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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XL

Chapter XL – Air Orgy (based on Pictorial Romances No. 12 cover, St. John, March 1952)

I know what people think about us, stewardesses. People always rate us as the ones who care about the passengers, gently help them if they need something, serving our customers the way they wish, and so on. This is totally true, you know that. But there is the other side, the kind of thing you don’t usually share with anyone but yourself and your co-workers.

The kind of acts that aren’t appropriate for ‘semi-virginal’ women like us…

As almost every human being, we feel sexual desire and we devote some of our time to fulfill it. Being at an occupation where people usually fantasize about us, for me, Susan Torrey, it is usual hear from men pick-up lines and indecent proposals. I pretend not to care most of the times I get one, but in the rare situations the person worth the attention, I admit it’s fun to get those.

I usually work paired with my friends Anna Perton and Cathy Sokoll, because they think we do a great job as a trio, and taking the customers’ talk, they are right. But, after we leave the airplane, it’s a race against time to find a man or men that can fit up to our standards and give a night or two of fun to three horny women. And when there weren’t men available for us, sometimes women throw better parties than them.

Being a bisexual stewardess has its advantages…

From all the men we managed to lure into our ‘claws’, no one was better in so many ways than Hank Brooklyn. He was an old client of our airline, and seemed to be a very wealthy man, always looking to the economy newspapers and checking stock exchanging and the price of the stuff. Apart that and the fact he was on his early 30s and apparently single, there weren’t much we could know about him

The first time I saw Hank waiting for a flight to take off; it was love at first sight.

He was the kind of man you see yourself married with, and his manners were more than just a gentleman’s gesture. Every time he needed to fly to somewhere, the three of us were assigned to that trip. Could be coincidence? Or something else’s wishes were behind that? Anyway, Cathy and Anna felt the same about him, and the three of us fantasized about him every time he flied with our company on our free time

“Gosh, that Hank is so hot! Today, he smiled at me after I gave him water and he said ‘keep up the good job’.


‘Calm down, Sue… He just praised your job. He didn’t wanted between the lines to take you to the restroom and let you blow him”

“Anna, shut up! You blush himself every time he says ‘see you later’ when we land. You are the only person that can’t criticize Susan’s fangirliness”

“Please, Cathy… It wasn’t offensive; it was just a smart remark. And, by the way, I don’t know if Hank is capable of that…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s been a while that he always flies with us and even greets us by the name even before the plane leaves, and still don’t know if he feels something about us or he is just being difficult”.

“Perhaps he is married. Or gay”

“Anna, he is not married, I never saw a ring on his finger. And believe, we would know if he was gay or something”

“Anyway girls, we need to find a way to show Hank we are there. But how?”

Easy to say that we need to catch Hank Brooklyn no matter how. He was a major hunk and we saw him virtually every week, but for us, Hank wasn’t the kind of man to leave to anyone to do.

The three of us need to have that man on our bed, but we didn’t knew a manner Hank could surrender to our desires.

Every time we saw him, our urges became bigger than ever and the need of getting that man increased at a large pace. We needed to do something about that or you could end up fired if one of us jumped on him like a wild many getting a prey to feed its family.

But we needed a plan, and the plan that could make us rule big time.

And, like destiny wished to conspire for us, the situation presented itself at the most unlikely way… by the way of a major thunderstorm at an airport we were in the Midwest.

That storm got us stuck in the airport for a long time and the plane I was supposed to work with the girls was halted for hours.

As destiny played with us, Hank was one of the passengers, being with family in the Midwest and going to New York for business meeting. When the storm past, he found himself late for almost every meeting he was slated to go, and the plane could be even more late since it needed to check if it didn’t suffered any harm caused by the storm.

Being Hank a faithful customer and one of our first-class users, the company managed to arrange him an air charter so he could be at NYC and do not cause problem to his schedule.

He agreed, but requested for me, Anna and Cathy to be with him. A wealthy man asking for us to be his private attendants… bingo!

Me and the girls regrouped minutes before the plane left and we managed to draft a plan to finally get him to our arms. It had to be there, it was all or nothing for us. We had to get that man, at any cost possible.

Besides the crew, it was us and Hank inside that plane.

And right before the take off, we started to put into reality the mission ‘Fuck Hank’. And I was the one in charge to break off the ice, while Cathy and Anna were in the back, waiting for a sign to come.

“So, Hank, everything is okay? Are you ready to fly?”

“Yes, I am, Susan. Being with you girls makes the flight better”

“Oh, thanks, Mr. Brooklyn. It’s charming coming from a man like you”
“But I am only talking the truth here.

You and your friends are surely three very beautiful women. I hope your boyfriends are proud of yourselves”

“Well… none of us have a boyfriend…”

“Really? It’s a darn shame! The manhood of this world wastes time not enjoying the beauty of women like you and your friends. You three deserve to find men that treat you as you should”

“Hank… you are leaving me embarrassed…”

“Susan, you are a very beautiful woman and you deserve the best.

If I had the opportunity, I would date any of you without any kind of doubt about it”

“Seriously? And why you didn’t so far?”

I just said it and it looked like Hank’s chin fell on the floor. I bet he didn’t expect to hear such advance from a girl used only to ‘serve’. But he had to hear it, and he heard even more.

“W-What d-do you mean?”

“Well, you didn’t say you would date one of us.

So, what stops you from that?”

I said that while my hands ran onto his clothed body, and you could see him doing that ‘uh-oh’ face watching my hand doing that. I guess Hank couldn’t do other than release himself

“Hank, I need an answer…”

“Well… I don’t want you fired at all, either your friends…”

“Why you bother right now? You have so much money you could buy all the airlines only to hire anyone you want”

“It’s… well, it’s hard for me to say… but I always desired to have something with you, Cathy and Anna”

The surprise was so big that even Cathy and Anna left their places early than predicted when hearing that.

Our plan did work, but not the way we were thinking.

“Really? Well, now I cannot lie, but we do have a crush on you, Hank”

“So why nobody said anything about it?”

“Well, we were afraid of you refuse. Such important man like you…”

“We all have our things, Susan. And this trip might be the start of something new, if you three want it, of course”

We didn’t had the time or the mood for questions as we took off his clothes and went for his body and then for his cock.

Quickly enough, Hank found himself hard and ready to the take the Mile High Club in the good way.

“Let’s take off now!”

Hank loved when us three were all over that cock, fighting for space to put out mouths in. We felt his hands onto our asses, slapping it and trying to be under our uniform skirts. I guess we hit a good spot when kissing in front of him while blowing his schlong.

“God, I love when women do it! Come on, girls, suck that cock!”

Me and the girls did the best to suck and make that cock hard. After that, we became naked as well (apart hat and stockings) and I was the first one that ‘hopped’ into Brooklyn’s sex trolley. Hank went behind my back and, without any time to think, his dick was inside me.

I must admit: Hank Brooklyn is a wild a****l! I moaned so hard while he pumped himself inside my pussy that I thought myself had died and went to Heaven, and thank God no one from the crew appeared to cut the mood.

He gave me so much pleasure as much as I helped him to relieve his tension. And well, Cathy and Anna too, doing a very naughty lesbian show in front of him.

Anna was the next one, telling her to be on all fours. It was her time to feel his cock do her, and by her face, she took her to something no man in her life did. I could see on her face, despite buried at my pussy to eat it (and me kissing and sucking the amazing boobs from Cathy).

And then, there was Cathy’s time and I watched how she screamed words of delight and joy while me and Anna were eating each other.

“Ah! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The whole trip was like that, with Hank serving us with his incredible manhood while we did him nice good treats for him and for us. Finally getting the man that we wanted for so long brought us what we all were looking for, a sexy man doing three stewardesses, even if it was inside a plane.

The grand finale was when he blew his full load on our faces, to the point the almost stained our hats! But it didn’t mattered, our mission was done, Hank Brooklyn finally was ours. And we thanked him the way we needed.

“Thanks for flying and fucking with us, have a good trip!”

“Thank you girls. And if you want, I’ll give my hotel room so we can have a round two.

I loved what we’ve done here, ladies… see ya”

Closing the story, he called us to spend the days he were supposed to be at New York with us and we didn’t let that proposal be denied. Two days of naughty sex and lesbian shows for our business boy, who keeps flying with us, but always requests the charter fly when he needs to get ‘closer’ to his ‘favorite attendants’.
And, of course, we are always willing to serve him very well….

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