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Sammy Learns To Follow The Rules

Ok those of you that follow my stories know my wife Kat has unbreakable rules. These rules must be followed or else. She keeps her bitches in line that way. The rule that she hates broken the most is if you have any kind of party you must invited us to it. here is what happens if you don’t!

Two days ago myself and Kat are on are way to get some food and pass Ronni’s house.

Ronni is a 30yrs. 5’7″ 107lbs. long black hair that touches her out of this world ass and a face that gives dead guys hard on. Ronni fell to Kat at a bar about six weeks ago. Kat laid eyes on her and not an hour later had her in the bathroom against the wall tits out fingers in pussy begging Kat not to stop. A few days later Ronni gave up her panties to Kat and was told the rules and what happen if they were broken.

So anyway Kat sees the lights and people at Ronni’s and pulls in the driveway. Walking to the door Ronni turns and sees us running to Kat she begs please not here you don’t understand please. Kat being understanding says try me so they go in back to talk. Ronni tells Kat that Josh her hubby got a new job and this was his boss and there parents to honor him for it. Kat thought then started to leave but then grab Ronni and kisses her full on passion over filling soul grabbing kind of kiss and Ronni moans, this just eggs Kat on and soon Ronni’s top is down her nipples being twisted and licked causing her to groan a lot so much her mom hears it.

Opening the back door she says ARE YOU OK DEAR? Ronni tries to sound normal saying yes mom I’m find but the fingers and tongue got to her and in her voice you could hear the lust she was feeling. Rose Gathers her mom walks out to see her daughter being manhandled by Kat fingers busy in her twat mouth busy on her nipples and mouth top down begging for more and more. RONNI WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!! Kat never stopped and Ronni orgasm hard panting for breath she just looked at her mother.

Still trying to breath she was about to try to explan to her mother but Kat pushed her to her knees and lifted her dress to show her clean shaven cunt and Ronni went to work burying her tongue deep in doing her best to get the sweet pussy juices inside. Kat watched her mom her eyes her body motions her face while her only daughter ate pussy. The whole time the mother’s eyes never left the sight before her.

After Kat had cum in Ronni’s face she was told to join the party. We meet the boss and his wife leaving about an hour later as we were going Kat grab mom’s hand and had her come outside looking in her eyes she said don’t blame Ronni, she couldn’t help it as either can you. ME WHAT DO YOU MEAN ME? Kat just smiled saying you’ll see and we left.

The next morning early Kat went to Ronni’s house waking her when she open the door Kat was all over her hubby asleep down the hall Kat put the 11″ strap-on in her mouth choking her then embedded it deep in her cunt giving her a fucking only a lesbian can give pounding hard with a never softening cock hitting the spots that only another woman knows over and over till the orgasm from your toes hits your twat and rattles your brain.

Leaving Ronni breathless on the floor glassy eyed pussy leaking and red and puffy tits hard begging to be touched. Kat walks out the door that was left wide open for all to see. Ronni’s day goes on her Josh gets up and they plan there day thinking about the beach Ronni puts on her new almost there suit when the door bell rings answering it to Kat again who bents her over the chair pushes the suit over and again impales her deep and hard the slapping of bodies thundering down the hall Josh comes out to hear Ronni say her pussy belongs to Kat PLEASE GOD PLEASE DON’T STOP FUCKING ME OMG IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THEN JOSH!!! OH GOD I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK ME YES YESSSSSSS IIIIII”’MMMMMM CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG.

Looking up Ronni sees her hubby watching she knows he is hurt but her puss tells her who really owns her. Turning to Josh Kat says be sure about what you do next it may break you for good. As she leaves she grab a address book on the stand.

At about 9am Saturday morning a week later Kat rings the mothers door bell Rose answers it in a red house coat Kat says Hi Rose is shocked and Kat walks in looks Rose in the eye raises her dress up says you know what I want done right? Rose says YES BUT I’M NOT LIKE THAT I NEVER DONE THAT! Kat laughs your daughter said the same thing her first time too now get to it!!! Rose is reluckent but does as told she taste pussy it’s sweet and addicting and she learns quick eating Kat’s twat and loving very moment of it then comes the strap-on seeing that thing 11″ long thicker then her wrist Rose worries it might hurt her but Kat pounds her anyway hard deep causing her to gush when she came.

Taking her to are house we both broke Rose in right fucking her mouth cunt and ass repeated over the weekend till taking her home Sunday night pussy and ass wore out tummy full of cum.

Ronni and Josh talk all weekend long she confesses everything to him begging please don’t leave but I’m still going with her as much as I can. He is hurt but loves his wife so he has to live with it.

About three months go by and learning her lesson Ronni calls to invite us to a dinner at there home. Getting there Ronni and Josh meet us at the door (he still doesn’t know I too am fucking the hell out of her) then Rose and her hubby greet us Josh’s 24yrs sister is there and a couple of good friends too. The men sit and talk in the living room the ladies in the kitchen are getting the food ready.

As Ronni bends to check the oven Kat slides her hand over her ass Rose sees this and as Kat passes her reaches out cupping her tits my wife not one to care about new people pulls Rose’s mouth to her breast as her hand lifts her dress fingers go to her cunt and soon the kitchen is full of moaning as both Ronni and her mother do there best to please there mistress leaving the sister-n-law and friend to watch.

As the passion heats up the sister feels the friend touch her looking her way she says I’ve known Ronni for awhile now………

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