jesse laid Lisa on the bed and buried her face in her black haired pussy. Lisa moaned as Jesse licked the entire length of her slit, taking extra time at the mouth of her pussy and at her clit.

“OH SHIT JESSE, EAT ME!” Lisa screamed.

Slater couldn’t just watch anymore so he got on the floor behind Jesse and began licking her pussy.

Jesse was hotter than she had ever been and she licked Lisa’s clit faster and faster then she took it in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. That set Lisa off and she held Jesse’s face tight against her crotch and humped her ass as she came all over Jesse’s face.


Slater looked up and watched Lisa’s wild orgasm.

Jesse crawled onto the bed with Lisa and kissed her giving Lisa a taste of herself. Slater was trying to lick her pussy and she said. “Calm down Slater we’ll get back to that in a minute. ” She lay there holding Lisa and kissing her passionately, she loved the way a girl felt in her arms.

Lisa broke the silence and said. “Damn girl, was that the first time you ate pussy?”

“No, last summer at dance camp one of the councillors taught me all about girl love.

We did everything she even fucked me with a strap on dildo. It was a great summer. “

“I wish you would have told me sooner, that was fantastic. “

“Yeah Mama, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. ” Slater said sitting on the floor stroking his dick.

“Slater, you always want your dick sucked. Get up here on the bed and we’ll see what we can do about it.

He crawled onto the bed beside Lisa. As he lay on his back Jesse straddled his face mashing her pussy onto his mouth. “Ok Bubba, Eat my pussy. ” She shivered when she felt him begin licking her slit. “Now Lisa, I want you to suck his cock. ” Lisa was shocked she knew how jealous Jesse was when it came to Slater. She assumed she would just watch Jesse and Slater not actually join in.

“Come on Lisa, I said suck his cock and I mean now. “

She grabbed Lisa’s head and pushed it toward his cock. Lisa opened her mouth and slid it over his cock. She moaned as she felt and tasted a cock for the first time. She bobbed her head up and down making a slurping sound as she did.

“That’s right Lisa suck it good make him think he’s going to explode.

” Jesse ground her pussy harder onto Slater’s face his nose was buried in her ass crack.

He loved the way Lisa sucked his cock. She would pull it all the way out and lick the head then slide it back in taking as much as she could. He knew he couldn’t last much longer and he started humping his hips trying to get more of his cock into her mouth.

Jesse noticed this and said.

“Don’t let him cum in your mouth. I want to see it squirt on your face. “

Lisa looked at her and nodded then began bobbing faster. She felt Slater’s legs stiffen then she felt the first spurt hit her tongue. She pulled her mouth off and started stroking it as shot after shot landed on her face and arm and in her hair. Jesse saw his cum hit Lisa’s face and she screamed.

“OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING! SHOOT YOUR LOAD ALL OVER HER FACE!” Her body stiffened and she rolled off of Slater.

Lisa felt a small orgasm shake her body as Slater shot his cum all over her face. Jesse licked the cum off Lisa’s face then kissed her sharing his cum, they both liked the taste and Jesse thought, ‘Maybe I’ve been wrong about sucking his cock, it could be fun.

Lisa was still horny and she lay there rubbing her cunt. “I’ve never been fucked. Jesse, can Slater fuck me? I’m dying to know what a cock feels like sliding in and out of my pussy. “

Jesse wasn’t sure she wanted her man fucking somebody else. It was one thing letting her suck his dick but to actually fuck her, that was something else. “I don’t know Lisa. ” She said.

“Please Jesse, I’m so horny I can’t stand it. I’ve got to have a dick. “

Jesse looked into her friend’s eyes and said. “Ok, but just this once. “

Lisa squealed with delight and Slater’s cock shot back to full erection. He always thought Lisa was cute now he was going to fuck her. Jesse got a towel from Lisa’s bathroom and spread it under her ass and said.

“This might be a little messy. “

Lisa laid back and Slater crawled between her thighs. Jesse rubbed his cock along her slit then she shocked him, she bent down and took it in her mouth. She took it out looked at him and said. “It needed some lubrication. ” They laughed as she lined his dick up with the mouth of her pussy. She said. “Are you ready Lisa?”

Lisa nodded and said, “Hell yes I’m ready, stick that fucker in me.

” Slater pushed forward until he felt resistance then he pulled back. He did this several times driving Lisa crazy. Finally, she couldn’t stand anymore and screamed. “ALRIGHT, FUCK ME ALREADY!”

Jesse put her hands on Slater’s ass and pushed. His dick ripped through Lisa’s hymen causing her searing pain as his dick was buried in her pussy.

“OH MY GOD, STOP! DON’T MOVE! PLEASE DON’T MOVE!” Lisa cried tears rolling down her cheeks.

Jesse leaned down and kissed her wiping the tears away and whispered. “It’ll be alright, just lay still and relax. It will feel better in a minute. ” She looked at Slater and said. “If you move I’ll cut your balls off. “

He didn’t move a muscle and that wasn’t easy her pussy was so tight he wanted to really fuck her. Lisa began to feel better as Jesse licked her nipples.

She started rocking her hips causing his dick to rub her pussy in new places.

Jesse looked at Slater and said. “Ok Bubba go slow and easy. “

He started fucking her with long slow strokes. Lisa was enjoying it more and began bucking her hips up to meet him and said. “Fuck me Slater! Fuck me harder! Oh shit, this feels good!”

Jesse swung her leg over Lisa’s head and lowered her pussy onto her mouth.

Lisa licked her clit while Slater pounded her pussy as hard as he could. Lisa screamed into Jesse’s pussy as she felt a major orgasm shake her body. Slater felt her pussy grip his cock tighter and he slammed into her firing a massive load into her hot tight pussy. Jesse screamed as she saw him pumping Lisa full of cum.

“THAT’S IT SLATER, FILL HER UP! SHOOT YOUR CUM UP HER BLACK CUNT!” She convulsed as she came all over Lisa’s face.

They collapsed in a pile and lay there laughing and hugging until they realized they had better leave before Lisa’s parents got home.

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