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Rendezvous with Cheryl

Pulling up to the motel my cock was already rock hard just thinking about Cheryl. It had been a few months since my last trip to Baltimore and I so wanted her. We had met on craigslist about a year ago and rendezvous a few times. Now it is kind of a regular thing whenever I am traveling through. Cheryl always grabs a room at this seedy super 8 and then text me the room number.

Cheryl looked so sexy today she had dark brown shoulder length hair that curled at the end, nicely lined eyebrows, long and dark eyelashes, her cute cheeks glowed matching her light pink lips. Two long earrings dangled from each ear. She wore a strapless blue satin dress that stopped way above the knees followed by silky nylons and blue satin heels. Her finger and toe nails were painted black and her left wrist was covered in bracelets.

It had been so long instantly our lips met. I fucked my tongue deep in her mouth. I kissed her as if I was in heat with an exploding cock. I moved my mouth from her lips to her ears, to her cheeks then shoulders. Whoa there sailor slow down Cheryl joked. As I came to my senses I pulled back getting a grip on my horniness. I lightly touched her nose and rubbed my hand across her cheek as I pulled to my lips to hers as the moment changed from horny to passionate.

I tasted her mouth and held her in my arms. I pushed down the left side of the dress that covered her flat chest and cute nipple. My lips broke from hers and moved to her chin, neck, shoulders before taking her hard nipple in my mouth and rubbing it over and over with my tongue. I pushed down the dress covering her other nipple and moved back and forth teasing each nipple with my tongue as my hand caressed her nylon covered legs.

She lightly moaned over and over as tasted and licked each nipple.

I slid up her dress to reveal the sweet skin peaking between her silky pink panties and the top of her thigh high stockings. I moved my lips into place and began kissing and tasting that exposed area of sweet skin. I could see the outline of her hard little cock through the panties and a wet cum spot.

She took one hand licked the tip of her fingers and played with her nipples as the other hand slid into her panties and she began to rub her hard cum soaked cock under her panties. As I watched her playing with her nipples and rubbing her panty covered cock I undressed. My cock was dripping with cum as I freed it from my pants. I wiped the tip dry and rubbed my cum soaked fingers lightly against her lips.

Cheryl took my fingers in her mouth and moaned as she sucked them. I moved my cock to her mouth and slowly slid the tip between her lips as she continue to rub herself. I moved my cock in and out of her sweet lips slowly at first, taking it out every few strokes to slap her mouth and cheeks with it’s hardness. I fucked her mouth harder and deeper as she played with herself, faster and faster my cock moved in and out of her hot mouth, wetter and wetter her panties became.

I admired her sensual beauty as my saliva soaked cock moved in and out between her lips. She looked so hot with her satin dress pulled down below her nipples and pushed up above her waist, with her sexy nylons and high heels and the wet pink panties just revealing the outline of her cock. As she continued to massage herself it was too much for me. I pulled my hard cock from her mouth just in time to save it from exploding.

A thick line of cum dripped from the tip to her lips. I moved down towards her cute little ass and push her panties to the side to expose the crevice hiding her tight little hole. I butterfly kissed her ass cheek until my tongue made it to that tight little sweet spot. Cheryl moaned as I lightly darted my tongue in and all around her tight hole. My tongue encircled and darted in out and around that tight little sweet spot over and over.

I heard her moan each time the tip of my tongue enter her sweet ass. With her ass facing me and her hole covered in saliva I oiled my cock, slid on a condom and oiled the condom. I lay behind her on our sides as she slowly and gently took my cock deep inside her. I slowly and gently fucked her tight little ass as my lips tasted her shoulders and neck. As my pent up cum built and cried for release I began to fuck her harder and harder.

As I fucked her I released her little cock from her panties. I fucked her hard as I stroked her cum soaked cock with one hand while the other arm ran under her neck pushing and supporting her head until our lips met. As I fucked and stroked and kissed her my cock exploded in relief and my body became lifeless as I just laid there. Stay inside of me Cheryl whispered snapping me back into reality.

I pushed my shrinking cock deep inside her as I moved my hand up and down her shaft. I pushed tighter into her, kissing her neck and stroking her hard shaft hard and fast she moaned and I felt her hot wet cum explode covering my hand.

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