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Raylee should have been more careful, but she was in a good mood. She just got back from a first date and it wasn’t too bad, a little awkward, but he asked her out a second time before she got out of the car. There was the kiss before she got out of the car, but that was all. She opened the front door, the living room dimly lit by the small lamp. She walked in and was grabbed from behind before she knew what was happening.

He held a knife to her neck, making sure that he sliced the flesh and a drop of bleed began to spill before he said a word.
“I’ll split you open like a gutted fish if I hear a peep out of you!” Bill’s cock was hard before he even saw her; it was the expectations that aroused him. He pressed his cock against her ass, feeling her try to move away.

“Don’t move!” She froze instantly, Bill moving closer to her ass again, this time moving his cock from side to side.
The other man, Sam moved out from the darkness, both of them wearing ski masks. Sam eyed her, so sexy in the black print dress, a string of pearls around her neck. The dress was cut to reveal generous cleavage and was short, leaving her long legs almost naked. He watched as Bill rubbed his cock on her ass.

She thought they were going to **** her, but instead they tied her up. They started with her arms, the thick rope starting at her wrists, but it didn’t stop there. It went all the way up her arms, tied around, then moved up to the next spot, until her arms were bound at least six different places.
Then they went to her legs, Raylee afraid, but they tied her ankles together tight.

Then another rope was around her thighs, Raylee feeling a little better that they didn’t spread her legs. The rope from her ankles were pulled tight and then it was tied to her wrists, but not before they pulled hard and her legs were pulled behind her and her back was bowed. Two ropes were wrapped around her body, one below her breasts and the other above, not sure why, but it held her breasts tightly confined.

She gasped when she was pulled up from the floor, but she was only carried a few feet to the coffee table. They lay her down on the hard wooden table, her body half on her side. Then they disappeared from her sight, but not before a warning not to say a word. It was a long time, thought it actuality, it was probably only minutes, the room so silent as she squirmed on the hard table.

The ropes were tight, Raylee helpless with two strange men in her house. She was afraid of the unknown. She saw him walk into the room, tall, over six feet, heavy set, but it was muscles. He wore a ski mask on his face, making him look more dangerous. Now she knew why she was bound on the table with her mouth ungagged.
He stood over her, only inches from her. His large hands went to his pants and he opened them until his cock popped free.

It was long and thick, his hand holding it out in front of him. In his other hand was the black knife; the blade was shiny and pointed. She didn’t have to be told; Raylee opened her mouth before he brought his cock down to it, the fresh wound on her neck a reminder of disobedience. She had to bend her neck back until it hurt, but she did it as the hot flesh of his cock touched her lips.

It wasn’t that she had ever sucked a man’s cock before, but this wasn’t willingly, she was being fucked. He held his cock on her lips until she encircled it, drawing the thick, dark red head into her mouth. Her tongue began to wash over it, tasting dried pre-cum fill her mouth with the salty flavor, but she didn’t stop.
Bill felt her hot mouth engulf his cock, he held back from fucking her mouth while she went to work, her mouth lathered up the head.

The knife in his hand scared her, Raylee performed as though she wanted to suck his cock. Her lips and tongue continued to work over head as his cock jerked and shuddered in pleasure. He began to lay his body on hers, his hands held her shoulders as he began to feed his cock into her mouth.
He became more active now as he leaned over her, another inch, than two entered her mouth.

He began to pump his hips, his thick cock slide in and out of her mouth. She tried to please him with her tongue, but his hips were urgent as he thrust faster, the strokes deeper. Her body began to bend, her head partially going off the edge of the table from his thrusts, but his hand held her still so he could fuck her mouth. He pushed his cock into her mouth, deep this time, as he held his cock as it pressed against the back of her mouth.

The thick head pulsated against her throat, Raylee gagged as the head of his cock squeezed just a millimeter into her throat. He held her pinned as her stomach revolted, feeling it turn as she gagged a second time. He pulled his cock back, but it thrust forward again, this time a bit harder, Raylee gagged again, the head slipped deeper into her throat.
Her lips were stretched around his cock. He began to fuck her mouth, but he was doing it slowly.

His cock pulled almost all the way out until the thick head stretched her lips, than he pushed back in, slowly and methodically. He pushed in deep, he didn’t stop until he had made her gag and the head of his cock began to plug her throat. She couldn’t move to dislodge it, his hands held her pinned.
He loved fucking her mouth, enjoying when he pulled his cock all the way out, but her mouth stayed open, knowing she would have to be available to him whenever he wanted her.

When his cock was free, she gasped for air, but the second his cock touched her lips, her mouth opened wide and her neck straightened out as if making it easier to throat fuck her. He slowly inched his cock into her hot, wet mouth until he couldn’t drive in any farther. He looked at her, her eyes closed, but her mouth was opened by his cock and her tongue was working magic on his cock.

He began to fuck her mouth, back and forth. When his cock was in the opening of her throat, her lips opened up wide as she gagged, but he enjoyed the way her throat muscles griped his cock head to keep it out.
His hand slipped down and cradled one of her breasts, but he was more interested in her mouth, then her breast.
He continued to fuck her mouth, slow and deep, her face covered with spit and leaking cum, her lips stretched tight around the shaft.

She could feel every bump, ridge and vein on his cock as it passed through her soft lips. Suddenly, he pulled his cock and she felt him move away. She dared not open her eyes, but by the noise, she knew he had undressed. She heard him return, as he bent her head back and her mouth opened up wide. She received his cock, Raylee felt his balls rub on her forehead now that he was naked.

He began to fuck her mouth again, slowly and deliberately. His hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer, as he fed more of his cock into her mouth. He didn’t pull back right away so he could tease at her throat so he could make her choke and gag as the thick head tried to f***e its way deeper into the tiny opening.
He loved the way she accepted him in her mouth without question, her lips so tight, her tongue lapped at his cock like a cat.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, but rubbed his wet organ all over her face until it glistened with drying spit and cum. It felt good to debase her like that, but he was eager for her mouth again. He pulled her towards him; he penetrated her lips and thrust into her mouth as he held her as his cock fought to enter her throat. He breached her throat, Raylee gasped and choked but he enjoyed the way her muscles clenched on the head of his cock.

He pulled out, her mouth open as she continued to choke, but he entered her again without hesitation, not caring that she was still choking when his cock plugged her mouth again.
He was almost standing over her face, fucked to look up as his hairy balls scratched her face, but it was her mouth he wanted, Raylee opened it wide as the thrust in hard and deep.
The head of his cock breached her throat by sheer f***e, his hips pushed hard until she choked and gagged and her throat opened up to allow him to fuck in without any trouble.

She couldn’t believe the thick, domed head of his cock could fit in her throat, but by sheer f***e it did, her muscles compressed the flesh until it slid into the soft walls of her throat. The first time, she thought she would suffocate, unable to breathe, her nostrils flared as she tried to fill her air starved lungs, but her didn’t pull free, Raylee fucked to fight for air. The cock moved in her throat like a snake, but it never left her throat.

There was so much spit in her mouth as it fell out her lips in spite of her half-upside down position. His cock continued to leak cum into her mouth, more prolific, thick, salty cum that bathed her tongue.
He couldn’t believe the delightful contractions of her throat muscles on his cock. It felt like hundreds of hands massaged his cock. He struggled to slide the head back and forth in her throat, so tight, Bill grunted with each thrust.

He finally pulled his cock back out, hearing her gasp, but he pulled it slowly from her mouth, as he let her tongue work it over before he pulled it from her lips.
Her head turned to the side when her mouth was free of cock, the spit and cum spilled out that filled it. Her throat felt raw, rubbed so harshly by the thick cock head. She coughed and spit, unable to fill her lungs.

She felt his hands on her shoulders again, as she was fucked to open up her mouth in the middle of a cough, but he cared little, as he fucked his cock back into her mouth. Her head was upside down as he held her, his body crouched over her as he began to fuck her mouth as if it were her pussy. She couldn’t do anything, not even move her tongue, his cock moved so vigorously.

He pushed deeper, bent over so that he could thrust hard to the back of her mouth, his hips moved with speed as his pubic hairs tickled her nose with each thrust. Her head was bent back farther by the powerful thrusts until it felt like he was going to shove it through her head. He pushed hard, his cock slammed into her throat; Sam held it there as he twisted his hips, the head of his cock felt so big as it cork-screwed into her throat.

He pulled out; spit dripped in long strings from her mouth. Raylee didn’t know how much more of this she could take. Her mouth was being ravaged. She turned on her side, as she gagged and choked. His hands turned her onto her back again.
“Pplleeasse, no moorrre!” Yet her mouth opened wide and took him back in, his slick cock penetrated her lips.
He put one hand under her chin, so he could hold her up, her mouth open as he lunged to the depths of her mouth and into her reluctant throat.

He sank all the way down by sheer f***e until his balls were spread over her face. He plugged her completely; his cock pulsated in her tight throat. It felt so good, not sure how much longer he could go without cumming.
Raylee never had a cock in her mouth like this before. It filled it so completely, her tongue fucked to the bottom of her mouth by the sheer f***e and girth of his cock.

He had to have shoved at least six or seven inches of cock into her mouth and down her throat. He pulled out but she heard his orders.
“Lick me, all over, even my balls,”
She lathered him up with her tongue; in spite of how tired it was as she tried to please him.
Would he never cum?
She licked his balls, as she choked on the wiry pubic hairs that got caught in her teeth, fucked to take one of his balls in her mouth until her cheek bulged wide until she thought it would pop.

He lunged back into her mouth; his hands cupped her dangling head so he could thrust hard and deep. He began to fuck her mouth; his hips drove his cock in and out with increasing speed and ferocity. It was every ten strokes or so, so he could drive deep into her throat while she choked, than going to back to fast strokes. It felt like he had already cum in her mouth, filled with the thick crème that continued to leak out.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, but let her nibble and lick on the head while she filled her lungs. It was time for her to finish him off. He pulled her head off the edge of the table, her mouth fucked open even wider by the upside down position.
“Take it in and bring me off. I want you to take all my cum in your mouth and swallow it.

He was back in her mouth and she was going to have to swallow his cum. It wasn’t like it was anything different then now, his cum permeated every bit of her mouth. He held her tight as he began to fuck her mouth. His hips moved with such speed and hard thrusts, her mouth penetrated deep each time. She gagged and choked, but he was relentless, he refused to let her take a breath, his only concern was his ultimate pleasure.

It felt like it was five minutes, as she heard his breathing become more ragged, her pleasure building as he neared his orgasm. She only wanted him to cum and end her misery.
His balls slapped against her face, but it was her mouth that was giving him so much pleasure. He fucked fast and furiously, as he took her mouth with such ruthlessness, no rest for her until he came. His body froze, so he could thrust hard, the jet of cumming spilled out into her mouth.

The second jet followed quickly, the third he dripped on her face, as she stroked his cock over her face, her lips leaked out his abundant cum as she tried to swallow it down.
In spite of knowing he would cum, it was still unexpected. It filled her mouth; her cheeks ballooned as they tried to contain his abundant cum. It was hot and thick, coating her in a thick blanket that covered her tongue, gums and teeth.

She tried to swallow, but it was so thick that she choked as she tried to get it go down her reluctant esophagus. He came again, Raylee choked as it shot to the back of her mouth, cum leaked out her lips as his cock pulled out. She thought he was finished, but she opened her eyes to see him stroke his cock over her face. She shut her eyes just in time to prevent the cum from soiling her eyeballs, but the thick, hot cum dripped all over her complexion, the cum stained her skin with his foul seed.

She never felt so shamed and humiliated, her face covered in drying cum, her mouth fouled by the terrible salty taste of his semen.
He took his dripping cock and made her stick her tongue out so he could clean it. She licked it reluctantly, but she was beat into submission, taking the slippery head of his cock into her mouth as she sucked and licked it clean. He made her take the full shaft, her tongue working to make it slick with her sweat, cleaned of his cum before her let it slip from her mouth.

“You’re a good mouth fuck, Raylee. ”
She was glad it was over; Raylee hoped they would go and leave her alone to suffer her shame.

She hated that she had high ceilings and exposed beams. The other man came into the room and helped the one that had just finished off in her mouth. They rearranged her in the most unexpected and degrading manner. She was strung up like a dead cow in a packing plant.

Her hope that she was finished was gone the minute they strung her up by her ankles. Her bound body was stretched out, her head two feet from the floor. Her hair hung down, her head already grew dizzy as the bleed rushed to her head. At least her body wasn’t bowed painfully, but her arms were pinned behind her. She knew instantly that the other man would take her mouth this way; the height of her mouth was convenient for his cock as he stripped off his pants and shorts until his cock bobbed in front of her face.

It was just a long and thick as the other man’s cock. She knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until she choked on his cock and swallowed his cum.
Sam didn’t have to do a thing as he moved forward, one hand on the back of her head held her, but her mouth submissively opened before his cock even reached it. He rubbed the head on her lips, his cum painted them shiny with leaking cum.

Her mouth opened wider as he pushed with his hips.
His cock was already slick with juices when it bounced on her lips, this man just as urgent. Her lips were fucked open wide as the thick, smooth head of his cock breached her mouth. The minute her tongue touched it, the cock shot up and down in excitement. It was so obscene to be taken like this, upside down as her mouth was fed inch after inch of hard, throbbing cock.

This man already saw what the other fucked her to do; taking her with deeper thrusts the minute he was inside her mouth. The thick head shot to the back of her mouth and banged against the small opening of her throat. Her throat was raw from the last cock that breached it, not sure how she would survive another one so soon. All she could was open her mouth real wide as he thrust with his hips.

He fucked her mouth, in and out, his hands held her head still so he could take her in the most pleasurable way for him.
No wonder Bill found his pleasure from her, Raylee licking his cock as she tightened her lips around the shaft as he mouth fucked her. Sam never took a woman this way; upside down her mouth was shaped differently. Her eyes were pinched shut, her face scrunched up as he fucked her mouth.

He slowed down so he could enjoy her sucking, sliding along her lips back and forth, her tongue washing down his cock, licking up the leaking cum that she drew out. He didn’t pull his cock from her mouth, too hot and tight. He would draw his cock out until the thick ridge on the head pulled her lips back, but he held there, letting her tongue rub all over the head and coax out more of his leaking cum.

No matter how tired her tongue got, he never let up, his cock sliding in and out. Her mouth was filled with spit and cum, but upside down she couldn’t swallow it, the only place it could go was to run down her face, some of it sliding into her nostrils and choking her. Raylee finally got some relief, the man pulling his cock from her mouth, but a long, white string of spit and cum ran from the head of his cock to her mouth, finally separating and clinging to her mouth.

Before she could contend with it, his cock fucked the spit and cum back into her mouth like a plunger. He twisted his hips, the head of his cock touching every part of her mouth like a toothbrush, but this one was coated with cum. He fucked her mouth deeper; his hairy balls rubbing on her nose, the wiry hair tickled it. She felt his hands tighten on the back of her head, pulling her onto his cock like a sock.

It shoved to the back of her mouth, but this time his thrust was hard and she gulped and choked on the thick head trying to breach the tiny opening of her throat.
He felt his balls slap against her face, but all he felt was the pleasure as the head of his cock was compressed by the powerful grasp of her throat muscles. He fought her reluctant mouth, his hips moved from side to side, as it made his cock into a wedge that fucked deeper into the depths of her throat.

He felt her head shake and shudder each time she choked and gagged, but he refused to let her loose. He fucked his cock into her throat, back and forth, each time deeper, each time her muscles gripped the head with such pleasure.
Raylee tried to turn her head to the side, but it was as though her head was on a spit and the spit was his cock. It speared her up the middle.

Long plunges breached her sore throat, but her mouth was nothing but another hole for him to fuck. All Raylee could do was gasp and swallow the aggressive cock. He finally pulled his cock out, but his hand rubbed it on her lips as his hand stroked the shaft, painting her lips with the abundant cum that leaked out. She knew he wouldn’t last much longer before he came and it was her mouth that would have to take it all.

“Keep your mouth opened wide so I can finish off inside. ” He watched as her lips opened so wide that he thought her lips would tear, but the cum was rising up from his balls.
He was masturbating his cock in her mouth, Raylee feeling the head swelling up in pleasure. At least he wasn’t breaching her throat, but he held her head tight to keep her from escaping. His masturbating hand smashed against her lips too hard in his excitement, but he was beyond control.

She clenched her eyes tight as if she could somehow put this out of her mind, but the first jet of boiling cum that bathed her mouth with a thick, salty blanket brought her back to the reality of the situation. She was bound upside down while a strange man came in her mouth. There was nothing she could do except try to contain the prolific stream of cum that continued to shoot into her mouth.

Sam never watched his cum shoot out into a woman’s mouth like this before. He saw her clenched eyes, but it was her pink mouth that took the brunt of it. He was masturbating into her mouth and she was licking it up as if she liked it. His balls ached from cumming so much by time he finished, but her mouth was filled to overflowing with white, milky cum that dribbled down her face.

Raylee thought she was done with this one, but the other one was back, already erect and ready to cum. His fingers fucked open her mouth and another load of hot cum was deposited. It leaked out and ran up her nose, choking her as she gagged. She couldn’t even swallow it all as Raylee choked on the thick crème that refused to flow down into her belly. Even as the other one finished up in her mouth, both of them were not finished with her until she licked their foul cocks clean of the thick crème.

Only then did they release her from the overhead bondage, but left her on the floor, still tied up.
It was the next day before she was missed, her best friend letting the police in to investigate, finding her bound on the floor. There was no doubt what had happened, the room reeking of sex, the dried cum caked on her face.

The End.

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