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Romote Control

The first text message arrived whilst she was at work.

`Play with your cunt as you drive home’, it read. She looked around the
office expecting it to be some kind of joke, but no one was taking any
notice. She scrolled down the message to see who it was from, but the
number was withheld. Dismissing it as some kind of spam she got on with
her work.

The second message arrived just before 5pm. `Don’t forget’, it read.
It was a withheld number again.

The drive home that night was the usual slow trawl through the traffic.
As she crept inch by inch home her mind kept going back to that text
message. Perhaps it was a wrong number, not meant for her but meant for
someone else. That set her thinking.

Do people really play with
themselves as they drove? She looked around her. She could see the head
and shoulders of other drivers but she could not see their laps. For all
she knew they were all fondling themselves.

Her cunt was beginning to tingle. She looked around furtively before
slipping her hand between her legs. She looked around again. No one was
taking any notice of her.

Why should they, she was just another commuter.
She opened her legs a little more and rubbed her cunt through the thin
material of her knickers. That felt good. She looked around her. Still
no one was looking; they were all concentrating on the traffic-filled road
ahead, looking for the next opportunity to roll another inch or so further
forward. She rubbed a little harder; the thrill of playing with herself
whilst in such a public place was really turning her on.

Still no one was
looking at her.

She was feeling hot now; her cunt was screaming out for more direct
contact with her fingers. She lifted her arse and hiked her skirt up near
to her waist, then pulled her knickers down to her thighs and loosened the
gusset, pulling them to one side so she could get her fingers to touch her
cunt’s lips. She gasped with pleasure as the tips of her fingers met her
hot clit.

She slid her middle finger along the entire length of her cunt,
using the moisture it gathered to lubricate her clit as she rolled it under
her fingers. God that felt good. She was at some traffic lights now. She
looked around and caught the eye of the driver in the next car. He gave
her a smile. She whipped her hand away from her knickers before she
realized he had no idea what she was doing.

He was just smiling at the
cute chick in the car next to him at the lights. He had no idea she was
fingering her cunt. This realization aroused her even more, pushing her
knees wider against the constraint of the lowered knickers. She slipped
her hand back between her legs and began to finger herself some more. Just
before the lights changed she caught his eye again. He smiled at her and
she smiled back as she slowly slipped her index finger into her now soaking

The lights changed and the traffic started to move.

She kept her hand between her thighs and her fingers in her cunt as she
drove and by the time she pulled up in the car park at her apartment her
cunt was throbbing with desire. She looked around the empty car park
before lifting up her arse and sliding the soaked knickers all the way down
her thighs, kicking them off on to the floor of the car before leaning back
in her seat with her eyes closed.

She was so hot it only took a few
circular rubs of her clit to bring her to orgasm. She arched her back and
gasped as one of the strongest orgasms she had ever experienced ripped
through her body. She sat motionless for a few moments as it subsided
before reaching down to pick up the soiled knickers, stuffing them into her
bag before leaving the car, heading for her apartment. It was only when
she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror in her bedroom did she
realize how hot and steamy she looked.

Her reflection was just screaming
out her lust.

She was walking around the apartment naked, just about to fall into bed
when the next text message arrived. She grabbed the phone eager to see if
there was another instruction that would make her touch her cunt again.
`Get rid of any hair below your neck, now. And do it once a week from now
onwards’. How would they know? She thought, considering whether to obey.

She was too scared to disobey so went into the bathroom and filled the sink
with hot water. She used scissors to cut the long hair from her strawberry
blonde cunt before soaping and shaving it off. Leaving her cunt fully
exposed. Her clit hood clearly visible and her lips hanging long. She got
into the shower and shaved under her arms and her legs before towelling off
and getting into bed. She just laid there with her legs wide open, knees
lifted, just gently stroking her newly shaved cunt.

Exploring her lips and
her clit before rubbing herself lightly. She came in seconds.

That night she kept thinking about the text messages. Who were they
meant for? By the time she fell into bed she had convinced herself it was
just a wrong number, exciting, but just a fluke.

She was just about to leave the next morning when she noticed she had a

It must have arrived while she was in the bathroom. `Wear a
short skirt today, and ditch the knickers’, it said. She looked down at
her business skirt. Then she looked at her watch. Dropping her bag in the
hallway she rushed back to her bedroom and quickly changed into her very
short navy pleated skirt and short jacket. As she changed she wondered why
she was responding to the demands of a random texter.

For all she knew
this was some bizarre spam. But the memory of the intense orgasm she
experienced yesterday drove her on. She was almost at the door before she
remembered the second part of the text. She pondered for a while before
shrugging her shoulders, lifting her skirt and pushing the knickers down
her thighs, to her ankles and then kicked them to the side of the doorway.

The journey to work was uneventful although she was very conscious of
her naked and shaved cunt just a few inches above her skirt’s hemline.

spent the whole day wondering when the next text would arrive. Her
disappointment grew as the day wore on and there were no messages. Her
sense of frustration was not helped by the seemingly endless interruptions
from her boss, requesting updates on projects he had never before shown any
interest in. Her boss was a formidable man. Steven was not unattractive
but always dressed in very formal suits and kept himself somewhat aloof.

She found him cold and difficult to like, but could not help respecting him
for what he had achieved in the company.

She had just checked her phone for messages for what felt like the
millionth time that day when Steven popped his head around the entrance to
her cubicle.

“Do you have a minute?” Steven asked.

“Sure”, she responded and swung around on her chair to face her boss,
who had perched on the corner of her desk.

“Where have we got to with the Dealer/Broker project?” Steven asked.

She paused for a second or two to gather her thoughts. As she did she
noticed her boss cast his eyes briefly at her legs, was he admiring her
thighs, or looking up her skirt? She thought as she looked down at the
large expanse of flesh being displayed there, before she launched into the
project update.

Finally satisfied with her update Steven got up to leave. “By the way,
that’s a nice skirt”, he said as he walked away from her desk.

The day wore on and still no text. By the time the lift doors opened to
take her down to the office parking lot at the end of the day she was
beginning to feel angry with herself.

What the hell was she doing? Why
was she so eager to get a random bit of soft porn text?

As the lift glided downwards she heard her cell phone beep in her bag.
Her hand was shaking with excitement as she opened the message.

`Masturbate until you climax before you drive home’. Her heart racing
with anticipation she got out of the lift at the next floor and made
straight for the toilets.

Her cunt was tingling and throbbing as she
locked the cubicle door and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She wasn’t
sure what was expected of her, or who would know, but she lifted her left
leg up on to the toilet seat and gently squeezed and caressed her wet lips.
She slipped her finger into her cunt – it was soaked. She began to slowly
masturbate adding another finger every now and then so it felt more like a
horny cock fucking her.

She came in a torrent that soaked her thighs

As she walked across the car park she was suddenly so conscious of her
soaking wet thighs and the shaved and naked cunt under her extremely short
pleated skirt. Each step caused the skirt to sway and a light puff of wind
would caress her wet cunt lips.

She wasn’t sure what to do next, but as she edged along in the traffic
she was overcome by an overwhelming desire to touch herself.

It as only
when she reached down that she realized that the pleated skirt was not a
good choice as she couldn’t keep it from dropping down over her cunt. She
looked around to check no one was looking before lifting herself up off the
seat and hitching the skirt right out from underneath her so she could tuck
the hemline into her waistband so she could reach her horny naked and
shaven cunt more easily.

This time she came while she was still driving.
She felt the orgasm build as she approached some lights. Her prayers for a
red light were answered and she brought herself to orgasm as she sat
amongst the other commuters in the jam.

She was pulling her skirt back down when the message arrived, `Please do
not disobey me. I did not tell you to play with your cunt’.

“Fuck you”, she whispered to herself, wondering how they knew what she
would do.

There were no messages over the next few days. She was surprised that
she found herself missing them. Her thoughts kept coming back to them.
Who was sending them? How did they know she had disobeyed them? Why had
they stopped?

The silence was finally broken with a message that woke her early one

`From today you will always wear a wear a short skirt with no
knickers in the office, and your tops will always expose your cleavage.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will be completely naked under your
skirt and top’.

She found herself childishly eager to comply and to please. Although
she wanted to play with herself as she drove she resisted the urge. She
found having a shaven naked cunt at work a real turn on.

The thrill of
feeling her shaven naked cunt exposed beneath her skirt was driving her
wild. She was desperate to head into the toilets and fuck herself with her
fingers, but she dare not disobey her instructions for fear that the
messages will stop again. Only when she had to use the toilet did she
spend rather too long “cleaning herself”, which involved some deep internal
and external rubbing of her cunt’s lips and squeezing of her clit.

made a point of swinging her hips as she walked through the office, causing
her skirt to sway sexily, then whenever possible she would bend over from
the waist to retrieve something deliberately dropped, knowing that this was
exposing her cunt to anyone behind, all the time she was carefully watching
to see who was observing her, trying to determine who her tormentor was.

The next message arrived mid afternoon.

`Buy a set of love eggs on the
journey home’, it read.

She flushed with excitement. She knew exactly what love eggs were from
some earlier experiences enjoyed with a particularly inventive boyfriend,
and she knew exactly where she could buy them. There was a sex shop just
off the drive home.

Her heart was racing with a mixture of excitement and apprehension as
she pulled into the shabby parking lot at the back of the store.

there was nobody she knew around she walked quickly to the door of the
shop, tugging her short skirt down to make sure her arse was adequately
covered and shrugging her shoulders to try to hide her 36DDs that were
swaying around under her low-cut top. The inside of the store was as
shabby as the car park. There were a couple of male customers and a bald
headed guy behind the counter; all of whom stopped and stared at her as she
quickly located the sex toys section, grabbed a pair of love eggs from the
rack and took them to the counter.

“You will enjoy these”, the guy at the counter smirked as he took her

Back in the car she let out a big sigh of relief at having accomplished
her task. She spent the evening wondering what her next instruction would

It finally arrived the next morning. `Insert the eggs before leaving
your apartment’. Already showered and dressed she returned to her bedroom
and retrieved the eggs from her knicker drawer, rolling them in hand a few
times before hitching up her tiny skirt and laying back on the bed.

cunt was already wet at the prospect of the latest challenge and it took
only a couple of strokes of the cold plastic orb along the length of her
wet slit and around her clit before she had a massive orgasm as she slowly
pushed the first egg into her dripping cunt.

The first egg effortlessly slipped into her and she felt the cold
plastic pushing against the walls of her cunt.

The second egg was held
tight against her cunt lips by the short cord connecting it to the first
and in no time it was buried deep within her body, nestled against its

Slowly and a bit shakily she stood up and straightened her skirt. The
motion of the eggs rubbing against each other as she walked sent a shiver
of delight through her and her cunt began to tingle with anticipation.

At work she struggled to concentrate. Every fibre of her being was
focused on the sensations that were coming from the eggs moving deep inside
her cunt. It was excruciating pleasure, she longed to bring herself to
climax but knew she should not until instructed by her distant master.

Walking around the office was the most erotic torture. Feeling the eggs
working deep inside her naked, wet and horny cunt as she walked between her
co-workers desks drove her wild with excitement.

At one point she had to
rest by the photocopier, afraid that if she walked any further she might
not be able to stop an orgasm overtaking her.

Andy, one of her colleagues, noticed something was up. “Are you OK ?”,
he asked, “you seem kind of distant”. “I’m fine”, She replied, “just a
little tired I guess”.

“Too much sex I guess!” Andy was a real flirt for a guy.

He was not bad
looking, in fact he had quite a well toned body, but she could not find
herself attracted to him because of his boyish attitude and constant
innuendo. “Some hunk keeping you awake all night?” He continued. She just
ignored his comments. Andy looked over his shoulder to check no one was
nearby before moving closer and leaning over her with his hand on the wall
behind her, and leering into her ample cleavage (it was a braless

“You know”, he whispered, “if you need me to keep you awake at night you
only have to call”.

“Forget it Andy”, She responded as she ducked under his arm.

“Frigid bitch”, he muttered as she walked away.

By the journey home she was exhausted. The constant arousal all day
taking its toll and the desire to finger her clit and bring herself release
through orgasm had left her with a strange feeling of being outside the
real world, like she was just gliding through reality, divorced somehow
from those around her, focused only on the sensations derived from her
desperately needy cunt and the anticipation on the next instruction.

She was pulling into the car park of her apartment block when the next
text arrived. `Go back to the porn shop’, it read, `get one of the
customers to remove the eggs and then fuck you’. Her breath quickened as
she read on, `Put on a show for them, act like the tart you know you are’.

She sat in the car stunned.

Her mind was racing. She resented being
called a tart, but deep down she knew the thought of fucking a complete
stranger so publicly excited her, and that must make her a tart. She was
completely under the spell of her instructor and was compelled to do as she
was told. Also, she was so frazzled by the day long action of the eggs she
was just desperate to cum. Her mind was still in overdrive when she found
herself putting the car in reverse and driving back out of the lot towards
the porn shop.

It was like she was in a dream as she pulled up in the
shabby car park once more, it felt like her mind and body had separated and
she was a casual observer of her own actions, unable to stop the instincts
that were driving her on.

All eyes were on her as she entered the shop. Being naked under her
short skirt and skimpy top made her feel extremely self-conscious, positive
that everyone in the shop must know how she was dressed and what she was
there for.

There were about ten customers, all men, browsing the porno
videos and magazines. They followed her with their eyes as she walked
slowly towards the magazine racks. She casually browsed the magazines as
the male customers drew towards her, as if attracted by a magnet, their
eyes no longer on the magazines they were flicking through but taking in
every aspect of her body, and the amount of leg emerging from beneath her
short navy skirt, glowing brown under the lights of the shop.

unfettered 38DDs with a deep cleavage swaying gently as she walked through
the shop, the sharp points of her nipples were beginning to stiffen and
push against the thin material of her tight top.

`Put on a show for them. Act like the tart you know you are’. She kept
playing that instruction over and over in her head.

Slowly and very deliberately she stretched up to reach a magazine off
the top shelf, knowing that her skirt was rising up her thighs showing her
arse and the thin material of her top was stretching over her large breasts
and making her nipples stick out like stalks.

As if browsing the pages of Cosmopolitan she turned the pages of the
magazine, casually taking in the images of the group sex portrayed on the
glossy pages. She stopped at a page showing a young girl crouching with
her legs open, one hand spreading the moist lips of her cunt, the other
holding an ejaculating penis like it was a microphone as a streamer of cum
flew towards her face, caught on film in mid flight.

Smiling to herself
she looked around her, and realized she was surrounded by a group of very
excited men, most of whom had given up any pretence of looking at the
magazines in their hands, some using them to hide their obvious excitement.

She turned to face her audience.

Staring right at them with the sweetest schoolgirl smile she could
muster she ran her hands slowly down her body, Over her breasts, down the
flat of her stomach to the front of her skirt.

She parted her legs
slightly before slipping her hand up her skirt, her fingers disappear from
view beneath the hem.

The atmosphere in the shop was electric. A couple of the guys watching
were blatantly stroking their erect dicks through their trousers; others
were just standing motionless, watching her every move.

“Excuse me”, she directed this to the owner of the store who was sitting
behind the counter watching her, “I would like to return the love eggs I
bought yesterday”

“Sure”, he smiled.

She crouched down her hand still just hidden under her short skirt as
she slowly fingered her naked, shaven cunt. She looked up at the guys now
crowding around, many of whom now had their erect dicks in their hands.
She selected a well hung black guy standing towards the front of the group
and gestured him over. She was shaking with anticipation, hardly able to
believe she could behave like this, but loving every second of it.

“Can you help me?” She asked lifting her skirt and finally exposing her
gaping wet shaven cunt to the crowd. He reached down and ran his fingers
along the length of her cunt lips causing her to shiver with excitement.
He took hold of the string attached to the eggs that was protruding from
her cunt and gave it a gentle tug. The eggs moved inside her body as he
began to tug harder until the first egg finally slid out of her cunt.

took hold of it and with another pull he removed the second plastic ball.

`Put on a show for them. Act like the tart you know you are’ she

She took the love eggs from him and licked her juice from them before
reaching forward and taking his huge dick in her hand and pulling him
towards her.

`Now fuck me’ she whispered hoarsely, `Fuck me hard with your big black

She lay back on the floor and let him lay on top of her, his hot breath
on her cheek. She felt the warm tip of his cock push against the lips at
the entrance to her cunt then he pushed his length into her in one long
slow stroke, filling her with his manhood and causing her to gasp with

`Oh yes’, she moaned loudly as he began to fuck her faster.

the exquisite torture of the love eggs she was already close to orgasm and
the feeling of his huge black hot cock ramming into her was driving her
wild. He must have been close too because as she finally reached a
shattering, screaming orgasm he came too, his hot cum splashing into her
throbbing cunt.

Hot and sweaty she looked up at to the crowd of onlookers. Most of them
had cum too and were stroking shrinking dicks or tucking cum soaked
handkerchiefs into their pockets.

Her lover pulled his still semi erect
cock from her cunt with an audible squelch and slowly, still a little shaky
from the shattering orgasm she had just experienced, she stood and brushed
her little skirt back into place.

“Thanks”, she said to her black lover and kissed him playfully, before
turning and walking out the door.

Back in the car she held her head in her hands and wept.

Her emotions
were so screwed up she didn’t know why she was crying. She felt ashamed
about what she had done and what had driven her to act like such a slut.
But that shame was tinged with excitement, she had enjoyed being fucked by
a stranger in public and this worried her, what had the mysterious person
controlling her emotions so well unleashed in her. Was she really a tart,
or just a submissive girl?

She drove home still in tears, trying to come to terms with her

As she walked into her apartment she felt a trickle of cum slide
down her leg and she started sobbing harder.

A few hours later she was lying in bed trying to sleep. A long bath and
several glasses of wine had settled her a little but she could not get the
sense of excitement she had felt out of her mind. She was ashamed of what
she had done, but at the same time she felt a desire to repeat the strong
emotions of the day.

She couldn’t help but raise her legs and explore
inside her cunt for any remaining cum, just to get the smell of him. With
one hand under her nose smelling his spunk and the other squeezing and
stroking her clit she came in seconds, and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning she stood in front of her wardrobe staring at the
contents. She had laid a long business skirt out on the bed but could not
bring herself to wear it.

Eventually she slipped on a very short
mini-skirt and threw her knickers back in the drawer. She liked the
feeling of her shaven cunt being exposed under her skirt, she thought, and
it would do no harm.

The next few days were agony. There were no text messages. She longed
for some instruction, something that would bring back the thrill she felt
when she was fucked in public at the porn store.

The disgust she felt at
the time was banished from her mind by the intense desire the memory
invoked. She wore her skirt without knickers every day and walked the
office boldly when braless, her large tits bouncing around under her tight
tops, making her nipples erect and sending waves of need down to her naked
cunt. She mostly resisted the urge to play with herself for fear that she
would be abandoned. She limited her brief masturbations to toilet times
when she knew she was unobserved.

She then quickly lifted one foot onto
the toilet pan and slid her two fingers into her soaking wet cunt, pumping
furiously while keeping an ear open for anyone coming into the toilets.
She always came in seconds and spent a few minutes gently rubbing her
tormented lips with her soaking wet fingers.

At first she thought the extended silence was part of the game, but as
more days passed she became more and more frantic until, laying in bed
Sunday morning she realized how stupid she was being, and vowed to get on
with her life.

Later that day she was walking through the shopping mall, swinging her
hips and feeling her short skirt swaying against her naked cunt, her large
braless tits being brushed by their gentle movement against the slinky top.
She knew she was being watched by all the men, and probably some of the
women. It made her hot – and wet. She could feel the moisture around her
shaven lips and it made her so horny.

The phone bleeped a new text
message. `Do you wish to continue?’ was the simple message.

Her hand shook with anticipation as she typed, knowing this was it, she
was committing to something new and dangerous, but something she knew she
had to do to fully understand herself. `Yes’, she replied.

The response was instant.

`Have your nipples and labia pierced today.

Remember you are a tart.
Pay with your body not cash’

A few hours later she was on her back on the black leather bench of a
tattoo parlour in one on the less desirable parts of town. She was naked
and completely at the mercy of the tattooist. When she had asked how much
and then suggested that an `arrangement’ might be possible he responded
quickly, locking the door and ordering her to strip.

She shut her eyes as the tall, black, long haired biker took hold of her
nipple. She felt something cold and metallic touch her nipple, clamping
it, then she winced as a needle pierced the delicate flesh of her breast.
Then he was touching her other nipple. She knew what to expect, first the
metal against her skin, then, the prick of the needle.

He threaded two gold rings through the holes in her nipples.

She was
sore, but the pain was edged with the eroticism of the situation and the
knowledge she was selling her body for the first time.

He ran his hand down her stomach bringing it to rest on her cunt, “Lift
your knees and spread them wide”, he ordered. She was so horny she could
feel her cunt lips were stuck to her thighs as she spread them as ordered.

She knew he could see right into her cunt.

She felt his hands under her waist. He was lifting her up and pushing a
pillow under her hips, lifting her exposed cunt into the air.

What was he going to do? She squirmed as he started to rub her cunt,
running his fingers up and down her lips. She gasped with pleasure as he
played with her cunt, pulling her long lips.

He had a good technique with
just the right amount of attention to her clit. Then, just as she was
about to cum, he began pulling harder at the lips of her cunt. It was the
metal clamp again, this time on her outer labia.

She tensed then, “Uuggh”, she swallowed her scream as the needle pierced
her cunt lips. Then, before she had chance to recover, the clamp was on
the other side, the needle once more piercing her long, delicate,
sensitive, swollen cunt lips.

Then his warm fingers against her again. He was pushing rings through
her cunt lips.

Then nothing. No touching. She could hear his breath but he was not
moving. She felt sore, her nipples and cunt stinging. She felt
humiliated, her body had been defiled. But most of all she felt an
overwhelming desire to be fucked. She was charged with pent up sexual

She opened her eyes to see him climb on the bench between her legs, his
gleaming white teeth smiling down at her. She looked to his crotch and saw
his huge black and erect cock poking out through the zipper of his jeans.

She shut her eyes again as she felt his warm cock at the entrance to her
cunt. It felt huge as he guided it to the entrance of her gaping wet slit
and pushed against her.

Slowly the head of his dick penetrated her cunt.
Then wham. With one huge thrust he rammed it into her – slamming against
the neck of her womb.

“Arrgh!” , she stifled another scream as his cock pushed against the
rings in her labia. , it felt like he was ripping them out. He pulled his
cock almost out before slamming it back into her cunt as hard as hard as he

She wanted to cry but bizarrely she found herself enjoying the
mixed sensation of pleasure as he penetrated her; the searing pain from her
pierced cunt lips and the exquisite pleasure as his body smashed into her
throbbing clitoris.

He banged away and she started to writhe and groan as an orgasm began to
build. Then it hit her. The most intensely pleasurable, earth shattering
orgasm she had ever had.

It ripped through her body like lightning, making
her forget the pain searing through her cunt and leaving her a quivering

As her orgasm subsided he grunted and she felt his cock swell in her
before it erupted with a hot rush of sperm splashing against her cervix as
he filled her with his cum.

Immediately after ejaculating he climbed off and tucked his cock back
into his jeans.

“I will give you some cream to put on the piercing”, he said as she

She found it painful to walk as her legs rubbed on the newly installed
rings in her labia so she made straight for her car and drove home.

The following morning she dressed in a tiny denim mini-skirt and a
backless top, leaving no doubt that she was braless, she left for work with
her nipples and cunt lips sore and throbbing from the rough treatment the
day before.

She expected another text instruction but nothing arrived that
day or the next. Again the tension and frustration began to build, at
night she was desperate to pleasure herself but held back for fear of
offending her master.

The long awaited text finally arrived late one night.

`Pull hard on the rings. You need to feel the pleasure of pain to be a
true tart’

She lay back on her bed and felt for the ring through her nipple.

Slowly she pulled and twisted it, wincing at the pain but at the same time
experiencing the unmistakable tingle of arousal deep in her cunt. She
lowered her other hand to her cunt and took hold of one of her cunt rings,
again she pulled and twisted and again she felt the tantalizing mixture of
pleasure and pain. Her fingers brushing against her clitoris made her
quiver with desire. She so desperately wanted to fuck herself with her

She reached for the phone.

`Cn I ply w my cunt?’ She texted.

`No!’, came the response. Then, `The next relief you have will be at my

Tears of frustration rolled down her face as she texted, `When?’

`Soon’, came the simple reply.

The next few days were agony.

She was unable to concentrate on anything
and was reprimanded several times for problems her inattention caused.

Finally she was called into Steven’s office.

“What is wrong with you?” her boss asked her as he shut the door.

“What do you mean?” she said as she sat down.

“You seem distracted and your work is suffering, is there a problem at
home?” he asked

She found him hard to read, and was not sure if this was genuine
concern, or if it was just a way of pointing out her work was suffering.

She fobbed him off with a few bland comments and headed back to her desk.

She knew she should keep up with her work, but she did not care. She
spent the whole time just waiting for the text message.

It finally arrived Friday lunchtime as she was talking to her colleague
at her desk. Her hand shook as she reached for her phone.

“Are you ok?’ her colleague asked.

“Yeah fine”, she replied nervously.

“Important call?” He asked as she opened the text.

`Are you ready to submit fully?’ it read.

“Very”, she replied as her colleague left her alone at her desk entering
her reply.

`Yes’ she texted in response

The text back was an address a few blocks from her office.

Her heart was racing as, a few minutes later, she parked outside the
nondescript building that matched the address on her phone. She was beeped
through the door and took the elevator to the 4th floor.

She knocked the door and waited for a response. After a few moments
silence she knocked again, again with no response from inside. She checked
her phone. This was the right address.

She knocked again.

What was going on, was this all a big joke? She was about to leave when
she decided to try the door. It was unlocked and she found herself in a
bright white room reminiscent of a Doctor’s Surgery. The only furniture
was a black leather treatment table, a black leather stool and a white
cupboard. After a few minutes alone in the room she began to feel

Maybe she should have texted to ask what to do?

She returned to the door to find she was locked in. A few seconds later
her phone beeped with a new message.

It said simply, `Undress’.

She looked around her then began to remove her few garments, only a
skirt and top, as instructed; folding her discarded garments and leaving
them on the stool.

Now naked she sat on the edge of the treatment table and waited,
wondering what her master would be like.

She was breathless with anticipation. After months being controlled
this was to be the first time there had been physical contact. Up to now
they had just been playing mind games with her; playing with her, testing
her, teasing her. She had been pushed to the limit by their demands, she
had done things she never dreamed of, and experienced ecstasy and
humiliation under their control.

Her heart began to race. Someone was opening the door. She was finally
about to meet her tormentor face to face.

“Steven! What are you doing here?” she began to say, but the end of the
sentence was lost as Steven slipped off his long leather overcoat, under it
he was naked.

He had a fantastic body, she couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed
how strong and powerful looking he was until now.

She was stunned. She had never considered that her master would be her
boss at work. Steven took a riding crop from the pocket of the coat before
discarding it.

“Stand”, he commanded.

She did as instructed, and her master signalled by rotating the crop
that she should turn around slowly.

She felt vulnerable and apprehensive, not knowing what to expect of the
situation, but at the same time she was immensely excited.

Steven approached and, standing behind her, took her hair in his hands
pulling her head back roughly. With one hand holding her hair with the
other he took hold of the ring through her nipple and twisted it roughly
causing her to wince in pain. He then ran his hand over her flat stomach
and down to her cunt slipping his fingers into her now dripping wet
womanhood before bringing his fingers up to his nose and sniffing the scent
of her cunt.

“You smell sweeter than I had imagined”, he whispered in her ear before
pulling roughly at her hair. “Are you ready to play?”

“Yes Steven”, she responded

“Yes Master!” Steven corrected her.

“Yes Master”

Steven opened the door of the cupboard and selected some leather wrist
restraints with a short chain linking them.

Smiling the whole time he
buckled her in. Then he picked out a set of ankle restraints with a small
metal bar holding them about a foot apart.

“Kneel!” he commanded and she dropped to her knees before Steven bound
her ankles in the restraints. After admiring his work for a few seconds
Steven stood in front of her his large cock a few inches from her face.

“Suck my cock”, Steven commanded.

She paused. She was still reeling
from the revelation of her situation. “Suck me!” Steven commanded again
and taking her hair in his hand he pulled her face towards his cock.

She opened her mouth and leant forward to take his cock into her mouth.
She began to suck, She was rewarded with moans of delight and began to suck
Steven harder and faster, now enjoying the pleasure she was giving to her

Suddenly Steven arched his back, thrusting his cock forward. “Oh FUCK!”
he screamed as his cum jetted from his throbbing cock. She was rewarded
with a mouthful of hot spunk as Steven came and gulped it down greedily,
eager to keep on pleasing her master, her own cunt twitching with

Steven unclamped the spreader bar, stood her up and laid her on the

He attached the wrist restraints and the ankle restrains to each
corner of the couch and stood back to admire his handiwork. He spent a lot
of time stroking her ringed nipples and ringed labia. The touch of his
hands was exquisite and she was soon throbbing with desire, her cunt was
hot and wet just laying there being admired and touched.

Then Steven began to play with the rings.

Pulling and turning,
stretching the skin of her nipples and her cunt lips, making sure his
fingers frequently stroked her throbbing clitoris, until he could see the
moisture flowing freely from her cunt, running down the slit of her arse on
to the couch.

Then he started to kiss. He started with her feet and worked his way
up, ankles, knees, thighs, stomach, under her arms, around her throat,
around her face, everywhere but those most sensitive areas she really need
him to touch her with his hot mouth.

Then he worked his way down again.
This time he stopped at her breast and spent a long time licking and
sucking her nipples, twirling her nipple rings around in his mouth, then
working his way down her body past her stomach, around her thighs again –
this time coming to a stop at her cunt lips. Slowly he drew the first cunt
ring into his mouth, using it to stretch her long cunt lips while his
tongue worked its way up the inside of the cunt lip into her hot and needy

Then he moved to the other lip tantalising her with his touch. Then
he drew both rings into his mouth and sucked hard. She thought she was in
heaven, it felt so good. A feeling she had never had before.

Then Steven climbed onto the couch and placed his rock hard cock at the
opening of her gaping cunt. Slowly he entered her watching her facial
reactions as she felt the huge cock sliding into her.

Soon he was pumping
his cock deep inside her and she could feel herself starting to come. She
began lifting her arse, wanting more and more cock.

“Want it faster eh?” Steven said and began to fuck her with long hard
strokes, slapping her nipples hard between thrusts.

She began to feel an orgasm building and, sensing it too Steven
concentrated on fucking her as hard as he could until he came in a torrent
of spunk deep inside her.

“Huumph!” She screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through her body and
collapsed, completely spent.

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