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Ranger John

Day in the Life of a Park Ranger

The distant sound of the Jeep scrunching the rocks and twigs on the dirt
road woke John Ulrich up.

“Shit! So early?” he moaned, writhing his beefy ex-pro-linebacker frame in
the too-narrow cot and looking over at the windup clock which must have
been part of the cabin’s furnishing since the 1950s.

9:45 already! This was one part of the job John never got used to, the
early mornings.

At least it was Tuesday and his official rounds didn’t
start til noon. But while the other rangers were out and about by 6, John
always had to drag his big, 6 foot 5 musclebound body out on the trails
half asleep. He could happily sleep til midday if he was able to.

Especially after a night like last night. That backpacker from Colorado had
already cleared out early, John surmised, but damned if the fresh-faced k**
wasn’t an eager little pup.

The way the toned buff hiker had bounced on
Ulrich’s crowbar cock over and over, with a vicelike grip that only a
college k** could have… well the memory brought a morning smile of
contentment to John’s sleepy face.

The ranger, tall, strong and still built to shithouse specifications as he
neared 40, stretched out and ran his beefy paw through the forest of dense
blonde hair ruffling his front. Standing up, he padded over stiffly to the
sink and filled himself a glass of water to down with a couple of aspirin.

“Fucking sex hangover,” Ulrich moaned aloud. “Never had one of those when
you were younger, did ya John?”

Four boxes of provisions were sitting on the dock of the lake as he stepped
out of the cabin. It was early summer, but the mountain air meant cool
mornings. This here is why John did it. Why he took his fucked retirement
due to a tendon injury as a blessing in disguise.

The Park Service felt
leery about hiring a former pro star as a ranger – “Is this guy serious?”
John had overheard the director say in the next room as he was applying –
but fortunately his college teammate and best friend Dan Purdue had been a
ranger since college and could vouch for Ulrich.

The change of pace was just what the big lug needed. No more madness. No
more being patched up by the team physician only to get the shit knocked
out of you the next Sunday.

No more overstuffed mansions and player parties
stocked with d**gs and blonde hos. No more autograph hounds and
golddiggers. Give him the mountain air and the solitude any day.

The still crisp air felt great on John’s nude body, as he lumbered out the
wood planks to stand at the water’s edge. He looked down and noticed that a
sizeable piece of morning wood stood up straight at a 40 degree angle from
his hard abdomen.

“Ah, old faithful,” he chuckled to himself as he watched
the tip quiver and the very end of his glans dilate, opening up his
piss slit. A powerful jet of steaming yellow piss shot straight out, arcing
high in the air before raining down in the still lake, whose surface
rippled and bubbled at the point where the ranger’s morning discharge met
the tranquility of the water.

Dan approached the path from the road with the last of the boxes.

Theoretically, the rangers were supposed to switch off in making runs into
town for provisions, but it was always Dan who did John’s shopping. John
hated the attention from the townspeople that he got as a former NFLer, and
Dan enjoyed getting out of the house. He loved his family – two boys and
his lovely wife Kerry, also a ranger – but any chance to get out of the
house was welcome.

Besides, Dan liked doing favors for John. Always
watching out for the big guy, he felt like the protective older brother.

Only brothers shouldn’t feel that way about each other, Dan thought, as he
saw John’s giant body standing nude on the dock, legs spread wide and hands
on his hips. Even pissing, he was beautiful: rounded, sculpted back;
bulging hamstrings and knotted calves; big meaty prick standing ramrod
rigid. And, from this view, there was the perhaps the best, two large,
strong gluteal muscles that neither sagged nor rested pertly in bubblebutt

It was the quintessential linebackers ass, the hard buttcheeks
dusted with the same blonde down that coated John Ulrich’s powerful chest,
matching in color perfectly the close-cropped, if thinning, blonde hair on
his head. The man was a goliath, a vision of pure meathead masculine power.

Dan sighed as he stepped up. Even at his age, he still hadn’t figured out
the spell his friend had on him, why his nuts twitched right now.

buddy,” he greeted as he dropped the last box on the deck, next to the

“Hey, Dan,” John said as he gripped his thick hardon and shook out the last
drops of piss. Ranger Dan was a sight for tired eyes. With a stout, compact
5’11” frame, Purdue never had the natural build and genetics to go on to
the pros, but his body actually looked better than 90 percent of the
professionals he knew.

Married life had been good to him, as Dan stayed
trim and in fact had slimmed down since his days as an Illini running
back. The broad-brimmed hat hid Dan’s short salt and pepper hair, but those
green eyes twinkled out from beneath the rim.

Seeing his buddy standing there in his tan uniform made John’s pisshard
stay rigid. “Thanks for the provisions,” he said as he turned toward his
buddy, baring his nude front and obscene erection to Dan.

“Anything for you, big guy,” he beamed. “Say, I just saw a cute backpacker,
chestnut brown hair, ’bout 5’10”, walking up the road from here. Any one
you know?”

“Maybe,” Ulrich grinned and scratched the meaty pap sticking up proudly
from his left pec. The wiry chest hair made an audible scratch against his
finger nails, and both men could hear the sound over the morning stillness.

“I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone with a smile that big,”
Dan chuckled, u*********sly spreading his legs and shifting his weight as
he imagined Ulrich plowing that college k**’s upturned butt.

“I do,” John interjected brusquely as he stepped up closer to Dan. “Two
weeks ago. “

The last time Dan had made his delivery.

Dan’s smile widened. He couldn’t stop his hand from reaching down and
squeezing his eager crotch. “Yeah,” he said sheepishly, “Now I remember. “

“Yeah, I bet you do, you little fucker,” John teased as he gripped Dan’s
strong hand and wrapped it around his own hard cock.

The man’s fingers
curled around the girth of his phallus. Damn, that grip always felt great
to John, like a well-warn baseball glove. Smooth and hard at the same time.

“Jeez, Ulrich, you don’t know what you do to me. I don’t understand it
myself. It’s crazy. “

“You like that dick, Purdue?” John sneered as those fingers massaged his
joint and milked a nice stream of sap from his stalk.

“Shit, yeah. You’re a big boy, Ulrich. Guess that’s why I always liked
you. “

“That, and my winning personality,” John joked. Dan’s hand was feeling
fantastic. Almost imperceptibly, he brought his hands to the man’s hips to
urge him on.

“That, too,” Dan laughed, “only I have a good idea which one’s gonna be
buried up my tail. ” With his free hand, he reached up and rubbed that
beautiful bare chest.

Just to think, if he’d gone pro, Dan’s muscles would
be giant like this, huge vascular mass pumped up by expert strength coaches
and the best supplements on the market. That was OK, Dan Purdue was proud
of his muscular, in-shape body. Besides he could enjoy and admire Ulrich’s
accomplishment, as friend and fuckbuddy.

John was six inches taller than him, and stronger. Wrapping his burly arms
around Dan, he clenched his muscles and pulled his older friend hard
against his bare torso.

Dan’s ranger cap fell to the dock as the two men’s
faces clashed and hungry mouths, separated for far too long, connected,
open, hot and moist.

Ulrich reached down and felt his prize. Dan may be forty, but the stud had
one huge bubblebutt on him. Better than any college k**, John remarked to
himself. Cheeks so big and round the trousers wedged deep in the crevice,
setting off the curvature even more.

As the two men french kissed, John
just gripped and clawed at the ranger uniform-clad ass and felt his prick
surge in Dan’s capable hand.

“Fuck, Dan,” John cooed as the two men broke off, panting and
sweating. “Why did you have to get married. We could be doing this every
morning, noon and night, if only…”

“Shhh, buddy…” Dan urged. “I love ya, big guy, but I wouldn’t trade my
family in for the world.

You know that. You’re banging all the young jock
butt you can get your hands on, and that’s great, but I have something
else, bud. “

“Sorry, man,” John backed off. Already he was undoing Dan’s uniform belt,
slipping his beefy mitt in and feeling the moisture of Purdue’s soaked
briefs. “Sometimes I get carried away. Kerry and the kids are great, you
know I have nothing for admiration for you, guy. Anyone would be lucky to
have a father like you.

” John paused. He sometimes wondered if he should
tell Dan he’d been dicking Dan Junior for the last month, ever since the
k**’s high school graduation. “I just…” His hand now wrapped around Dan’s
erect cock. “Fuck! you really do something to me, you know?”

“I know, buddy,” Dan murmured, “I know. “

“How much time ya got?”

“Kerry won’t miss me for a coupla hours. “

“And I got shift at noon.

“Gonna shaft me, bud?”

“Man, do I wannna. But got some bad news. “

Dan’s brow curled up into an expression of concern. “What is it, John?”

“I’m fresh outta lube. Used the last bit on College boy last night. “

Dan’s frown turned to a smile. He patted his shirt pocket. “A ranger comes
prepared. ” Unbuttoning the pocket, he pulled out a new tube of their
favorite lubricant.

“There’s more in the box there,” he said pointing
down. “You seem to go through a lot of the stuff. “

John could detect a hint of jealousy in jibes like that. “There’s a lot of
me to grease up,” he teased.

“I’ll say,” Dan muttered as he ran his hands up and down the length of
Ulrich’s meaty, steelhard prick. “Though maybe I didn’t need to bring any,
you seem to be producing enough juice on your own.

” He backed away and let
John see the wide circle of precum soaking into the belly of his uniform

“Can’t have that forming a stain,” John said matter-of-factly, then knelt
down on his knees. His mouth latched onto the wet spot and he began sucking
out his own pre-sperm from the khaki material.

Dan’s large hands cupped the back of his head. Just the sight of his
oversized football buddy in such a submissive position got his juices

He looked out on the lake as he felt John’s thick fingers fiddle
with his uniform crotch and dig inside. Seconds later his cock was being
enveloped by Ulrich’s warm mouth.

“Oh God, that’s it, buddy. Eat my fucking dick. That’s the way. Down the
balls… Ooh, you know how to do me, buddy. Kerry won’t suck me, man, maybe
on my birthday but it’s nothing like this bud. I almost think you like this

Dan liked trash talking, probably because it was something he could never
let loose with while fucking his wife. John liked getting face fucked by
Dan’s fat, cylindrical six inch cock, probably because it was a change from
his normal, gruff take-charge self. The two men had known each other for so
long, yet their regular separation – so close yet miles away in the
national park – meant that their couplings, when they did happen were
fervid and intense.

Ulrich sensed that his fellow ranger’s balls were drawing up tight and
ready to discharge their seed, so he pushed back out of Dan’s heated
grip. Teasingly, he blew air on his friend’s twitching cock and
balls. “Turn around,” he ordered.

Dan complied and grunted as he felt John’s strong hands grip his uniform
trousers and yank them down to his ankles. He stood there on that dock,
anxious and vulnerable.

John bent forth and kissed Dan’s hard behind, alternating from left cheek
to right. It amazed him how a grown man like Purdue had such a smooth,
mostly hairless butt, so unlike his own. “I bet Kerry doesn’t do this for
ya either, does she, stud?” he gasped as he nuzzled his way into Dan’s
steamy crevice. His tongue slithered out and found them, the rare hairs
tucked deep in the depths of Dan’s ass trench.

He tickled the soft downy
buttfur, following the line down to the soft sensitive rosebud tucked in
the recesses of the most perfect rump John had ever been acquainted with.

“It’s not the muscles, it’s not his height, his powerchest, or his dick,”
Dan thought, “THIS is why John’s a top. ” The man had one talented,
persuasive tongue. It had persuaded him first twenty years ago, after a
particularly rough practice when the season was going badly for the

That afternoon, in John’s bunk in the athlete’s dorm, straight arrow
Dan Purdue lost his cherry.

That long, expert tongue was persuading him now, still. Urging him to give
it up for his longtime buddy. Urging his married ass to relax and feel the
pleasure it deserved.

Loud smacking noises actually echoed off the water. No one was as
enthusiastic a rimmer as Ulrich. Resting on his haunches, he just leaned
forward with determination, gripped his prey’s meaty hamhocks and munched
butt like his life depended on it.

“That is, John. Eat my ass! You’re eating me like you really wanna fuck it
good. ” Dan was now out of control, rubbing his butt back on forth on John’s
spitslick face, grinding his private hole over his best friend’s
mouth. Feeling flush and hot, he started unbuttoning his uniform shirt,
letting his mostly smooth chest feel the morning sun directly.

John was really getting into his buttmunching. Everything about Dan, his
cute face, his deep brawny voice, his perfect ex-jock ass, even his scent
was distinctive and special.

He smiled to himself as his bud’s tight pucker
opened up for him. An intimate gift to him. John responded by stiffenin his
tongue and pile driving it into Dan’s ovenhot rectum.

“Oh! Ugh… ungh… ungh. That’s it, guy. Fuck! What a rim job, buddy. “

Cold and hard, a tube was pressed into John’s hand. Danny boy’s ready, he
thought as he backed up and surveyed the damage: a sopping wet butt, hairs
dripping with his own spit and a nice puckering sphincter ready for it.

“On your knees, Purdue!” John barked as he greased up his fat finger. That
time he broke Dan in, the older player had complained that John’s finger
was too big, he just replied, “Wait til you feel my cock,” and pushed in
hard. Now Dan panted in desire as he scrambled into position and groaned in
pleasure as that first, wonderful finger of John’s sunk smoothly and deeply
into his warm gut.

After admiring the view of his digit m*****ing Ranger Dan’s back door,
Ulrich looked down and saw his own cock stood as hard and rigid as he ever
remembered it. What was it about sex with Dan that worked him up everytime?
Streams of juice leaked from his head and were darkening the wood slats in
long strips. With his free hand, he squeezed the slick gel from the tube
directly onto his cock.

The heat of his prick melted the stuff instantly
into a creamy consistently. Dropping the tube, he gripped the fat stalk and
began coating the full, obscene length of it.

“Ready bud?” he said more than asked as he scuffled his thick body into
place. His timing was perfect. As he removed his fingers stuffed deep in
Dan’s asstrench, he replaced them with his hard, turgid
cock. Unceremoniously, he sunk straight in, pushing past the tightness til
his hairy balls rubbed against the inside of Dan’s muscular thighs.

As good as College Boy had been the night before, as good as all the random
fucks were that had come his way so effortlessly, none felt quite this
exquisite. He knew why too. Bending forward, he lurched forward with his
hips, knocking the breath out of Dan’s lungs and rewarding himself with the
vicelike depths of his friend’s ass. He could see the shiny gold wedding
band on Purdue’s left hand as the guy did his best to grip the wood and
hold steady.

The sight of that ring always filled him with inner sadness,
yet turned him on, too. It was like he, John Ulrich, had staked claim to
someone else’s property. Some deep primitive instinct welled up inside and
he fucked harder, shoving his cock in with urgent, rough jabs to show his
buddy he meant business. That he was conquering what was rightfully his.

Dan Purdue hunched on all fours, his legs spread, his butt hiked back, and
his arms stiffened to his upper bod steady from the pounding he was

Tears streamed down his handsome face. It had been too long since
Ulrich had fucked him like this. Rough, raw, with abandon. Dan loved it but
it hurt. He knew what to do, just grit his teeth, steel himself and take
whatever Ulrich, in his lust and anger, was gonna dish out.

Still, he was glad when he Ranger John’s ballplayer hands rest on the top
of his thighs. The two men had long discovered that this was one of Dan’s
secret erogenous zones.

John alternated between caressed the sinewed, hairy
thigh muscle and gripping the upper legs for leverage for some seriously
deep thrusts. Dan’s prick sprung back to life and was now painfully erect.

“I love ya, bud,” Ulrich hissed between heavy thrusts behind which he was
throwing his whole weight and strength. He wanted Dan to feel it, to know
John was in charge, even if only for a couple hours a month.

“You know that
don’t ya? Love your hot married ass. “

If anyone had been around to witness, they would have been rewarded with
quite a sight. Two stud park rangers, nude out there in the open air,
rutting like goddamned a****ls.

John huffed while he gave Dan a series of jackrabbit fuck motions that
drove both men wild. “Can’t take any more, big guy. “

“Yeah, get your nut, John,”

“Goddamn, yeah!” John cried out.

In a rough motion, he put his large paw on
the top of Dan’s shoulder and pushed the man’s face straight down into the

Dan turned his head just in time so that it was his cheek instead of his
nose that crashed into the wood. Christ, John could be a rough fucker. The
prick violating his bowels was now shoving deep, now expanding in width,
now shooting.

“Yeah…” Dan grunted.

“Fuck me full, stud. “

John did just that, pumping out wave after wave of semen into his friend’s
tight hole. There was no more room for it, so each thrust of Ulrich’s meaty
cock sent more juice sluicing up around Dan’s elastic hole and down between
the guy’s legs.

When he pulled out his dick, John saw it hadn’t lost a bit of his hardness,
which after the previous night’s activity amazed him.

“Old faithful,”

Reaching down under his friend’s relaxed frame, he hoisted Dan’s upper body
up to rest against his nude, sweaty torso. “Bet ya need to get off, huh,

“Got news for ya, Ulrich,” Dan answered, out of breath. “I already did. “

Sure enough, large splatters of fresh semen coated the dock beneath the two

“Hot shit, stud,” John said in sly smile before the two men met for a
soulful, sloppy kiss.

Backing away, he asked. “How much time ya say you
got, Purdue?”

“Dunno. Maybe another hour. Why?”

John leaned back, his hard angry erection pointing up to his sternum. He
gripped the shaft and jerked it softly. “Don’t think Big Boy here is gonna
be happy with just one fuck. Whaddya say? Wanna go into the cabin?”

The smile on Dan’s face gave him all the answer he’d need.

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