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Round Two: Face Down and Ass Up

I kept my word and let my little Fuck Buddy hit it from the back, he lasted less than five minutes before he came. I wasn’t surprised, I have a big ass and thick thighs, so he admitted he was overwhelmed at getting a shot at all that ass. Haha. That led to round two of course, since he wanted another chance to last longer.

Naturally he was hesitant, thinking I was trying to turn him Bi or something.

I wasn’t but now that he said it, the idea sounded hot as hell. I obviously told him I wasn’t about to do that, but still he was reluctant to try again. So I promised that it wouldn’t be the same dude with the huge cock.

That sort of worked but he was now scared that I was trying to pimp him out, again I wasn’t but he keeps bringing these sexy ass ideas into my head.

I do have a plan for round three thanks to another woman on xHamster, but that’s for another blog lol.

“Who is this guy” he asks

“Just a friend of mine, he’s not that big, I promise. ” I say

“You like this shit. ” he says

“Baby, you look sexy and it turns me on. Some guys are too caught up in themselves and I like that you’re open minded.

” I think that’s what I told him.

“This is the last time though, okay. ” he insists

“Okay baby. ” I say

Sex is a weapon for sure and I know that if wants what he wants I will have to use what I have to get the pleasure I need. For now, he opened himself up, literally haha. I set the date and had him book another hotel room, I called my friend and told him where to meet me.

We had the room for two days, so I gave my friend one of the key cards and told him what to do. He agreed and I gave him a chance to see if he still had it. He was always in god shape and I took him back to the hotel room to pound me out, it felt damn good.

The next day, my fuck buddy said he could only spare his lunch hour.

I played it angry and said he should make more time. When he came to the hotel he said he had two hours tops. I said okay, took a shower and told him to get his clothes off. I guess he thought he was coming in with me, no chance.

I came out, toweled off and lay on the bed, spread my legs and told him to eat my pussy first. He was good at it and always took his time.

When his face was down deep I wrapped my legs over his shoulders and under his chest. Big thighs kept him in place and he loved when I did that.

“Alright baby, just relax and keep doing what you’re doing. Here it comes. “

He paused but then continued eating me out. I guess he used it to take his mind off what was coming. My friend was already in the bathroom, he took the shower with me and I sucked his dick to get it ready.

I was right about his size, not as big as my first booty bandit friend but this guy had amazing stamina.

Fuck buddy was in the perfect position, face down in my pussy and ass sticking up in the air. When my friend came out of the bathroom he got over to the bed and went to work. I should have came when fuck buddy was eating me out but watching him grip fuck buddy’s ass cheeks and start pounding him out was enough for me to cum.

Fuck buddy grunted the whole time, he wasn’t able to continue because his face kept jerking and slamming into my pussy behind the f***e of my friend’s thrusts. Good thing he wasn’t eating me out because I kept cumming just looking at fuck buddy’s juicy ass taking such a sexy beating. That stamina lasted long, my friend sot his load on fuck buddy’s ass then went at it again.

“Baby, it’s okay.

You’re doing fine, see he’s long that big so it doesn’t hurt as much right?”

He was saying something but his mouth was pressed against my pussy and the pounding made his words jumbled. That made me cum too. My friend lasted for three a while, cumming two more times and still hard enough to keep going. That turned me on so much I released my hold on fuck buddy, shoved him aside and got into doggy position.

It’s not that normal for me to want a man so much, these days I’ve been through a lot of sexual experiences that made me a little numb to sexual attraction. Watching my friend go at it just brought it out of me and I told him to fuck me. He grabbed my waist and started pounding my big ass.

The clapping sound was different from when he was hammering my fuck buddy, I looked over and grabbed fuck buddy’s face and pulled him to me.

I started kissing him to keep him from watching my friend pound my ass. It was the least I could do, after my friend was done he shot his load on my ass, smacked it, got dressed and left.

I made sure to add him to my favorites again and to see him more. My fuck buddy and I were exhausted, he nearly missed his lunch time cut off, I showered and told him he could have another chance at me.

I really wanted my friend to really hit it from the back again, which I’m sure he would do.

All in all it was a good experience I think and I was able to show my fuck buddy what sexual stamina was all about, so that was also a good thing right?.

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