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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXXIII

Chapter XXXIII – Our Military Affair (based on GI Sweethearts No. 33 Cover, Quality Comics, August 1953

My name is Grace Hopkins and I have to confess something: I can’t resist to a man in uniform, especially if it’s a military one. When I am near of someone from the military corps, there is something that twists my mind to think about being with him and doing all sorts of things… and usually, I kind of end up doing it…

My friend Marja is not only a witness of that but also my faithful partner on finding a proper fit.

We grew up with your parents running a company that supplied tools and food for all the branches, so we were used to visit the facilities and see all those men in uniform. We just saw that your future had to be linked to that people and we had to find someone from the military to hook up.

And that is what we are doing so far. Me and Marja are kind of a team, finding and grabbing the finest catches we can find around the military branches and seduce and take them to the bed.

It’s been fun so far like that, those men, despite all the neat looks and being so serious and disciplined, are so sexy and hot that it’s impossible not thinking that, underneath those clothes, it lives someone who craves for fresh pussy.

Our ‘combination’ has been successful so far, but only as ‘separate entities’. Mind you that we never tried a threesome with anyone there, not because we didn’t liked it, but because we never found someone that could worth of being the first ‘victim’ of our teamwork.

Not until Johnny Tagliani…

Johnny was member of the Army corps and, since the first time we met him, we always saw him as the ‘shy’ folk. He liked to talk and meddle with his buddies, but it seems he had an awkward stance toward women. We never saw him with a girlfriend or something and that led to some not so pleasant talk about this sexuality. A handsome man, that seemed alone and mysterious, the kind of guy we should go for!

So Marja and I picked Johnny as being our first recipient of the ‘menage-a-trois investment’, but at first, we couldn’t find a way to make him for comfortable to release the tension.

It looked like he felt bothered there and being in Army wasn’t the best thing he found in life. Nevertheless, we are two strong women and we knew we could be capable to find an opening and do your job on him.

It was hard, but one day, when he was off duty, we finally picked him to go to a bar with his uniform mates. Then, when it seemed it was the right time, we took him home and set the mood for the threeway that we were about to lay out.

“Johnny, we know you for a while, but there is something that always picked me up”

“What is, Grace?”

“Is that Marja and me never saw you with a girl. See, everyone brings his girls on off-duty days but you always seem alone, without anyone, left out in the cold…”

“Well, is that… well, is difficult to say, but I recently broke up with my girlfriend”

A guy with a broken heart? A score for us?

“Oh, poor little… you must be very upset because of that”

“At first I was, but now I kind of accepted it.

My parents were right, that thing of ‘distance relationships’ wouldn’t never work…”

“And, pardon me to ask that, but what happened for you and her to break up?”

“Let’s say that she found my absence a good way to try other things, if you know what I mean”

A guy with a broken heart and cheated by his girlfriend? Now we seemed close to make that score.

“It must have been terrible to know that your girl cheated you, Johnny… we feel sorry for your loss”

“Please, girls, don’t be.

It was written in the stars, it could be me or her, and ended up being on her side”

“But you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself all this time. Maybe it’s time for you to pick someone new, meet other people, check for new opportunities”

“Marja, it’s very difficult to me. Every time I see a girl that interests me, it’s Sandra that I remember. I can’t get her out of my mind.

She was the first and only girlfriend so far. You know what they say about the first love…”

“Johnny, you need to forget her. She had done a bad thing with you and left you in this state. You must forget her and move on!”

“I tried, but I don’t know how…”

Finally! The opening we found! Now, Johnny was ours!

“Oh, poor little… you might not know, but we know how to bring your mood up again!”


We didn’t said a word and our hands simultaneously went close to Johnny’s crotch, going to reach his penis.

But, as we got there, he suddenly cringed himself away from us.

“Johnny, what is going on? Don’t you like what are we doing?”

“Is… well… I don’t know if it’s right for us to do that, girls”

“There is no problem. You are single and so as us. And we have the right recipe for your broken heart problem…”

We tried again, but we saw in his face he was uneasy with our approach.

Of course there was something that blocked him to surrender to our wishes.

“Don’t need to worry… let us to the job and everything will be alright”

“But, girls…”

“Is there any problem, Johnny… it looks like you are acting like a virgin or something…”

The sigh he gave when we hinted about virginity was the answer we needed. Johnny was all this time a virgin! And, I guess, a virgin that promised to his girl to only surrender to her desires.

“I can’t believe… Johnny… we are so sorry… we didn’t knew about it”

“You didn’t have to know about it, it’s okay. I made a promise to save myself until I find myself ready for Sandra, but she decided it that she didn’t wanted to wait anymore. God, I feel so idiot…”

“You aren’t an idiot. Saving yourself for someone you love is one of the best things anyone can do.

See, we took different paths in life. While you thought about your future, Marja and I decided to hook up to anyone with uniform because we feel good this way. And you should feel good about your decision, Johnny. ”

“But what do to now? Sandra cheated on me and now this saving thing has no value at all! I lost part of my life doing something that someone else didn’t found important in the end of the story”

“We are giving you an option.

It’s up to you go along with it or not…”

Johnny thought for a while and after a few minutes he brought an answer that we were willing to have.

“Go on, girls. I’ll take part with you in this little affair”


“What difference does make? Sandra made me a fool of myself throwing all my wishes in the trash and I don’t have any more time to waste.

So, I need you girls, now…”

Victory, finally! Johnny was ours! The circumstances weren’t the best to make he fall for us, but it was his decision and we had to respect and ‘obey’ it. We got ourselves to put our hands at his crotch and feel his package. For what I saw, it seemed a big one! Then, Johnny zipped off his dick from his pants and put it at our reach.

“Come on, ladies, make me cum!”

“I guess it’s you that are going to make us cum!”

We managed to get him slightly hard before we doubled a blowjob on him, licking and slurping his rod. Boy, it was huge! Like 8 inches or something! Dear Lord, we finally find a very good catch in the army! Anyway, it was a bit difficult to suck him but we found a way to make his size fit our mouths.

“Uhhh… girls…. ahhh…. yeah!”

We had a sample of what that cock could do to us in our mouths, but we wanted to know how it would be if he sticked it inside us. I decided to be the first and Marja would ‘assist’ me. I put myself in all fours, raising my ass to him and he quickly pointed his cock into my cunt.

“Ohhh…. Ahhhhh…”

It was almost a miracle! His cock fit perfectly to my pussy! I wasn’t used to that kind of wiener, but it was marvelously crafted to it! His first thrusts were amazing and I could feel it all going inside me and giving me pleasure.

Marja watched it with her mouthwatering, thinking if she could be able to take it all.

“Ah… it’s sooo good…. ahh…. yeah… dear God!”

I pushed Marja close to me and made her open her legs in front of me so I could finger and eat her pussy while I was being screwed by that stallion. The threesome I was looking for was finally happening, and having to taste the juices of my best friend while being nailed by Johnny was so amazing that I don’t have even words to describe it perfectly!

Johnny took me in so many ways possible that I didn’t even realize that he was a virgin until minutes earlier.

Maybe he learned the tools of the trade and was saving it for his bitch ex-girlfriend. Then, I let Marja have the fun and the first moment his cock thrusted into his cunt, she went to heaven.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah!”

I put myself to the help as I ‘shut’ her mouth with my moist and cock-fucked pussy. I bet from the looks and moans Marja had while Johnny was fucking her that she was amazed that a once-virgin man could do such wonderful job with his sex.

Now Sandra must be eating her panties on about what she lost.
It was splendorous, I have to tell you. Johnny fucked us in such ways that we never thought a man could. His massive rod penetrated us with its torrent of pleasure, touching and putting all of our pussies to explode in pleasure in so many ways that is impossible to explain here. We watched each other’s orgasm and later collapse around Johnny’s body, which seemed much satisfied with finally becoming ‘free’.

We still chase boys once in a while, but when we need to have some fun and find a trusty and reliable boy, there is Johnny for us to take. We finally found the perfect military affair for us to rely and fuck anytime we want….

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