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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXXVIII

Chapter XXXVIII – Another Couple Seducer (based on Darling Love No. 8 cover, Archie, Summer 1951)

Al and I are married for nine years and our relationship is divine, giving us our two k**s. Everything could be fantastic and I could tell you the best love story ever if wasn’t by one single hurdle: our sex life.

You know, when it starts, everything is good and spicy, our bedroom was on fire, but since long we didn’t found the valentine’s vigor.

Not that we don’t enjoy it, but it became so, well, ‘common’ that it’s like we’ve been doing those routines that any couple can do in bed.

Maybe it’s because we got c***dren to raise and the burden of being a parent is hard sometimes on our bodies, or it could be the age thing. Nevertheless, Al and I couldn’t find a way to make things better sexually and the usual fear that it would be come ‘jump-fuck-cum-sl**p’ was clear.

We tried a lot of stuff, like movies, books and even roleplaying, but nothing seemed to work! It looked like we were doomed to a boring sex life for the rest of our lives… But a friend’s advice was enough to change my entire life.

“Corinne, me and Al can’t take it anymore. We don’t know a single way to spice up our sexual life. We tried everything but nothing works with us…”

“Have you tried a sexual consultant, Devie?”

“Sexual consultant? What is it?”
“It is someone that is hired to help couples to improve in bed.

Think like of a sex ther****t with the expertise from a prostitute”

“Is there anyone that works like this for real?”

“Yes. Remember when me and Scott had troubles in our marriage? It’s when we hired the consultant. And believe me, our life changed after we met her…”

“A woman? Well, quite strange, but interesting indeed. But how you met this consultant?”

“It was Mary that gave me the tip.

She also worked with her when she divorced from Malcolm, and spread the word around with the other women. I think I have her card… ok, here, take it. You need it better than I nowadays”

Corinne explained how that sexual consultant worked, but I was still doubtful if it could work. When I mentioned that to Al, he was doubtful as well, but thought it could worth the shot.

“I don’t know, honey.

We could just give a try. If it doesn’t fit us, we can throw a lifeline on something else”

I made first contact with the consultant, named Marion. I told that Corinne gave me her number and she quickly went prone to work on us. On the phone, she explained about her job and I talked about my problem. We scheduled a first visit at our apartment for the following week.

The day came and me and Al were anxious about Marion.

We didn’t know how she could be or what she could think about us in first place. Our doubts disappeared when the doorbell rang.

“You two must be Al and Devie Meadows. I am Marion Legrand, your sexual affairs consultant”

Just to look at her I knew the shot worked. It was a stunning brunette, nearly from our age. You could look at her face and her clothes that she was a classy woman.

The one I could see men falling over her feet, begging for her to marry them, giving every kind of gift, doing all her wishes to have a night with her. Surely a woman like her had a sexual knowledge that certified her for the job.

“Glad that you took our case, Miss Legrand. Me and My husband were waiting for you…”

“Please, don’t need to be that formal. We are all friends here.

Please call me Marion…”

We invited her to enter and right from the start we told her why we called her. Marion told us to sit on the couch and then made a complete interrogatory on us. She asked about our relationship, marriage, f****y, sex life and else. Everything she wrote on a small notebook she picked from her bag, paying carefully attention to every single word Al and I said.
“Enough of questions for now… Mind if I check the bedroom?”

“Is there anything wrong with it?”

“Not at all.

I just like to see the place where the couples usually have sex. Sometimes there is something that might contribute to the problem”

We took Marion to our bedroom, and she checked everything thoroughly. From the bed to the closet, the consultant investigated, writing down her notes and asking us the age of the furniture, how do we like to sl**p, where the k**s sl**p and else.

After she reviewed the place, Marion took us back to the living room, where we patiently waited for her veredict.

“So, is there anything wrong with us, Marion?”

“Hmmm… wrong, I cannot say. But I sense there is a lack of eroticism coming from you two…”

“Lack of eroticism?”

“There is nothing wrong in my view about the way you two do it. But my feeling is that there is no ‘steam’ surrounding your sex. There are no erotic moves, actions nor ideas that usually spice the things up”

“But we tried everything! We read the books, we saw the movies…”

“Books and movies can be a source of ideas, but they aren’t more reliable than the good old imagination.

And, also, I think you need to try a few things off”

“Like what?”

“Well, I can give you two a walkthrough of stuff that can be useful for you in bed. But it’s gotta be the next time, since it needs to set the environment for what I need”

“If it was needed to saved our marriage, ok, there will be a next time”

Next week, and there were us again, and Marion appeared.

Again, the anxiety was big, since we didn’t knew what she had on mind to help us to regain our sexual energy.

“Are you two ready for our exercise?”

“Yes, we are!”

First, Marion sat between us and warned that we have to tell her if she is doing something that might bother us. We agreed and, then, she started to talk what she had on mind.

“It was good for me that you requested my help.

You two are the kind of people that I love to us my skills on”
“And what kind of skills do you have here for us?”

“I think a threesome would be the best way to show how and where you need to improve”

“A threesome? You mean… me, Al and you?”

“I guess you don’t mind if I came between you and Al tonight, right Devie? And anyway, I’ll be here mostly to be your sex coach”

“Er… well… I don’t… well; let’s see if your plan can work right for us then”

Marion quickly touched our bodies, apparently feeling if we were sexy enough to her.

As she smiled, perhaps with a wicked intention in her mind, I felt that our problems were in verge to be resolved by the sex consultant.

“The first lesson here is that you have to seduce your partner in order to achieve a good sex. I mean, you have to turn him or her on, play with his mind, see what makes him or her get aroused”

“And how we can do it?”

Marion asked permission to me for unzipping his pants, and after my blessings, she didn’t had any problem on taking his pants down and having his cock on her hand.

It was unbelievable that I would let another woman have my Al in this way, but if you want to save your marriage, everything counts.

I closely watched the brunette touch my man like she was giving him a handjob. I could see Al, even if a little embarrassed, moan as Marion stroke him, as she looked at me hoping to see if I could react from it.

“Is this turning you on, Devie?”

“Well… yes… a little”

“Are you enjoying for real that another woman is touching your husband? Do you see how Al likes to be masturbated?”

“I can see, Marion.

Where do you want to reach?”

“Maybe your husband needs to be stimulated before you get at work with him. And I can predict this is enough for you to wet your underwear, right?”


“Then let’s see if we can apply the same for Al”

Right after she said that, Marion kissed me! I couldn’t and I wouldn’t refuse or ask why, then I let it go and went for good to reply that kiss.

I never put my lips into the ones of a woman in my life, and I must say the experience was satisfying. Al, watching everything, felt himself the urge of masturbating himself, as I could see his cock get close to the ‘point’.

“See how your husband seems excited while we kiss, Devie?”

“Yes… I guess he is just another guy who loves two girls getting it on…”

“And I can see that you too…”

I couldn’t say no.

That was really getting me horny, and I was hoping that Marion didn’t stop it all out of sudden. But she did, and after she broke the kiss, she told us to take off our clothes.

“Seems you both past the first lesson. Now, I will let you try to involve me in your caresses”

She said as she also got herself naked and to Al and me to approach her and do whatever we wished to her body.

And there we were, touching, kissing and fondling that hot woman. We could hear that we were going well giving Marion moaned while kissed all over her body, sucked her breasts and even let us finger her wet pussy.

Next lesson was the oral pleasure. With Marion’s guidance, we were introduced to the arts of a good blowjob and cunnilingus. It was interesting to see how Marion showed her mouth skills on both of us.

I would never believe that having a girl lick my pussy could be great. Or even watch my husband being sucked by the consultant.

“Well, time for you two show how good you fuck, lady and gentleman!”

Then, Marion became really a coach. She gave us instructions on the positions we made, how we could do it to make it naughtier, told us to let our mouth speak for ourselves, told that we should be more nasty during sex talk and to try new things.

She participated as well, positioning us and using her hands to make any kind of correction.

Anyway, the prognosis was way ahead than I predicted. That woman knew what she was talking about! I didn’t felt so much pleasure in my life since years ago, and I bet by Al’s face, he shared my views. We finally found what we were looking for, and Marion witnessed every moan, every pleasing word, and every nasty request of both of us while his cock made my pussy his home again, to the point she didn’t resisted enough and touched herself while seeing our sex.

Marion was in front row to watch, after all this time, a true orgasm from both of us. I think I even left my body while I felt all that ‘repressed pleasure’ finally arrive after years of frustration. Al, meanwhile, looked like he didn’t wanted to stop at all. He kept fucking me, even if we were at the boiling point of sexual gratification. To show how much we were finally free, I asked him to cum all over my body and so he did.

“So, how did went for you two?”

“It was fantastic! I never felt something like this in years!”

“You got it, Devie! We don’t know how much we are thankful for saving our marriage, Marion “

“Don’t worry… it is just a single brick you must lay every day if you two want to keep the flame ignited for years to come”

“With your tips, me and Al will be like we were in our early years!”

“I hope so, but now I guess my work is done for today…”

“No, wait!”

“Want to say something, Devie?”

“I want to discuss the payment, since you made a good job here.

And second, I want to ask you if you don’t mind to join us for a real threesome”

“About payment, we could discuss it next time we meet. And about the threesome, sure why not? I don’t have nothing to do anyway…”

And so it was, we had Marion only for us to show how our skills were upgraded after her ‘class’. I bet she loved when Al did her in so many ways and I put all my oral skills to the test.

Well, at least I know she went to heaven or almost when we finished her by licking her pussy.

Now our marriage is back to the old times and me and Al became a different couple in bed, thanks to Marion’s guidance. We know what to do to turn our minds on and be like a****ls in our bedroom. But don’t think we didn’t see Marion anymore. Sometimes she drops by to see if we are going well, and to see if we can show her how nasty we became…

Anyway, thanks to Marion Legrand, our lives changed.

To better.

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