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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXXVII

Chapter XXXVII – Country Lust (based on Sweethearts No. 95 cover, Charlton, October 1967)

If you are a man of the country, love is a tough thing to find, and tame. It’s not like cattle or a horse, which you can take care of it if you learn about it. Love is different, you can’t really tame it or put inside a bottle. When it comes, you never are ready for it, and when you feel you already tamed it, it goes away.

But there is something that adds insult to the injury: falling for your boss’ daughter. The one you weren’t supposed to feel any kind of attraction. The one you shouldn’t even feel aroused. But Rebecca Watts was impossible for me to not have anything for a girl like her.

Her father bought the farm long time ago, when my father worked for him. I grew up working there as well and I had the opportunity to meet his children, and Rebecca took my mind from the first moment I saw.

Me and her got quickly acquainted, to a relationship that would become some kind of friendship, but later, I felt I wished that was more than that…

I never knew if Becky was into me, and I didn’t bother to ask. Who was I, a simple farmhand, to date the boss’ daughter, a girl who had more money that I could earn in a lifetime, a man without much education or fancy manners.

She was destined to have one of those men in the city that could offer everything she wanted, capable to give her all the luxury a girl like her deserves. Even if her own father thought those boys were more into parties and ladies other than serious stuff and said that, if his baby girl were to marry anyone, it would be with someone serious, like the men from his farm.

But destiny played against it… and the weirdest way possible.

Becky came back to farm one day, crying because one of her boyfriends cheated her. Since I was around, here Randy Cousins was to save the day…

“Becky, you shouldn’t suffer because of that scumbag…”

“But, Randy… I-I t-thought her w-was the man of my life. And he c-c-cheated me with that b-bitch! My father knew so well…”

“You father knew really those men weren’t your kind, but what else could you do?”

“I should have listen him.

I should stop going with those guys from the city and try someone else”

“It’s up to you that, Becky… you own your heart…”

The days past by and everything seemed normal to Rebecca and I, but one night, she knocked my door and what she said completely was a shock to me.

“Randy, are you awake?”

“Well, I am trying to sleep, Becky. What you want from me that late?”

“I want you to do something for me”



“I want you to have sex with me”

“Er.. erm… what? What?”

“Randy, don’t act like that. You heard what I want. I want you right now!”

I still don’t know why I didn’t fell from bed when she asked me to do it!

“But, Becky… I can’t do it. Don’t you remember that I am your father’s employee?”

“I know, and that’s why I came looking for you, Randy.

I know you have something for me? I always knew…”

“W-What? H-How do you… well, what?”

“Don’t lie to me, Randy. I know you have the major crush on me, and wanna know what, I do have the same for you”

Oh my God… she knew it? She loves me? What the hell are we talking about?

“What are you talking about, Becky?”

“Let’s be serious, okay? I knew since long you had the hots for me and I always had the hots for you, but I didn’t told anyone about that”

“Why you didn’t tell me about it?”

“The daughter of the farm owner dating one of his employees when I had to waste time with boys that couldn’t make me complete? I was afraid my parents would react wrong about it and kick me off home”

“And don’t you think that I didn’t felt the same.

I don’t want the risk of being fired for ‘fooling around’ with the boss’ daughter”

“I promise you will be not fired, Randy. I swear nobody besides us will know about that, capice?”

I was turned to refuse it, but refuse anything from Rebecca was impossible for me.


“Well… my feelings are too strong for me to refuse, so…”

Becky undressed in front of me and laid on my bed, taking off my clothes as well.

She gave me a kiss before stroking my dick. God knows how much time I waited for her to do that on me, and now she was holding my cock on her tender hands. Hands that deserved a man who cared for her, who believed on her.

A man like me.

“Take me, Becky. Now I am yours. All yours…”

She took me. Exactly my cock inside her mouth, blowing me like no girl ever did for me.

I could be bothered by her saying too much on how my cock was good and looked more manly than the ones she sucked from the losers she dated so far, but for me it was a victory chant. Finally the woman I had the most incredible crush was in my bed.

“Hmmmm… I dreamed about you for so long…”

“Fair dreams or dirty ones?”

“All kinds of dreams you can imagine, baby…”

She sucked me for a while until she found better fun could be found if I could train her a as a ‘cowgirl’.

And so she did, as she sit on my cock and rode me like one of those pros taming a wild bull at the rodeo. I never felt so good with myself like that moment, there having the girl of my life dreams wiggling and humping my penis like a bitch in head (well, I know it’s offensive, but what could I do?)

“Ahhhhhh! How long I wished that to happen!”

“Me toooooooooooo! Uhhhhhhh!”

See Rebecca’s face moaning and feeling my dick inside her pussy was bliss for a lonely cowboy like me.

Finally my dream became reality; I had the girl I wished for long with me in my bed, having sex with me. And she was taking the control, dictating the rhythm, using her hips to keep my cock inside her. I just could imagine if she was this with those fools she dated.

“I want you to cum inside me!”

“Ah? I can’t!”

“Don’t worry. I am on pill. Please go on!”

I had to fulfill her dream and, when I reached the point, blew my entire load inside her.

I don’t know why she asked me for that, but since she requested it, I wouldn’t argue with her orders. I could see Becky feel in other state as she felt my sperm going into her pussy, maybe it was that way that got her into orgasms.
And I have to say, I gave her a big orgasm. A real one. She called my name and told me I was the best and cussed every guy that disappointed her in the city and claimed I was the man of her life and stuff.

I couldn’t feel more aroused.

“So, how it was?”

“Well, I just can say I finally achieved my goal to be with the girl of my dreams”

“I say the same, Randy…”

“So, where do we go from here?”

“I don’t know, but if you mind to lick my pussy soon…”

I licked, even if I got to taste my own cum. But it didn’t mattered. I had Rebecca Watts and nothing could stop that from happen… We date hidden from everyone for a while before she said to her father about me.

He accepted it very well and said that ‘I would be a better man for her than any of her ex-boyfriends’.

And for the last year, the cowboy who told this story is being a better man for Becky. A better man in all ways possible….

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