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Red Heads 2

This is two years after the Red Heads Are Best story.

It’s a new fine day I come in to the office and start to get things ready by 8am. the workers will be here and the bosses in meetings, my days as Helen’s sex slave are not over but with the new people and growing business we need to be care full, but I still take good care of her dripping cunt as offen as possible.

Mrs. H in NYC is still are biggest client and I still make many trips there she still fucks me hard and long making me cum longer and better then my hubby ever has her strap-on is longer and thicker then him and it never goes down so she pounds my cunt for hours at a time and I love to lick it clean.

The business is so good I can take some time off and tell hubby that I’m taking a work trip to New York for two weeks.

As I’m gathering up my bags at the airport I see Pam she looks well not good seems she just got released about a week ago and having trouble finding a job so she’s on the streets. Feeling somewhat sorry for her I take her to my hotel room telling her I’m here for two weeks and she can stay too. She thanks me over and over and we talk about things after a while I ask about jail and this look of shame covers her face I try to clam her and say you paid your time don’t be sad but, she says that is not the worst of it that after she got to jail that she was ****d on a daily bases ( I had heard this but didn’t tell her I knew ) I said OMG HONEY you poor dear she then told me that a woman named Gail took her in and protected her from the others but, she also used her to but Gail was diffent that she loved her and was happy to please her.

Gail had taken the time to be gentle and caring to her to not only take but give back too. The first ladies pushed her down and ground there cunt in her face forcing her to get them off then shoved her away to please herself but Gail took care of her and her needs too. Hearing all this Carole related to it and told Pam her story and the real reason she was in NYC and about Mrs.

H and how the woman has total control over her and she loves that. The two women looked into each others eyes and held each other the rest of the night fall into a deep sleep.

Waking in the morning in Pam’s arms feeling so safe and comfortable Carole just layed there till Pam moved then turning to her kissed her and sparks flew for both and a small morning kiss turned into a heart seeking soul kiss lasting and with passion and sexual meaning.

They explored each others bodies with hands and lips leaveing not an inch untouched they moaned and took each other to there big release and down there fingers lips there tits and cunts in complete contact always unable to take it but wanting more and more. They laied panting for breath and holding tight to another for the next three days never leaving the bed other then food and bathroom breaks. They the phone rang Mrs.

H wanted her cunt lapper to come and please her she was not happy to hear that Carole was there for three days and not came to her Carole tried to talk her way out but her body knew what Mrs. H could do and she could not say no. She jumped up told Pam she could stay but she must go and dressed and was gone. Mrs. H’s driver was at the street waiting and drover her to a very large house and opened the door for her Carole entered the house and was told to go to the bedroom Mrs.

H naked her long red hair flowed over her tits only said EAT ME!! and Carole did starting at her toes and kissing her way up she touched her lips to the redheads twat and did her best to please her mistress she licked and sucked the clit making Mrs. H shake and rock her body fucking Carole’s mouth and begging for more her bucking was eased only after she flooded Carole’s mouth with her cunt juice Carole with lite kisses over her cunt rose to her tits and starting to try her damest to engulf the whole tit in then sucked and biting the nipples rocked the redhead to another cum shooting all over Carole’s body then she laied Carole back and licked her head to toe.

After two hours they tried to gain there breaths and talked. Carole told her about Pam and her story in jail Mrs. H told her driver to go get Pam and bring her there Pam was in the room watching TV and a knock on the door answering it was told to come with her the driver not waiting for Pam to react grabbed a hand full of hair and yells I said now lets go loads Pam in the car and brings her to the house Pam is scared the door opens and the driver says come with me and reaches in to pull her out as they go in Pam hears moaning the closing the loader it gets the doors open and Carole is on hands ands knees getting her ass pounded hard with a long thick strap-on Pam’s eyes grow big and her cunt wet Carole’s ass is getting hammered the look on her face says that she is in both pain and pleasure then her whole body shakes and yells of delight and pleas for more come out.

Not looking away Mrs. H harshly tells Pam to get naked and on her knees Pam slowly starts but the driver rip her cloth away and Mrs. H laughs telling the driver to go for it and she does too Pam’s face is ground into her cunt and her ass beat her nipples twisted and pulled and cunt fingered then fisted hard fast and deep till Pam’s eyes roll back and her body explodes into a long draining cum.

Pam and Carole are used over and over then ordered to clean up and dress.

A few hours to rest then asked to come talk Mrs. H says Pam Carole has told me your story and I may be able to help you but, tell me about this Gail do you love her? Pam says yes very much. And she loves you too? Yes I believe so at least I hope so.

Well then I will go and talk to her before I say any more. The next day Gail gets a visit at the jail and the two women talk when Mrs. H gets home she ask Pam how would you like to stay here till your Gail can come get you? Pam starts to speak but is stopped it seems that you were a keep woman in jail and Gail wants to be sure your keep that way so you will belong to my driver and do as your told in and out of the bedroom tell Gail returns also I will be offering you to my friends for cash so you and her have some money when she gets out my friends are always horny so your cunt will be very busy.

I will make a few calls tomorrow so tonite your cunt is for us to use….

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