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Ravi helped by Mom in sex during studies

Hi everybody, I am Ravi married male 32 yrs working currently in a pharma company in Mumbai. I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I want to share my first personnel sexual experience with all the HumanDigest readers.

This incident happen when I was in XII standard preparing for my preliminary examination in the month of Feb. As the state board examination was very close, I was little nervous, as I was not interested in science stream, my dad had f***e fully got the admission in science, which I did not all like.

As I was preparing for the preliminary exams, I used to study at night. Our house is 2 bedroom house, my parents (mom and dad) used to sleep in bed room and I used to study in the drawing room. I had a habit of reading porn book which I used to buy from the local book stores on the footpath. I would read this porn book in the toilet and while seeing the open naked pictures I used to masturbate in the toilet.

But as I was preparing for my exams, I had to read these porn books in between the studies. I used to lock the room from inside and become naked and read those books. The same routine continued for 10-15 days. One day we received a phone call from my native place that my grandmother (father’s mom) was very serious, hearing this dad had to go to attend her.

As my exams was near my mom did not go and stayed with me.

On that very night, as usual, after dinner I went to the drawing room for studying and locked the door and started studying. After 15 minutes my mom knocked the door and said, “Ravi, open the door. ” I was completely naked and after hearing my mom’s voices I stood up wore my shorts and ran towards the door to open the door.

Mom said, “Ravi as your dad is not there, you can study in my bed room.

I cant sleep since I do not have the habit of sleeping alone. ” I had no other option but to comply so I gathered all the study books along with the porn books and went the bed rooms. I was very sad that I could not read my porn books that night due to mom’s presence but did not know that my fate was going to change forever due to mom’s request.

My mom finished all the kitchen work and came to the bed room wiping her wet hands with her pallu.

I want to describe my mom, she was 38 at that time good looking, fair, slim, with good circular boobs, her boobs was not that loose unlike other even though she did not wear bra. She always wore sari as a traditional south Indian women.

After doing all her works she came near the bed and said, “Ravi you can study here. As I am alone I am not able to sleep.

” I said “Its ok mom, you can sleep here and I will study for the exams. But I will keep the lights on for me. ” The light in the room were on and I was reading for my exam. As the light were on, mom was not able to sleep properly.

She was some time sleeping facing this side and some time facing that side. As she was facing this side and that side her saree pallu was disturbed and her both boobs curve were clearly visible in the blouse.

Seeing this, my heart beating rate got double and tool inside pant started rising. Then after 15 minutes she slept calmly as if she was in deep sleep.

Then I kept the book for the examination and took out porn book and started reading it. In between I saw the big boobs of my mom and started reading the story. I slipped hand into my pant and started playing with my tool.

During night time I never wear undies, due to this the bulge was clearly visible from the top of the pant.

Reading the porn story and looking at my mom’s boobs I became so desperate that I wanted to grab the two melons and suck it, but I didn’t have the guts to do that. Then I started reading the story again, the story was so nice and interesting that I got very much involved in the story and I failed to notice mom who had by that time woken up and was watching me intently.

With one hand holding the books I was shagging my cock inside the pant. I came to the climax of the story; I didn’t know when my tool came out of the pant. Before I could ejaculate I opened my eyes. I got shocked to see my mom sitting next to me and watching what I was doing. I was totally shocked as if my heart beat stopped. I was in a loss to react.

The porn story book dropped from my hand on the bed. My other hand was still on my tool which was partly roaming outside. My mom looked at my eyes but said nothing. She picked up the book and read if for 2 minutes. The books also contained some naked photos of male/female in different sex poses. She saw those photos very closely by turning page by page.

Her expressions changed from serious to stern.

Then she kept the book on the bed and went to the wash room. I was totally shocked due to this incident. I immediately cleared all the books for exam and also the story book and kept them a side and switched off the tube light and switched on the night lamp. I slept on the bed with blanket covering from head to toe.

After 10 minute my mom came to the bed room and said, “Ravi, are you asleep.

” Then she switched on the tube light and lifted the blanket over my head and said “Ravi reply, are you sleeping. ” I didn’t have the guts to look at her face. Then she said, “Look Ravi this is very common at your age, I have also gone through your age, it is very common don’t get upset.

See I will explain you all thing. ” Then I opened my eye and looked at her.

She was standing very close to me and said, “See, Ravi I am your mom I know what you want at this age. I have also gone through this age way back. It is common don’t worry. ” Her eyes were searching something in me. My body was shivering like a leaf. I dared not look into her eyes.

She sat near me and put her right hand on my shoulder and said “Don’t worry I will tell you how to over come this age.

Where are those books. ” I reacted as if nothing happen replied, “What book. ” She said, “That porn book. ” Then I said, “That it is there. ” I pointed to the drawer where I kept the porn book.

She brought the book, sat next to me and opened the centre page. She started seeing the naked photos of the male and female. She said, “All these photos are fake, they are photo/camera trick and catching this photos.

In real world no man will have tool this big and no female will have the boobs as big as this girl in the picture have. Don’t get disturbed seeing this kind fake photos.

Hence forth don’t read such kind of book, which would create bad image in your mind and will tell false things about sex. If you want to ask any thing I will teach you and I will solve your query about sex.

So concentrate in study and get good marks in the exams, ok. ” Then I waved my head, “Ok mom. ” Then she switched off the light and came next to me and slept.

I was not able to sleep properly due to her talk. Her talks were disturbing me. Then I thought to go to the wash room and masturbate and release the tension. After half an hour I went to the wash room which was next to the bed room, I was casual as mom was in deep sleep and opened my pant took my tool out, with out locking the door properly.

Imagining the story that I read from the book I started jerking my tool vigorously closing my eyes. Within 5 minutes I was reaching climax to pour out my load of sperms, within no time I came with the load of sperms. When slowly I open my eyes, I was shocked to find my mom standing in front of the door. Watching all act coolly.

She was again shocked with this incident, without saying any words she again went to the bed room.

I washed my tool and slowly went to bed room with out making any noise. I peeped into the bed room and found mom sleeping. Then I entered the bed room and went to sleep next to mom. I was unable to sleep due to these 2 incidents.

After 5 minute I heard my mom calling my name, “Ravi, are you finished dear. ” I was shocked to hear this and I was speech less.

Mom turned towards me and said, “Ravi, what were you doing in the wash room dear. ” I could not say any thing. Mom again said, “Ravi what you were doing in the wash room was bad habit dear you should have not done that.

Who has taught you these things?” I mumbled, “My friend Ritesh has taught me to do this. ” Mom smiled mischievously, “Hence forth don’t do this, it will affect your health adversely.

If you want any thing, then you tell me or ask me. I will help, don’t ask your stupid friends, who will teach you this false thing. ”

Then mom came near to me and said, “You have grown up enough to teach all things. Come here I will take you the world of sex;” Saying this mom lifted the blanket over me, and came very close to me and said in a whispering tone, “Son I have seen your penis.

It is very big and thick. It is long enough to satisfy any woman. ”

She kept her right hand over my penis above the pant and at started caressing it. She asked me in a sexy tone, “Have you seen any women or girl naked. ” I shook my head and said, “No, but sure will love to see. ” Then she brought her face closer to my face, I could feel her heart beats.

Our breathing got heavier and clashed with each other. Her breathing was warmer then me.

She said, “Today is your lucky day, you will see your mom naked,” Hearing this I became very happy inside but did not show on my face. Then she kissed on my forehead and started removing my dress. I had not shown any reaction till then. Then she opened my pants and started sliding it down wards.

Within no time I was naked as the day I was born. Due to her caressing my cock was proudly sticking upward. She brought her face towards my cock, she was very close to my cock, and her warm breath was touching my cock, which made me move my cock up and down. She said, “Ravi your cock is very nice and big yaar, it is even bigger than your dad. ”

Hearing this I was flying in the heaven.

Do you know all men will like the praise of their cock from any woman. Mom started licking my cock; I was helpless lying on the bed. Mom was rotating her tongue over my cock. Moving back the foreskin and also playing with my balls. Even though I have masturbated 15 minute ago my cock was rock hard facing the sky.

Mom was in full flow licking my cock and drinking all my precum without wasting any drop of it.

Then mom stopped sucking and looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at her without saying anything. Mom said, “Son you are really grown up. Your cock taste even better than your dads cock. ” I asked mom, “How long is dads cock. ”

Mom said, “It is small about 2 inch smaller than yours. ” My smile becomes even wider. Then mom came towards my face and kissed me on my forehead again and then kissed on my lips within no time my lips locked in mom’s mouth.

Both of our tongue started fighting with each other. Then mom lied on the bed taking me over her.

Our kissing continued mom was below me and in was above her. Them mom slowly removed my face way and said, “Son undress me quickly. ” My hands were trembling due to excitement and fear. Sensing my position she took my hand and kept on the blouse hook and said, “Open it. ” I obeyed as mom said and unhooked her blouse, then 4 hook of her blouse were freed.

On that particular day she was not wearing the bra. Her big melon were free and inviting me to eat them. I slowly touched the boobs and encircled the melons slowly I touched the nipple of the right breast and squeeze between the thumb and index finger. Similarly I did with the left boobs. Then I grabbed both the boobs with both hand and started squeezing it.

Mom started making sweet noise, the noise made me hornier and I started squeezing more hardly.

I bent down further and touched the nipple with tongue tip. An electric current ran through my body. Mom said, “What happened. ” I said, “Nothing. This is my first time mom. ” Mom said, “Relax, take your time, do it slowly son. I will teach you how to make woman enjoy sex with your cock.

I will make you master in this act. When your wife comes she will be enjoying every bit of it.

” Her breasts were bigger than I had thought and they drooped a bit. Her nipples are almost black in color. I went to her and cupped her breasts and then kneaded the nipples. All the while my mother was moaning and taking my name and calling me her husband.

It was a great feeling for me to be called by my mother as her husband. I started sucking the nipple like a child who drinks milk from his mom.

I was sucking one nipple and pressing and squeezing the other one. After 10 minute I slowly came down to the tummy and kissed it. Then I didn’t know what to do? Mom lifted her face and saw my blank face, said, “What happened Ravi. ”

I said “Nothing mom, I don’t know what to do further?” Although I had read in books about sex but I wanted mom to take the lead.

Mom said, “Ravi, open the petticoat and make me naked. Then I will show what to do?” I obeyed mom and opened the knot of the petticoat and removed it down ward. Mom gracefully lifted her buttocks to facilitate my move. Mom was not wearing the panty also.

The hairy pussy was visible; I really froze seeing at it. This was the first time I was seeing a pussy live. I had seen it only in porn books.

Her pussy was much lovelier than those in books. There sitting before me was the hole from where I was born. The hole my dad had fucked since long. Then mom understood that I had become nervous, she sat on the bed and told me to lie down.

I lay on the bed, mom freed the remaining dress and became complete naked and stood on the bed with pussy facing my side.

She lifted her body and placed her ass on my chest. Then she widened her legs so that her one leg was on my left side and other on my right side. Her pussy was positioned exactly over my face.

She sat on my face and told me to lick her pussy. Dear friends I am really telling what a scene it was as I don’t have the words to explain. I licked the hairy pussy.

Her pussy smelled of urine. The smell was intoxicating for me. I wanted to get inside it. Some white liquid was oozing out. It was shivering as if asking me to enter in.

I think she had not shaved for last 3-4 months. I opened my mouth and started licking the pussy. After some time some juice started flowing from her pussy. The smell of the love juice was making me horny; I started drinking all the juice flowing from the cunt.

I could stay all night drinking the love juice from my mom’s cunt.

I slowly raised my both hand to support my mom hips. She was moving forward and backward as if she was fucking with my tongue. Then I raised hand still further and grabbed her both melons and started squeezing it and mean time I was sucking and licking her cunt. The big mirror in bed room showed the full image of us.

Them after 15 minutes of licking she stood up went little back and set in the position that my tool could easily enter her pussy. She took some saliva from her mouth and applied on the cock, her pussy was wet enough as I was licking for more than 15 minute. She positioned her pussy over my erect cock and lowered her cunt on my cock.

And she sat slowly on my cock and guided my cock towards her hole it slowly entered the pussy.

Her pussy was very tight. She kept both her hands on my chest and started slowly pumping on my cock, as she did this I was flying in heaven with pleasure. She also enjoyed every bit of it. I took my hand and kept on her boobs and stated squeezing it and also pressing.

She was making some kind of sweet sexy noises ha.. ha.. iss iss iss. As I had already masturbated in the wash room my cock was rock hard.

After 10 minutes of pumping she said, “Ravi you come up I will lie down as I am tired. ” She got down and we changed our position. She lay on the bed and I came over her.

I positioned myself between her thighs and went down on her. She took my cock and guided in to her pussy. First attempt it missed and burrowed between her hairy thighs. She sighed and then took my cock in her hands and positioned it to her cuntal entrance.

I could not wait any longer I pushed completely and I went in about half.

Mother was screaming “Slowly, it is many days since your father fucked me, go slow, I need to become wet. Spit in my cunt and then you can fuck”. I pulled out and then bent down and collected a lot of saliva in mouth and as she spread her legs I spat into her cunt. Then I went down on her again and this I was able to position myself on my own and pushed.

As I entered her I felt like my cock was on fire. 2-3 times my cock came out of her pussy. Mother’s cunt muscles were grinding against my cock and all the while mom was feeling the pain. She was weeping with pain but when I asked her if I should stop, she said “NO this is heavenly pain. My body will accept you as my lover; I have in my heart accepted you”.

I felt for her love and just hung there. She suddenly gathered up all her strength and pushed up her hips. Now I sank in completely up to my balls. She urged me to fuck her by moving back and forth. I could not hold any longer and I started fucking her taking long and slow strokes. I slowly started pumping my hip as this was my first real pussy show.

She was all the while moaning and I suddenly realised that she was no longer in pain.

I started fucking her faster. I didn’t know suddenly I started blabbering “My dear mother, my love, I want to make you pregnant. I want to have a girl from you. I want to make you my wife”. Mother started moaning “I am all yours my son, take me and fuck me, I am not having any protection.

We will think of that later but now I am all yours to fuck me.

I will sure give you a baby but not now. ” Then I gained confidence I increased my speed, she was enjoying every bit of it. She was saying, “Come on son that’s good, fuck me tear my pussy. I like you speed son come on. ” Hearing these encouraging words I increased my speed which by then had become almost double to my earlier speed. I kept on pumping my mom’s pussy.

Then after 5 minute mom said “Son, your mom is reaching the climax come on increase you speed.

” Then I started fucking harder. And the harder I fucked more the juice started coming out from the cunt and the entire bedroom was echoeing with fucking noise. Mom reached her climax and I was also nearing to explode my load of sperm. Mom said, “Son I want to drink you cum, if you are to cum, come in my mouth. ”

I removed the tool from the pussy and came near to her face and guided my cock in to her mouth, she sucked it and started shaking it front and back vigorously within no time I exploded in to her mouth.

She drank all my cum not wasting a single drop of it. Then I lay aside of her. She came near me and hugged me and said, “Son you are very strong, you can satisfy any women as you have more stamina than your dad. ”

She kissed me on my forehead and went to wash room with out wearing any cloth. I also cleaned my tool and slept on the bed naked.

After 5 minute she came to the bed room properly arranged the bed sheet and slept next to me with out wearing any cloth. I hugged her and slept.

As next day was holiday we both got up at 11. 00 am in the morning. We both entered the bath room and had bath together. I fucked her 3 more times that day and had more fucking session on standing position in doggie style.

After that every day we had fucking session in different style till my dad arrived from the native place. She had mastered me in the fucking art. If you like the story, post your comments below.

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