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Rodney Rules

The intercom buzzes and Melissa only manages to say, “Kerri” before you walk into my office. You look at me with those gorgeous sexy eyes of yours and I can feel the heat start to travel through my veins. “Are you too busy for me today, little girl?” you ask, that slight grin on your face. “I need some attention from my little Kerri. ” You close the door but don’t lock it and you pull the blinds closed across the window.

The butterflies are rioting low in my belly and I have no idea what you are going to do. “Rodney”, I hiss, this isn’t a scheduled meeting and either JC or Shack would feel free to just rap on the door and walk right in even though the door is closed. Anyone could walk in here, what are you doing? I’ve got meetings in just a few minutes”! You raise your eyebrows and look at me sternly, “is that how you address me?” you ask.

“Ssir, would you please at least lock the door?” I know from the look on your face I have annoyed you, I have not given you the respect you demand. I also know I will pay a penalty for my lapse.

“No, I don’t think so,” you reply, “I might have locked for you it if you had shown Me the proper respect. Now pull up your skirt and spread your legs”.

While still sitting behind my desk I lift my skirt and spread my legs as far as possible. It would never occur to me not to obey a direct command from you. My stomach clenches as you pull out a very sharp knife and approach me. You take the knife and cut through my panty hose then proceed to drag the tip of the blade over my black silk panties. Up and down the length of my vagina, spending extra time circling around my clit.

Even with the touch of fear you are engendering, the stimulation is intense and I can feel the moisture starting to weep from me, my panties becoming wetter by the second. The slight scent of sex starting to infuse the air. You reach down and pull my panties through the hole in my hose and slice through them with the blade. “Now, look at Me don’t take your eyes off Me and masturbate.

Don’t stop until I tell you to, but do not cum, you do not deserve to cum. ” My breath is getting faster and harsher. I am close to the edge when you finally say, “Stop. Pull down your skirt and leave your underthings the way they are the rest of the day. You are not to touch yourself. I will see you at home”. My breath hitches almost in a sob as I try to regain my composure.

“That was just plain mean, Sir”. I will now be fidgeting through both of my meetings.

You look at me with an evil grin, “Yes, it may have been mean, but just think how hard you’re going to cum for Me once you get home! How eager you will be then to be the dirty little girl you really are inside. Pretty damn eager I bet… that’s good because I want to see just how fucking dirty you can be! I mean all out no inhibitions at all! With someone there to keep you safe and encourage you I bet, you will love the feeling! You follow directions very well My ….

lil Kerri! You lean down and give me a very hot soul searing kiss. “That is for doing as I ask. You can be such a good girl, thank you, Perhaps I should give you more tasks to complete. But, I am not done with you. You will be punished for the lack of respect you showed me when I got here”.

I hope no one smells your wet pussy in your meetings you say with an evil smile.

Actually, I hope they do, because in the mind I want you thinking about what is going to happen when you get home tonight. I want you to still be wet, to have a nice big wet spot on your panties. Think about how you must remain composed and professional in your meeting. But also how you secretly wish I would just bust down the door in the middle of your meeting just walk in without saying a word.

Grab you by the back of your hair, stand you up. Bend you over the table that just moments ago you were sitting at, in charge of the meeting, giving orders. Think about Me ripping off your skirt tearing off your pantyhose. I’ll grab a hand full of your hair pulling your head back so now you’re facing your colleagues. Then I’ll just start fucking you right there in front if every one! Hard, deep and fast…fucking …and fucking.

While your moaning from the feeling of being fucked and the slight pain of pulling your hair with one hand and holding your hands together behind your back with the other!!! As they all gasp in absolute horror at what is happening I say “everyone make note…this is how you fuck this little cum slut…”this is also how you claim what belongs to you! Think about it Kerri”. With that you turn and leave my office, I am pathetically grateful you at least pulled the door closed behind you.

As you slam into my body one last time I scream and squirt, almost passing out from the intensity of my orgasm. My juices are flooding from my pussy, soaking my thighs as well as you.

Kerr. Kerr! Kerri! Shack is snapping his fingers at me. My face turns crimson as I return to the meeting from the fantasy of you bursting in the room and brutally fucking me in front of all my colleagues.

Thank God there is no client here! Everyone is staring at me. This is so out of character, I’m usually the one drawing everyone else back to basics, back to the crux of the meeting. Suz asks if I’m alright and JC is just looking at me oddly. Whether real or imagined I can smell my own sex. It’s more real than not most likely, as I can feel the wetness on my thighs.

“Sorry Guys, I have a lot on my mind today. Are we done here?” I have some errands and I have to leave early. I’ll have Melissa brief you on my notes for the meeting on Wendy. I have to go.

Errands my ass! I just want to get home to you and get relief, sweet relief. I need you so bad. I need to feel you take me, dominate me, make me yours.

I have no idea how you have done this to me! You have turned me into a total submissive to you. Me! I tell Governors, Senators what to think. But right now I don’t care. I just need to feel both the pleasure and the pain you will give me when I get back to you.

I slide behind the wheel of my car, tossing my briefcase on the other seat. Deep breaths, take deep breaths!
I can’t believe what just took place in my meeting.

I have never lost my focus like that. Oh God, what is happening to me? What have I done? What have I let you do? My grip on the steering wheel is so tight my knuckles are white and I’m not certain I can even drive yet. The scent of sex surrounds me in the small confines of my rented Porsche and my panties even my thighs are soaked from the moisture seeping from me.

I lean my head back against the headrest and fade into the memories of my life over the last few weeks since I met you.

I was in Houston, looking over the Governor’s race for my firm. It was an intriguing race; could we turn this state back into the blue column, or at least purple? I had stopped at the small restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat on my way to the hotel.

I had no sooner taken my seat when I noticed you. Damn, you were some fine eye candy, several years younger than me, but not enough to send me to jail! Besides, it wasn’t i*****l to look. You apparently didn’t mind older women as your eyes fastened on mine. My cheeks burned a bright red, my blush being one of the banes of my existence and I dropped my attention back to the food and the paperwork in front of me.

I could still feel your eyes on me and I glanced up just as you got off your bar stool. You sauntered over to where I was sitting and just sat in the other chair at the table. “Can I help you”? I asked my voice as cold and haughty as I could make it”. “I’m not certain yet , but I think maybe you can”, was your cryptic reply. The Texas drawl in your voice, the tone was so sultry it sent a shiver through me.

“Are you new in town, Yankee”? you asked. I don’t understand why but something about you compelled me to answer. “It’s only temporary”, I responded, “I will be reserving office space for my firm for a few months”. Why I even answered you is still a question in my mind. The children’s tale of The Pied Piper of Hamlin flitted across my mind. There was just something commanding about you. It was as if I was required to answer you.

It was as if you had a power over me that made it essential that I please you. I found my response to you both intriguing and curious at the same time. “I want you sugar, I want to see if you are who and what I think you are”, you stated. Your voice was husky, your Texas drawl sending chills down my spine. It was making my body quiver and creating a sexual response in me that I was at a loss to explain.

Me, with the nickname of the Ice Queen was being sexually turned to jelly by a complete stranger. Confusion created chaos in my mind and I was at a loss.

“I’m going to leave now”, you said. “When you are done eating I will be waiting for you in the parking lot. You are to get into your car and then follow me to my home. If you follow me I will both expect and demand your submission, if you don’t then no harm done.

I’m driving a black Chevy pickup truck, I’ll be watching for you”. With that you sauntered out the door. It was insane. I was at least aware enough to know it was crazy. I never indulged in one night stands. Hell, I rarely even dated. It was imperative in my position to maintain a totally clean reputation, thus the nickname.

As I finished my meal, I packed up my papers and paid the bill.

My mind was screaming danger and yet I knew. I knew I was going to follow you home. I shook my head and just hoped you weren’t some mass murderer extraordinaire. Yet it didn’t matter, as if hypnotized, I was going to follow you home. There was no possibility that I could resist. You drew me to you like a moth to a flame. I could only hope it was without disastrous results. This was the most dangerous thing I had ever done and completely out of character.

I got into the rented Porsche and almost immediately the immaculate black pickup truck was behind my car. As I started mine you pulled ahead allowing me to follow you out of the parking lot. It seemed an interminable amount of time I followed you, out into the countryside then down a long driveway. No neighbors screaming in my head as I parked my car behind yours. You walked over and opened my car door, reaching your hand out and waiting for me to grasp it.

The moment of truth, of ultimate decision had arrived. If I took your hand I was going to submit to whatever you demanded from me. Would I ever be the same again?.

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