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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XLII

Chapter XLII – Love and War at the Beach (based on Girls’ Romances No. 16 cover, DC, August-September 1952)

What might happen if you know that your best friend likes the same guy as you do? Maybe be angry with her, even to fight and cause harm. I know and understand, it’s not easy for anyone to see a person you trust your deepest thoughts to love the same boy as you do.

That’s why me and Nicole found it weird that, for a long time, we shared the same man without any kind of trouble between us.

Nicole Stehn has been one of my best friends since long time ago, and the fact that we hang out together a lot brought us in Ron Faraday’s way. He was a guy we met at our freshmen (or freshwomen, as we like to say) year in college.

He was the kind of guy any girl could fall in love, and I became his girlfriend after a few months.

However, I couldn’t imagine that Nicole had something for him too! Well, it wasn’t when she came forward to me and said, one day after a party, but instead of being pissed off with her, I just understood what she felt. And I came up to a solution for our little big trouble.

“Let’s share him. Just like that, me and you having him for a while, together. No jealousy, no fighting, no bad feelings between us”

“But, and if doesn’t like it, Sandra?”

“We just need to tell him about it and see his answer, Nicky…”

For some reason I still don’t know, he managed to accept. And we went to make an agreement to ‘share’ him as long as we wished.

He wasn’t too sure of a long-term relationship and we weren’t willing for a fight that could cause damage to our friendship. And if there was one girl I trusted to be with him, it was her.

For the first six months and perhaps a year, it was the best of the worlds for us, but the as the time goes by, that situation went from sugar to sour. We did like to have Ron as our boyfriend, but still we had to realize if he would pick one of us to be his ‘official girl’.

But the three of us were together for two years and no news on from where our relationship would be taken to. The situation was close to be unbearable, even if we still liked Ron.

We pushed Ron to pick one of us to be his girl, but he dodged the subject like he was running from the devil. It was impossible to keep with this arrangement for long, but there wasn’t no sight of light on our way, until Nicole suggested a trip.

“Where are you going for the spring break, Sandra?”

“I don’t know, maybe I am thinking to visit my parents or go somewhere else. Why?”

“I want to invite you come with me and Ron for the spring break”

“Weren’t you two supposed to spend the spring break at your uncle’s home in Tallahassee?”

“We are, but I think it would be better if you come, you know, because of the arrangement”

The idea seemed tempting for me, but not until I came up with another suggestion.

“Well, talking about arrangements, how about we make a deal?”

“A deal?”

“You know that Ron isn’t willing to pick one of us by his own, right? So, what if we ‘decide’ that for him?”

“I don’t understand, Sandra…”

“It’s a deal. We are going to this trip and we will make everything we can at our hands to make Ron decide for one of us. After the trip, he must choose between me and you”

“That sounds fair.

But what about who loses him?”

“The winner has to pick someone for the loser, in order to make all that fairness”

Nicky thought for a while, but she convinced herself that it was better than we bug him for life. We pitched the deal to Ron, as he could be aware of what was about to happen, and he found fair as well. Been done all the arrangements, we went to Florida and, when arrived, we let the games begin.

“The winner takes it all. Luck for us and let’s go on Mission Grab Ron!”

The games begun with some usual tricks of ours. Nicky faked herself drowning on sea and Ron went to rescue her, only to her blink and make that evil grin when she came at my direction. I came back when I invited him to watch the waves alone at sunset, and I bet how Nicky got challenged when seeing us alone and together.

In the beginning, we fought mostly for his attention, trying to lure Ron away from the other and grab some time alone with him. But, as sooner as we would predict, the bed became the battlefield and soon we were trying to get Ron through sex. And which were the most delicious of the battles, became also the hardest of them.

When I caught Nicky giving Ron a blowjob outdoors, and seeing how he enjoyed having his cock on her mouth, I knew I had to give him a better suck to get the advantage on her, and it was even better if I bragged that in front of her.

And, therefore, igniting a chain reaction where each other traded ‘blows’ for the big prize. It wasn’t to bring harm, but to make the things on a decent level.

I went extremely pissed off when I heard that Nicky had got to have anal first, but I decided to take further and took twice in the ass in the later night, only to make her mad when I told her. And so on, we tried to outmatch the other in the naughtiest way possible, being better than the other on anything.

It could have many prices to pay, but there was a big prize in the end, to be Ron’s girlfriend.

We had many cards on the sleeve, I admit. We even resorted to take him to have threesomes with other guys and girls. I arranged a girl for us to have Ron, but I guess he got more entertained while we did each other (not that he didn’t liked fucking us, but…), while Nicky also got her a girl, a very busty one for the ménage.

And don’t even count the two guys and other stuff we did…

Well, everything we did to have Ron to pick one of us, but he decided to dump us in favor of a bimbo he met at the beach. Shit… after all Nicole and me did for him, that bastard left us for some bleached blonde bitch? Well, he was and is an idiot, but all of that only served for me and Nicky to get our bond strengthened…

And, mind you, now having an affair! Well, I learned sometimes another girl is capable to do things in bed as same or better as men, but we don’t give up on them yet, just need to have some lickin’ good fun before we grab another.


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