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Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, 3

Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, Part 3

It was finally Friday night Zack and Kelly met at The Max and ate dinner. They walked to Zack’s house for their big night.

They walked into Zack’s bedroom and ripped their clothes off. They crawled onto his bed and started kissing their tongues wrestling as they groped each other’s bodies. She reached down and started stroking his cock. “I love the way your hand feels on my cock, so much better than mine.

“I love the way your cock feels,” she said with a wicked grin. “And how it tastes. ” Kelly kissed her way down his chest stopping to lick his nipples. This sent a shiver down his spine. She kissed on down and licked a drop of pre-cum off the head and said, “Better than a malt at The Max. “

She opened her mouth and slid about half way down the shaft.

She started slowly sliding up and down licking the shaft as she went He moaned and put his hand on the back of her head trying to push her farther down his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down loving the way it felt sliding in and out of her mouth. She took it out of her mouth and slowly licked it from bottom to top.

“Oh Kelly, I love when you suck my cock.

Your lips feel so good. Lick my balls, take them in your mouth and suck them. “

She stretched out between his legs so she could have better access to his balls. She sucked one and then the other into her mouth. She was stroking his cock with her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right.

Meanwhile Zack’s mom had snuck into the house and was kneeling in the hallway watching through the open door.

Watching Kelly sucking Zack’s cock and balls was making her very wet. She reached down and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. She stripped off her clothes, she didn’t know what she would say if she got caught.

Kelly kept licking Zack’s balls and then she licked lower, running her tongue over his asshole. That sent a shiver down his spine and he moaned loudly. She stuck her tongue up his ass as far as she could.

“Oh god Kelly, lick my ass. Stick your tongue in it. I’ve never felt anything like this. “

She pulled her tongue out and took his cock back in her mouth and sucked as hard as possible. Then she took her right hand, which was covered with her juices, and slid a finger up his ass. That was all he could take and he felt his balls tighten as he shot a huge load into Kelly’s mouth.

She swallowed it all then pulled his dick from her mouth with a loud pop.

She grinned at Zack and said, “Good to the last drop. “

In the hallway Melanie couldn’t believe what she had just seen. She had never thought of anything anal and here was 16-year-old Kelly Kapowski licking and sticking her finger up her son’s ass. She shoved three fingers up her pussy as she orgasmed.

“That was fantastic Kelly.

Where did you learn to do that?”

“I just thought I’d try it. Haven’t you ever used your own finger?”

“Yeah I have a time or two, but I didn’t expect you to know about something like that. “

“You’d be surprised what I know. ” She said with a big smile.

“What do you mean? I am your first aren’t I?”

“Of course you’re my first. My first guy.

“You mean you’ve been with a girl?”

“Only two,” she laughed.

Zack’s cock sprang back to full erection at the thought of Kelly eating another girl’s pussy. “Who was it?” He asked as she started stoking his cock again.

“I don’t know if I should tell you. As fast as your cock got hard when I said it, it might make you cum if you knew. “

“Come on Kelly, I have to know.

“Ok, first was Nikki then Lisa. “

“I can’t believe it, you and your s!ster then you and Lisa. “

She felt his cock jerk as cum shot from his cock and landed on his chest and her arm. She quickly put her mouth over the head and swallowed the rest. Zack scooped the cum off his chest and sucked it off his finger. Kelly saw this and moaned as she came squirting pussy juice onto Zack’s sheets.

“Zack, you just ate your own cum! That’s so sexy; I’ve never imagined a guy doing that. “

“I just started last week, I tasted it by accident and now I can’t get enough. I need a few minutes to recuperate. Let’s go get a coke from the kitchen. “

“That sounds good. Then it’s time for the main event. “

They both laughed as they got out of bed and walked toward the hall.

Zack’s mom grabbed her clothes and ran to her room, closing the door just as they entered the hall. She lay on her bed panting. She thought, ‘Wow, that was close. ’ She was so excited by what she had heard and seen that she started masturbating again. Just the thought of sweet innocent Kelly eating her s!ster and Lisa was pushing her closer to the edge. When she thought of Zack eating his own cum, that was all she could take and a major orgasm shook her body.

Zack and Kelly ran back to his room. They were laughing as he kept grabbing her luscious ass while she ran. She jumped on his bed flopped onto her back, spread her legs as wide as she could and said. “Here I am big boy. I’m all yours make me a woman. “

He crawled onto the bed between her legs and started kissing his way up. He stopped at her pussy and started licking.

She grabbed him by the ears pulling him on up and said, “I’ve had enough foreplay I want to feel your big hard cock inside me. Come on Zack FUCK ME!”

“I’ve been dreaming of this for so long. This is going to be great. ” He said as he rubbed his cock up and down her slit covering it with her juices.

His mom moved back into the hall just as he started to slide it in.

Kelly moaned as she felt the head spread her lips and start to slide in. Zack held his breath as he pushed it in. It had felt great when Kelly had sucked his cock but this was unbelievable. Then he felt resistance and knew he was against her cherry. He didn’t want to hurt her so he stopped.

“Why did you stop Zack? I want you inside me. “

“I don’t want to hurt you Kelly.

“I know it’s going to hurt but just do it. PLEASE FUCK ME!”

She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled as she humped her ass up. He took the hint and pushed hard tearing her cherry and burying his cock completely into her pussy.

“OH FUCK THAT HURTS!” She screamed as she felt her cherry break.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine just don’t move for a minute.

“Just tell me what you want me to do. ” He said as he wiped the tears off her face.

His mom watched in awe as Zack popped Kelly’s cherry. She thought how lucky Kelly was to be with someone as gentle and considerate as Zack. She remembered her first time when she was 14 and how the captain of the football team had shoved his cock in and pumped it as fast as he could.

She was thankful he didn’t last very long. It had been such a bad experience she didn’t have sex again until she met Zack’s dad when she was 18 and in college.

The pain subsided and Kelly started to grind her crotch into Zack’s. She moaned and said, “Ok start fucking me, but go slow. “

Zack felt her pussy grabbing his cock as he slid it out and thought, ‘I’m glad I’ve cum twice already.

’ He pulled out till just the head was still inside her then gently slid back in. He developed a slow easy rhythm as he fucked the girl of his dreams.

“Oh Zack your cock feels so big. It feels so good. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. Don’t ever stop. “

He picked up the pace and leaned down and kissed her sliding his tongue into her mouth. They kissed passionately as their hips moved in unison slamming their crotches together with every stroke.

“Your pussy feels like a glove on my cock. “

“Fuck me harder Zack. Oh I love your cock in my pussy. ”

Zack fucked her harder. He looked and saw his cock sliding into Kelly’s pussy and almost came. He stopped before he lost it and said, “That was close, I don’t want to cum yet. “

He lay there gently rocking his cock into her then he grabbed her ass and rolled over so she was on top.

This was new to Kelly but she started rocking her hips. She bounced up and down faster and faster. She could feel her orgasm approaching as she humped harder.

“OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO CUM! I’ve never felt this good. Oh Zack fuck me make me cum all over your cock. “

Zack felt his balls tighten and new he couldn’t hold out any longer. He grabbed her ass and fucked his cock up into her as fast as he could.

“Get ready I’m gonna cum. “

“Yes Zack, cum in me. Shoot your load deep in my pussy. I want to feel you squirt. “

That was all he could stand he slammed into her one last time as the cum shot from his cock. Kelly felt his hot cum shooting into her and screamed as she came all over his cock. Her body shook as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

Zack felt her pussy grip his cock tighter and his cock jerked harder pumping every drop of cum out of his balls.

In the hall his mom had three fingers up her pussy and one in her ass as she came with them. Kelly lay on top of Zack till she felt his cock soften and slip out of her pussy. She could feel his cum start to run out of her and she thought, ‘No need to waste it.

She straddled his face and said, “Dinner is served,” as she pressed her pussy onto his mouth.

He was stunned for a moment then he dug in and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

“That’s it Zack lick my pussy, suck your cum out you nasty boy. Damn that turns me on, watching you eat your own cum. “

He used his tongue and scooped all his cum from her then sucked on her lips and licked her clit.

She ground her pussy into his mouth and she was pulling hard on her nipples.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum again. Don’t stop, lick my clit. Oh shit I can’t stand it. EAT ME!” she screamed and collapsed onto the bed.

They both fell as!eep as they lay in each other’s arms. Zack’s mom got dressed and left she had rented a motel room earlier and she was going to let the kids enjoy the rest of the night.

* * *

Zack awoke to a strange sight; Kelly had crawled into a 69 and was sucking his cock. Not being one to pass up a golden opportunity he pulled her pussy down to his mouth and began licking. They did this for several minutes then she slid down his body and slipped his cock into her cunt.

“Damn your dick feels good inside me. It fills me completely.

I could fuck you forever. ” She said as she humped on his cock. This position was different as she slid up and down his cock rubbed her clit. She leaned forward resting her hands on his knees, that was the perfect spot she humped faster and faster her clit rubbing on his prick with every stroke. Zack licked a finger and slid it into her ass. She screamed “OH SHIT I’M GONNA CUMM! OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK ME!”

Then she came, almost drowning Zack with her juices squirting from her pussy so fast.

“That felt so good when you stuck your finger up my ass I thought I would die,” She said laying her head on his shoulder.

“I love making you cum. ” He said as he licked her nipple.

He was licking one nipple then the other and gently rubbing her pussy. It was working she was becoming horny again. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it.

“You didn’t cum did you?” she asked.

“No I didn’t. But that’s all right. “

“We’ll have to remedy that. ” She laughed. She was getting hornier by the minute and she said, “I want you to fuck my ass. “

“Are you kidding? You really want me to put my cock in your gorgeous ass?”

“Yes I do. I want to feel it stretching me and sliding in and out.

If tongues and fingers, feel good then your cock should be out of this world. “

Zack went to the bathroom and got a bottle of baby oil. He walked back to the bed Kelly was rubbing her pussy and saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m going to get fucked in the ass and I can hardly wait. “

He rolled her onto her stomach and started licking her ass.

She moaned and humped her hips trying to f0rce his tongue deeper. He pulled his face away from her ass and poured some baby oil into her crack. The oil felt cold and caused her to jump. He slid his finger up and down her ass crack rubbing in the oil. He slid his finger in and started pumping it in and out.

“That feels great. Fuck my ass with your finger.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked sliding a second finger in.

“Hell yes I’m sure. I want your hard cock in my ass NOW!”

He poured oil on his cock and rubbed the head around her puckered hole then began to push it in. He felt the head pop in and he kept pushing till he had all of his inches in her ass.

She screamed as she felt her ass stretching wide as he buried his cock completely. “OH ZACK STOP. DON’T MOVE. It feels like you’re slitting me in half. Please don’t move. “

“I’m sorry Kelly. Do you want me to take it out?”

“NO! Just hold still and let me get used to it. Oh god it hurts. ” She cried tears running down her cheeks.

She buried her face in a pillow and sobbed as she tried to relax.

The longer they lay there the better it started to feel. She slowly started to rock her hips and said. “Ok, move slowly. “

Zack slowly slid his dick out till just the head was in and poured some more oil on it. He slid back in and started fucking her slowly. She moaned and began rocking her hips to meet him. Her ass was tighter than her pussy had been and he was loving it.

He grabbed her hips and started pumping faster.

“Your ass feels great on my cock. It’s so tight. Do you like my cock in your ass?”

“Oh Zack it feels awesome. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me harder. Make me scream. Oh, fuck my ass. “

He fucked her harder and faster. He knew he wouldn’t last long as he pounded his dick into her.

“Damn Kelly I can’t hold out much longer.

I feel like I’m going to explode. “

“Yes Zack cum in my ass let me feel you explode. I want to feel your hot cum shoot up my ass. “

“I’M CUMMING!” He screamed as he buried his cock completely in her ass and shot his load.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMING TOO!” She screamed as she felt squirt after squirt of his cum fill her ass.

They fell onto their sides with Zack’s cock still in her ass.

It softened and slid out and Kelly got up and ran to the bathroom. After that ass fucking she really had to go. Zack changed the sheets while she was gone and threw the dirty ones in the washer. He looked at the clock it was 3:00 AM. They crawled back into bed and fell as!eep.

* * *

It was 9:30 when they woke up and Zack knew his mom would be home soon.

They jumped in the shower and washed each other. Of course they got excited and he bent Kelly over and fucked her in the shower. They got dressed and met the gang at The Max. The girls went to the mall and Zack went home and collapsed.

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